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Word Count: 305

Au Revoir

Bleach One-Shot

Kuchiki Rukia-centric

She didn't know.

She didn't know how to love someone. Years of being a Shinigami had made her lose her feelings of love and all she could ever think about was work.

But then she met him, and her heart started to slowly come back.

She loved when he smiled, she hated it when he frowned. Yet she never told him this, only watching him from afar.

She knew that the other girl was in love with him, and she didn't want to take him away from her.

After all, she was dead.

But there was something inside of her...some feeling inside her that made her want to believe that she could be with him and they could be happy together.

And now, as she sits in her cell back in Soul Society, she relies on that feeling to get her through each day, some part of her wanting him to come rescue her, though she knew it would never be.

But then someone had called out 'Intruders!' and her hope had risen ten-fold.

Maybe it was him...maybe he was coming to rescue her...

She let a small smile claim her lips and she gazed into her memory, and saw his smiling face.

She truly loved him, even though she would never tell.

And so, she says goodbye to her heart, her feelings of love. Knowing that she cannot love him.

Au Revoir, Ichigo...

Shi-Sha- Uh...that was weird. Dunno why I wrote it, but whatever. And I'm pretty sure that Au Revoir means "Farewell" or something like that in French...I think...

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