Chapter 3

Harry and Hermione entered the the house together , they waited in the kitchen until Mrs Weasley appeared. She grabbed Harry and pulled him into a motherly hug. She let go and smiled at him.

" It's good to have you home Harry."

Harry smiled and stood speechless , that sentence , those words of comfort meant more than words he had ever heard in his life to him. They spoke of trust , warmth , and emotion , but most of all love and family.

" So Harry are you hungry. You must be , you are so skinny. "

" I'm alright Mrs Weasley. Is Ron here?"

Mrs Weasley laughed. " Ronald up before eleven. I doubt it Harry. Why if any of my boys were up this early , Id be worried , with the exception of Ginny and ...Percy of course. No Ron is asleep in bed , I guess. You can go to him if you like. I wish you luck though. He wont stir for me on the weekends."

Hermione nodded and guided Harry to Rons room.

" Wheres Ginny Hermione."

" Oh she's in Diagon Alley Harry. She went shopping with her friends after I told her she couldn't come on the bus. She said she was going to buy a new quill or something , George tagged along to make sure she got there safely."

Hermione walked into Ron's room. She pulled the covers off.

" Get away " cried Ron and he swiped at the thin air. " GIVE ME MY BLANKET BACK."

" Ronald it's late , it's time to get up. Harry tell him it's time to get up." Hermione shot Harry a scathing look.

" Er...ah...Ron maybe you should get up...because Hermione's turning nasty ,it's out of concern for your safety that I advise you get up. "

Ron sat up and rubbed his eyes. " There should have been a sign on you in school Hermione reading STAY AWAY SHE'S BOSSY. That way we would have been warned."

Hermione frowned , but Harry could have sworn he saw a faint smile creep across her face.

" Thats why I'm here Ronald to keep you in line. Now arise young sir , your breakfast awaits you. "

" Breakfast " cried Ron. " What are we having."

" An English breakfast Ron , your dream meal."

" Seriously " cried Ron. " Great it's been ages since Iv been up for breakfast , normally I settle for toast." Ron raced down the stairs in his night clothes.

" I dont remember seeing Mrs Weasley cooking anything " said Harry.

" Oh do use your brain Harry. I only said it to make Ron godownstairs."

" Devious " muttered Harry. " Thats what you are Hermione. Devious , kind hearted but devious."

" Thats how I am , around people I care about Harry." Hermione looked away embarrased and then proceded downstairs.

" Hermione where's my breakfast. You said there was..."

" Ah sorry Ron , I forgot to mention you could have had breakfast if you had bothered to get up three hours ago."

Ron sighed and bit into a piece of toast. " Oh Harry , where did you come from."

Harry laughed. " Ron I was upstairs five minutes ago."

Hermione sighed and sat down. " Harry , Rons attention span never runs while he's being harassed to get up , he didn't notice you at all , even if you had spoken to him."

" Ron scowled and finished his toast. " It's not like I'm the only one who sleeps in. Fred is still in bed isn't he."

" Fred " added Mrs Weasley as she walked into the kitchen " has completed his schooling , you have exams this year young man , the clock is ticking."

" Exams " muttered Ron. " Yeah I know and could we try to keep the word school out of the conversation this week , we can talk about it next week , when we we actually have it."

" Harry " said Mrs Weasley. " A certain young lady in this household has been talking about you all summer , could it be that we are expecting a future Mrs Potter in the making." Mrs Weasley grinned. Harry stood transfixed to the floor , so mortified he could barely speak.

" Ah know..."

Mrs Weasley laughed and picked up a bundle of clothes of the chair in the kitchen. " Young love eh...oh how sweet , makes me miss the old days you know. Oh I remember when Arthur and I were togther , it was so wonderfull , you know Arthur was quite a ..."

" Thats enough Mum " cried Ron. " I'v just eaten you know. I'd rather keep my toast down. Hey do you want to go outside " he asked Harry and Hermione who both nodded eagerly.

Ron smiled and they walked out. " Bloody hell " he told his friends. " That was damn close I tell you , you'd want to watch the older generations , they refuse to tell you the things you want to hear , and then they go and try to make you sick by listening to their gory details. That was horrifying."

Hermione shook her head. " Actually I thought that was sweet. Havent you ever wondered how your parents met Ron."

" Jesus no Hermione. Can you just see it , me sitting beside Mum taking into detail her romantic worries. He made a sick gesture at which Harry laughed and Ron joined in."

" Oh you boys are so typical , it's no wonder you have such diffuculty with girls."

" Hang on Hermione. Harry has Ginny remember."

" Yes but Ginny has liked Harry since the day she saw him and Harry never realised it. Also Harry liked Ginny for nearly a whole school year before he told her."

" Yeah but he still has doesn't he."

" And you Ronald what about you. Lavender wasn't a sucess then I take it." Ron shuddered at the thought.

He grinned. " I have you dont I Hermione." Harry's jaw dropped and he stared at Ron.

Hermione sighed. " Oh I'm flattered Ron , really I am."

Ron laughed and placed an arm around her shoulder. " I'm only joking with you , sure you still have Vicky or Victor dont you."

Harry looked at Hermione who was smiling to herself. He knew Ron meant what he had said about Hermione. He looked at Hermione , something told him , she meant it too.