Title Harry Potter and the Mystery Girl.

Chapter 1.

Harry grinned as he soared high in the sky. He could see the stars glittering above him. He breathed deeply as a burst of fresh night air blew gently into his face as his cloak fluttered silently to the breeze. Suddenly he was lying on smooth green lawn inches from the body of a beautiful girl who was sitting peacefully by herself. He longed to reach out and touch her long black hair , so shiny , so perfect it , that the open air didn't deserve to blow and toss it around as it did. He reached out and had just caught the strands of her hair , when a familar cry brought him to his senses. Ginny Weasly being comforted by her older brother Charlie who had his wand out and was coming for Harry. Harry cried assuring him that he liked Ginny and wouldn't dream of betraying her. He struggled to get up as Charlie raised his wand. He screamed...Harry woke up panting like a puppy. Beads of sweat rolled down his forehead as his night shirt clung to his chest. What a horrible dream he thought. But what an amazing girl. He didn't know how his mind had convinced him that this girl was an angel , but it had sure done a good job. In all his life he had never wanted to reach out as much as then , and even now he was disappointed that he hadn't gone any further.

" Potter what the hell is all the screaming about?" yelled Uncle Vernon. " It's three in the morning have you not got any concideration for your poor aunt at all. She has a cold and all you can do is wake everyone up at this time."

" I had a nightmare Uncle Vernon. I didn't intend to disturb you."

" Boy the minute you entered this home , you disturbed me. Theres no use applogising now."

" Vernon , Vernon " came a shrill cry. " Vernon where are you? I need some tissues Vernon."

" Duty calls " sniggered Harry.

" Great " mumbled Vernon. " You woke her Potter. I had her asleep by ten and you woke her."

Uncle Vernon stalked off and returned with a handfull of snotty tissues and a sick bucket in his hand.

" I dont want to hear another sound is that clear."

" Yes Uncle Vernon."

Harry laughed as Uncle Vernon walked away. It was a small start. He didn't like having to stay up night listening to Dudleys snoring from the other room , lets just see how Uncle Vernon would be without sleep.

Harry awoke the next morning in a good mood. He got dressed and headed down to the kitchen. It was empty so Harry sat down and poured himself some orange juice before the others awoke. It was an hour before anyone else appeared.

Petunia arrived and walked slowly into the kitchen. She turned towards Harry who jumped back in horror. Her usually neat black hair was frizzy and standing on end. Her eyes were blood shot red and her skin had taken on a sick green colour. She would have given a dementor a fright for his life. Uncle Vernon arrived sometime later , he too did not look his best. His eyes were grey and droopy. His nose was red and sore looking and his face was puffy and pale. He staggered to the table and sat down as his chair creaked.

" I think you gave me the flu Petunia darling. "

" Did I " croaked Petunia. " I'm sorry Vernon. It's his fault " she said pointing her finger at Harry. " He most likely brought some weird virus from his freaky friends and gave it to us."

" I dont believe it " cried Harry. " But yet I'm not surprised , you always find some way of blaming me for your problems , even the simple ones."

" I didn't do anything to deserve this cold " cried Petunia. " I have always been a person of great personal hygiene and health awareness."

" Oh yeah " muttered Harry. " And I suspose Dudley needed you to wait a half hour in the rain outside the bus stop for you give him money for the day."

" Duddykins needs his money for his after school activities. Last week he went into the town for a cup of tea with his fellow school friends. "

" Sure " said Harry. " I'm sure he'll thank you for the money for cigerettes when he gets the chance Aunt Petunia."

" You are a dirty little liar Harry. You tell lies just like your dirty little Father and his crowd. You are just a waste of space in this world Harry , a waste."

" At least I'm not a naive fool who is being tricked by her own son. At least I dont torture younger kids than I , or smoke the money my parents give to me. "

Petunia yelled and swung her fist , but Harry caught it and firmly pulled it down. He pulled her face close to his. He was much taller than her and for the first time she looked frightened.

" I'm not the little boy I used to be Aunt Petunia. I'm almost seventeen. You can treat me any way you want , I dont care. But dont you ever strike me again or there will be trouble."

" What are going to do Potter " sneered Uncle Vernon. " Hit a woman , hit your defenceless Aunt."

" No Uncle Vernon I'm not like you. For too long I have lived under your cruel ways , your never ending taunting and pityfull understanding of who I am. You know who I am Aunt Petunia. You knew my Mother and what she was. I wish I had someone who I could turn too , someone who shares my blood , someone like you. But no you turned me away. Id expect him too." Harry pointed at Uncle Vernon. " because he has no connection with my world , you arent magic Aunt Petunia , but you knew someone who was. "

" Stop this now " yelled Uncle Vernon. " Petunia tell him to stop."

" Be quiet Vernon " snapped Petunia."

Harry sighed and picked up his bag of the floor. " A lot of people I know have been murdered by Voldemort Aunt Petunia."

Uncle Vernon shuddered at the words "People I know are dead"

" Dont fret Uncle Vernon " said Harry coldly. " Only the people who cared about me died. You have no need to worry."

Harry walked to the front door. " I have sent a letter to Professor Dumbledore requesting to leave Privet drive and go to my friends house. I got a reply earlier today. I am allowed to go. I'm catching a bus to Diagon Alley not that you care. It's called the Knight bus , not you would be worried about me going off alone. I will see you next summer goodbye."

Uncle Vernon snorted and opened the news paper. Petunia followed Harry to the door. Harry pulled his case out onto the lawn. He turned to leave.

" Harry " cried Petunia in a watery cry.

Harry looked at her. Her eyes were brimmed with tears.

" Sometimes hearing the truth brings back memories , memories that I am not proud off."

" Harry sighed and bit his lip. " You had fifteen years to feel ashamed Aunt Petunia. Dont you think it's a bit too late."

Petunia forced back her tears. " I'm sorry Harry " she attempted to say. Uncle Vernon appeared and pulled her in from the door.

" Off with you boy. Come on leave."

He pulled Petunia from the doorstep. She threw out her hand towards Harry and slipped something into it. She wiped away her tears and attempted a smile. " Be a good boy " she whipspered. " Your just like your Dad and I mean that as the best compliment you could ever recieve".

Harry nodded. His heart was pounding. He had never felt so close to his Aunt in his life , but now he wanted to reach out and embrace her. He opened his hand and looked at what she had given him.