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Chapter 7

The Final Chapter

Normal world

'thoughts in normal world'

"talking in normal world"

land between life and death

'talks or thinking in land between life and death'


Last time:

'Syrus turned away, no longer able to resist, and broke down crying. Alayna could think of nothing else to do but stand next to him and watch.'

Alayna looked at the boy before her. What was this feeling? Never had she cared of the feelings of those she was sent to retrieve from their life in the living world. But this boy…why was he so different? She had known him for so little time too! But still, what was this that she felt? Could it be that he was like…

Without warning, Alayna snatched Syrus' wrist and pulled him up to face her. His eyes were wide, with tears still present on his cheeks.

'Syrus!' Alayna said in a hushed yet serious voice, 'Do you want nothing more than to go back to your family? Nothing at all?'

'Yes! Yes! More than anything I would want to be with them again!'

'Then you must follow me, and do just as I say, ok? Do not stop for anything or question me!' Without waiting for a response, she ran off with the bluenette.

Tears stung his eyes as Zane watched helplessly from the wall of the hospital room. Once or twice someone had come to talk to him, but he hadn't noticed their presence whatsoever. His attention was solely on the limp figure that was his brother. This whole thing was so unreal. Like it was a dream, and at any moment he would wake up and find himself in his large room at Duel Academy. But a part of him knew that it was hopeless and all his dreaming would do nothing.

'A-A-Alayna! Where are you taking me?' An exasperated Syrus gasped as the angel pulled him left and right without a word of explanation. He looked at her eyes, her black orbs full on determination and…fear? What in the world would she be afraid of? Alayna stopped abruntly, making Syrus make a faint squeak. Again the death angel looked at Syrus in the eyes,

'Here we are…' her voice was barely about a whisper now.

If there was a prize for the most uncomfortable silences, this would leave them all in the dust. Zane was still trying to piece together the last of his sanity, so not to have some kind of violent meltdown in a few moments. He barely heard the doctors ask them if they were ready, and that soon he would turn off the machine that kept his brother alive.

'Syrus, I must explain something to you.' Alayna informed the small boy, 'What I am about to do is forbidden, so you must not try to help me no matter what happens, ok?'

'wh-what do you mean?'

'Master, as I said, commanded me to take you to the land of the dead, but…I will not. I cannot stand to see you like this, and I will grant you a second chance at life.'

Tears glistened in Syrus' eyes 'thank you…but I must know, why save me?' Alayna paused.

'I…I don't know.' She admitted, 'I suppose you remind me of someone I knew when I was alive, and I couldn't save him…so I am going to save you!' She shut her eyes tight for a moment, and opened them again. 'Now, I can open a portal for you, all you must do is step back into your body and you-' Her voice was cut off by a voice that could never described, no matter how you tried. It was haunting and sent chills down your spine, with each syllable that stung your ears like ice daggers, which is barely scratching the surface of description.

"And what are you doing with that boy, Slave?" it spat, as two eyes redder than blood and as menacing as the devil. Syrus stood frozen as he stared at those eyes, wondering if death could fear it. Then it occurred to him that those eyes belonged to Death. "Slave!" The eyes and the blackest of blackness swept toward them. Eyes huge and wet, and body shaking, Alayna turned Syrus at the portal.

'Go!' she shrieked, her voice shaking as much as her body, 'Now!'

'But what about you?' Syrus demanded, 'I can't leave you now!' Tears fell again.

'No, please, I did this just for you. I accept the consequences.' She kissed him on the cheek; 'GO!' and she pushed him out as the portal closed. She smiled softly as a tear rolled down her cheek, and allowed herself to be punished by her Master.

Everyone in the room was crying as the doctor's hand neared the off button. Mrs. Truesdale had buried her face in Mr. Truesdale's chest and was weeping uncontrollably. Zane stood, unmoving, with no tears left no matter how much he felt like crying. He began to close his eyes slowly and tilt his head down, but snapped them back open.

"Wait! D-Did you see that?" He gasped in surprise, voice cracking, "He just moved!"

"Son," a doctor who looked about in his 40's said slowly, taking his hand away from the machine for a moment, "it's just a reflex, it doesn't mean anything. I'm sorry, but he's not coming back."

"No! No, I saw…" his voice trailed off as he remembered that voice saying all his dreams were hopeless, and looked at his brother again. The boy's face was pale, with smooth skin and a peaceful look on his face. Zane couldn't believe this was happening, to him. No, to Syrus. He couldn't believe-wait. Zane blinked to clear his vision, but it happened again. Syrus' closed eyes tightened, and opened slightly, revealing his beautiful silver eyes Zane had missed so much.

"No! Stop this time, I'm serious!" Zane cried, "He's awake, I swear!"

"Son, I told you that- oh my god!" Syrus's eyes glanced over at his brother.

"h-Hey bro…" his voice was husky and quite, but his smile spoke louder than anything. Zane chocked out a sob and threw himself onto his brother. "I'm sorry…"

"For what?" Zane asked threw tears, this time of joy.

"For making you worry so much…"

"Just promise me this will never happen again!"

"I promise…"


"Yes brother?"

"I love you."


AnimeGuys4Me: and with that, it is over! Originally, I was going to have Syrus die, but after the angry reviews, I changed my mind. I like it better like this anyway. To answer some questions, such as "where is Jaden" honestly, I have no idea. Of course he came to see Syrus, but he didn't have a big part in the story, but oh well. And, to all who hate me because it looked like Syrus was gonna die, I can't imagine what you would say if I did have him die, heehee. So, a happy ending, eh? Except for Alayna! What happened to her? Well, now don't be all mad at me, I may write a sequel. No, Syrus is not dying: the sequel is about Alayna escaping her master and hiding in DA, where she has no idea how to live as a normal human and Syrus must help her. But! after crossing over to the land of the living, she broke the line that kept the dead in the land of the dead, and now her master and his other minions are attacking earth! I can't give any more away though Now, on to the Alayna kissing Syrus thing! In the sequel, you'll find out more about Alayna and her lost love, but don't get all mad, think of it as a friendly kiss! Hope you liked it, I didn't think it would get more than like 15 reviews to be honest!

Also, just because it's over, doesn't mean I don't like reviews!!