"Why hasn't the wave stopped?" Xavir asked, leaning over Fitz's shoulder to see the readings on his computer screen. They had returned to the main lab to monitor the effects of their mission.

"I don't know… we did everything right."

The countdown continued to tick ominously on the wall's view-screen. A little less than 18 hours remained.

Xavir ran a hand through his hair. The next part of his mission could not be completed until they were sure the return had been successful. He pulled the plastic card Chloe had given him out of his pocket and rubbed the emblem in thought; starting to go through the procedure again to rule out any mistakes.

"There was nothing in Chloe's pockets right?"

"I checked them myself," Fitz replied. "And the other two were naked, so we know for sure that nothing went back with them…"

"That's the only thing that could explain the wave," Xavir muttered, at a loss.

They both looked up as the doors to the lab swept open. The Professor entered at a brisk pace. "Is there a reason that you failed to inform me that you found our time jumpers, Christian?"

"Kairo," Xavir stated.

"Excuse me?"

"My name."

Kairo's eyes narrowed. "This is neither the time nor place for that conversation."

"Agreed," Xavir replied defiantly. "But one day."

The Professor ignored his last statement. "Where are they? We need to ready the Retrhick Procedure for immediate extraction of…"

"They're gone," Xavir interjected, causing Kairo to stop in mid-sentence.
I sent them back already. I messed up, and you told me to fix it. So, I did."

Kairo let out a dry chuckle. This boy was always getting in his way somehow. He wasn't overly concerned, though. Now that they knew the project worked, he would be able go back anytime he wanted. He would finally be able to achieve his grandfather's goals.

"If you fixed it, then why is the countdown still going?"

When Xavir didn't reply, he turned his icy gaze on Fitz. "Fitzpatrick? Care to interject since this is your area?"

Fitz glanced at Xavir and back to the Professor. His mind was reeling at the exchange that had just taken place. Xavir's name was Kairo? "Theoretically, the only possible solution would be that something foreign to their timeline was sent back with them… but we made sure that didn't happen. Everything was by the book, Sir."

Kairo took a moment to think before rolling his eyes. "Boys, consider the possibility that the foreign entity in question is not an object after all."

Xavir exchanged a panicked look with his friend.

Kairo pointed to the view-screen. "18 hours to remedy this," he charged. "I'll expect a report in two minutes."

Once he exited the lab, Kairo stopped to talk to the agent waiting there. "Follow him… Monitor his every move. And have someone trace that uplink. I want to know exactly who he's been talking to, and where he went when he left here."

"Yes, Sir."

As Kairo strode down the hall, he smiled. He had seen the calling card on the desk and recognized the emblem. His grandfather had been right about his grandmother, just as he had been right about everything else. The Guardians existed, but their time was limited… Perhaps his bastard of a child would turn out to be useful after all.