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Always Up Front 5

Chapter 5: Number 3's Not Bad

The whole room was buzzing with activity, both female and male ninjas either conversing or doing other mundane tasks as they relaxed. It was a brightly lit room in the Hokage's tower that had unofficially become a place for most of them to congregate. It had a friendly atmosphere that attracted the hard driven shinobis of Konoha.

At this particular moment, it suited Naruto just fine. He had picked a far corner and seating himself at a random desk; started writing his weekly report that was due at the Hokage's desk in about an hour.

Even though Naruto doubted that Tsunade was awake at this early hour, he refused to keep delaying. He surely did not want to anger Tsunade anymore than necessary after yesterday's lunch incident. Next time, he'll pay for lunch. He still had phantom pains from that blow to his face.

Shaking his head, Naruto tried to focus on his missions' report. His concentration was shot when two of his fellow ninjas pick his corner to engage in a conversation. From the corner of his eye, he saw Sakura decked out in her ANBU uniform having an ongoing argument with her long time friend Yamanaka Ino. He stilled in writing his report and observed discreetly. While Sakura was dressed smartly in her clean pressed uniform, Ino's Hunters-nin garb was in disarray. She was covered in what appeared to be soot and mud. Her pale blonde hair was free from her familiar topknot; flowing freely around her like a hazard rat's nest with twigs and leaves mixed in. Clearly signs of a mission completed, Naruto was glad to see that despite her physical appearance, she was unharmed.

"So where's Shino now?" Sakura's voice broke through his musing to watch Ino try to pull a twig from her hair.

"He had to deliver our missions report to Hokage-sama. I think he's also taking this opportunity to ask for a few weeks break for our team. We've been running ourselves ragged the last couple of weeks. I've been irritable all week; Shikamaru even blew up a few times at me. Astonishing really."

The pink-haired Kunoichi smirked, "Well, you and Shikamaru never do get along in anything besides work. Your bossy and his…well, lazy to put it politely." Her smirked grew as her eyes twinkled with mirth. "Of course, no matter how much you irritate Shikamaru, your team leader would never let Shikamaru beat some sense into you."

Ino scowled at Sakura's teasing, but the faint flush could be seen on her cheeks at her friend's words. "Shino is totally professional when we're out in the field. He sees us all as his comrades, there is no special treatment."

"Really?" That single word held both amusement and disbelief.

Ino gritted her teeth; "Even if there was, which there isn't, but if there was certain affections between us that should appear in the work place, so what? Shino is my lover and I love him dearly…You on the other hand, have a husband and yet you sometimes still drool over your team Captain. Not a seemly sight for an ANBU Sakura."

Sakura was flustered for only a moment before replying heatedly, "I love Lee very much, but since Lee is on Hyuuga Neji's ANBU team, I have to occupy my time somehow. My flirting with Sasuke is totally innocent, Lee understands. Besides that, Sasuke has never paid attention to my affections, I'm just his friend. I admire Sasuke, what's wrong with that?"

Tired and needing sleep badly, the blonde was getting frustrated fast with her friend. She gazed into green flashing eyes and sighed. Ino shrugged off the defensive tone in Sakura's voice with easy. "Nothing. But it just proves my point. You're just friends, but you are very vocal and tactile about your admiration. I on the other hand am in a relationship with Shino, my team Captain, but I have never displayed in such a way as you have for a mere friend."

Sakura's face turned red with fury. "Are you calling me loose Ino?!" Her screech halted everyone in the room from their activities to glance at them.

Naruto stood up from his seat and made to intercept them, when a clear voice halted Sakura's tirade. "Sakura, keep your voice down."

Naruto and Ino watched as Uchiha Sasuke towered over Sakura's smaller frame and criticized her silently with his stoic gaze.

Without waiting for her to speak, Sasuke handed her papers before pointing towards the entrance. "I have some matters to speak of with the Hokage. Make sure you pass these on to the others. We'll be leaving in an hour. Go on ahead."

The anger cleared from Sakura's face and immediately the seriousness appeared through the slim touch of adoration. She simply nodded and turned to leave. She was half way across the room before she turned and narrowed her eyes at Ino. Before she placed her rabbit mask on, Sakura made sure she had the last word.

"We'll continue this conversation when we get back Ino-pig!" The harsh voice carried around the room and everyone snickered before turning back to what they were doing as Ino's glare challenged anyone who spoke up.

A few moments after Sakura left, Naruto turned back to see Sasuke staring intently at Ino. Silently as not to disturb them, Naruto returned back to his table and continued with his report. It was times like this that Naruto found amusing that no one could see what was in front of them. They were so obvious in their intensity; the two in question never try to hide it from anyone, everyone was just clueless.

"Did you just get back?" Sasuke's question urged Ino to smile gently at him. She nodded as she stepped closer the ANBU Captain.

"I thought you were going to see the Hokage?" Ino raised a slender pale eyebrow at Sasuke as she carefully smoothed down her already wrinkled uniform.

Sasuke smirked in amusement. "I already spoke to her, she was pretty annoyed when I woke her. I just had to diffuse the situation that you seem to always get into with Sakura." His dark eyes ran over her body, silently checking to see if she was alright. He let out a soft sigh when he was satisfied with his inspection. "I passed Shino on the way out. We had no time to talk though. Give him my regards."

Ino studied his emotionless face carefully. Slowly she nodded.

"It seems like we never get to see you anymore. Will you be gone long?" Through the cheerful voice, Sasuke and Naruto could hear Ino's glooming disposition. She tried to keep the sadness from showing as she tilted her head to peer at him through her pale lashes. She studied his form, from his intimidating height to his dark ANBU clothes, he was an imposing figure. But his face showed a different story.


Finally finishing his report, Naruto tactfully observed the two ninjas that continued to speak only to each other.

"I'll be gone for a couple of days. You won't even notice. Besides, Shino will keep you company." A real smile formed on his friend's face, softening his features and intense dark eyes. For the public, Sasuke's smile was rare and totally different from all they thought they knew of Uchiha Sasuke. But to Sasuke's lovers, it was a beautiful and familiar sight.

"Shino's not going to like this at all. We planned for a couple of weeks of break. So we could all spend it together. It seems that every time one of us is free the other is not. We have missed our favorite ANBU Captain." Ino trembled as she moved closer and huskily breathe her last statement into Sasuke's chest.

Sasuke held her gaze, before grinning as he stepped away. From his posture, Naruto could see the barely controlled effort his friend had not to pull Ino into an embrace. He watched as Sasuke caressed her hand before letting go. "Tell Shino my regrets. But I will make it up to you both when I return."

Ino smirked at him, "Promise?"

With his arrogant smirk in place he leaned slightly towards her and whispered, "I promise. Neither one of you will forget it, this I swear. Until then." Her gasp encouraged his eyes to light up with his hidden desires.

He cleared his throat as he tore his gaze away from her flushed face to incline his head towards Naruto. Their eyes met and Naruto had to grin at the smug look that appeared on best friend's face. "Naruto."

Naruto nodded his head in farewell. Both he and Ino watched Sasuke place his solemn falcon mask on before he turned and exited the room.

The whole exchange between Sasuke and Ino went undetected by everyone in the room but Naruto. While he glanced around to confirm it, Ino walked towards him and sat with a heavy sigh. "Whatever you do Naruto, never have two lovers. They wear you out. It drives me up the wall, just to understand those two. Two brooding, social-inept men, who are constantly keeping me guessing."

Naruto chuckled, "You know you like it Ino. Only you would stand for such things." He watched as she threw back her head and laughed her joy.

"I love them to pieces." She turned to him and whispered softly, "And if Sakura ever found out that her precious Sasuke has been sharing a bed with Shino and I for the last three years…well…I don't think I want to be around when that happens."

"Liar…you'll want to be there to gloat."

The confession was met with a brief silence before Naruto shook his head in wonder at his female friend. It would truly be a sight to see as Sakura finds that not only does Sasuke have a lover but two. She would probably burst a vessel. It was hard to swallow if you weren't a witness to the trio's affections for eachother.

When Sasuke told Naruto about his relationship with Shino and Ino, Naruto had a little trouble believing him. He was positive that the two year exclusive relationship between Shino and Ino was solid. Both very possessive over each other in their own way; Naruto could not imagine Shino sharing his lover with anyone else, especially Sasuke. But it seems Ino could convince Shino to do anything to please her. And with little effort, what started out as an experiment between the three of them, evolved into an equally shared love and adoration for each other. They welcomed Sasuke into their lives and have sworn to never let go, and for three years that remained to be true; stronger than ever.

Naruto remembered his surprise and his happiness that his best friend finally found peace and contentment in their arms. He was still amused when he recalled the slight hesitation in Sasuke's voice when he said that he loved not only Ino but Shino as well. Without verbal say so, Naruto could clearly see the nervousness that Sasuke felt upon telling him that he found love within another man's embrace.

It didn't take long to reassure Sasuke that no matter whom he loved, Naruto was just happy that his friend was happy. And so for the past three years, Naruto has been discreet about the trios' relationship.

"Stranger things have happened." Naruto nudged Ino when he saw her focus was occupied in her fantasies. She scowled at him for interrupting her daydream, only to be met by an amusement chuckle.

"Someone's finished speaking with the Hokage." Ino was confused at first by Naruto's statement before she followed his gaze to see Shino waiting for her at the foot of the stairs. Her heart lurch for a second when she felt his gaze land on her; even with his shades on, Ino could clearly feel those beautiful red eyes watching her intently, it totally excited her.

She absently waved good-bye to Naruto without breaking eye contact with her lover. Moving towards Shino, she could easily see the hidden question that he had regarding Sasuke. She'll tell him at home, while they take a nice long bath. 'We'll keep ourselves occupied while we wait for Uchiha. Better yet, we'll wait for him at Sasuke's house. Nothing gets Sasuke hot and bothered faster than seeing us on his bed when he walks in.' Her excitement escalated as she grabbed Shino's hand and dragged him towards the Uchiha compound.


Naruto didn't have to see Ino's face to know that she was planning something that he would rather not think about. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts of such bizarre occurrences, he moved towards the very stairs that Shino descended. For a moment he was so occupied with thoughts of what to say to defuse Tsunade's morning hangovers, that he did not hear someone calling him.

Feeling a sudden intense scrutiny scorching his back, Naruto turned to see who it was. He almost backed off, when he came face to face with Neji standing a scant two feet from him. 'Way beyond personal space here Neji.' Naruto composed himself quickly, but not before seeing the amused look that passed over Neji's face.

Clearing his throat, Naruto calmly nodded towards Neji, "You wanted something Neji. I'm a little behind in my errands here."

For a few moments Neji stood there watching Naruto ruffle through his papers. When the silence continued Naruto raised his head to see Neji's intense silver eyes studying him. "Neji, I really don't have time for-"

"How is Tai doing in your team?"

Naruto blinked at the sudden question. "Huh?"

Neji kept his face clear of all expression even when he wanted to smile at the dumbfounded look on Naruto face. "I haven't spoken to you in the past three months since you've taken a genin team. I wonder how my cousin has been progressing in your team? "

The confused look on Naruto's face disappeared as he came to understand the question. He chuckled as he nodded in comprehension, "Your cousin is a very capable shinobi. He hasn't ceased to surprise me yet, as a matter of fact he mentions that most of those move he executes are compliments of his training with you."

Neji shrugged slightly in acknowledgement. He stepped closer (if that was possible) to Naruto and was amused to see the shock on the blonde's face at his proximity. He felt a thrill of triumphant that Naruto did not expect that at all from the stoic, anti-social Hyuuga Neji. Slowly and strategically, he was planning on corner Naruto until the blonde shinobi was forced to recognize what his intentions were. As dense as Naruto seemed to appear, the complexities of Uzumaki was truly going to be his to open and analyzes.

He could feel the sudden urge to grab Naruto and demand that he belong to him, that all this illusion that he presented to the entire world would never be accepted when it came to Neji. One thing that Naruto will come to learn is that when Neji realizes that he wants something, he never gives up until he possesses it.

A fierce and sometimes frightening obsession to own Naruto was playing in his head, before Neji pushed it the back of his mind. "Do you have plans this evening?" He made sure that his voice was bland and void of his sudden desires. He raised his eyebrow in question, when he saw the suspicious look rush across Naruto's features.


Naruto was in a rare moment was staring into space as his genin team quietly and efficiently cleaned the park of garbage and pulled out weeds that manifested around the area. He was still puzzled about the odd conversation he had with Neji that morning. And his behavior was totally unexpected. To his surprise, he agreed to meet Neji for drinks later that evening without actually agreeing. He just stood there in shock as Neji told him where they would meet before he brushed passed Naruto to start his duty that day as Tsunade's head bodyguard.

He could still remember the unnecessary brush as Neji passed him, knowing how wide the staircase was. In the corner of his eye he saw a definite smirk appear on the Hyuuga's face. For a few seconds he was immobile as he watched Neji's retreating back disappear around the corner. He must have imagined it. Hyuuga Neji flirting was totally unheard off. But despite his thoughts, he still could not disregard the look in Neji's eyes or his smirk.

Rubbing his temples, he sighed tiredly. He was studying this too hard. Neji was his friend, and like everyone, Neji had his share of weird days.

"Alright team. Time for a break. I have some things to discuss with you." Naruto watched as they made their way over after stacking their tools in a pile.

Naruto observed that Tai was preoccupied as he moved toward, he was ignoring his two comrades who complained about the mundane mission that they just completed.

Naruto did not move out of his path and Tai was forced to stop of collide with him. The Hyuuga boy raised his head in surprise to see blue eyes peering at him curiously. Before questions could be asked, Kitame slapped Minase's hand away when he tried to pull leaves that stubbornly clung to her hair.

"I said leave it Minase! I am not in the mood to be nice right and show my undying gratitude." The venomous sarcasm was dripping from that young voice and Naruto has to keep from sighing out loud. /They have their moments, but they are still young and immaturity is always a given./

The young Hyuuga visible cringed when Kitame in her lecture did not watch where she was going and ran into the brick wall of the academy building. The warning that was on the tip of Minase's tongue was swallowed down. All three males watched as she slowly peeled herself from the wall and turned to dust her clothes of as nothing happened.

No one commented when they saw the slight red flush that ran up her cheeks.

Naruto cleared his throat to get their attentions. He was glad that it did not take much even after that display to direct their attention on him.

"I'll make an acceptation this time and let you all go home early instead of training. You guys seem to need the relief. Dismissed."

He was met with no argument was they moved away from him towards home. Naruto saw Tai glance at him in the corner of his eye before he followed his friends' example. The blonde was tempted to ask about what that look meant, but he wasn't going to pry until Tai was ready. Besides, the kid looked exhausted even if he did try to appear unaffected by there 'mission.'

"Naruto? Where are you headed of to?"

Naruto turned and smirked when he saw Ino walking toward him with a distant look in her eyes. He shrugged his shoulders as he waited for Ino to catch up with him. "I was going to get something to eat before meeting up with Neji later. Do you want to join me for a bite?"

Ino hesitated making Naruto chuckle at her indecision. "I was going to Choji's, I'm not in the mood for ramen. I have the sudden urge to eat some fried fish. My treat."

He watched amused as Ino brightened at the news. "You're on bright eyes." Ino linked arms with him as they strolled toward Choji and Chichi's restaurant. "So you have plans with Neji later, what are you guys doing?"

Naruto tilted his head in thought, "I don't really know, he just wanted to have a drink. He seemed rather odd today though. I can't put my finger on it, but it was…strange, even for Neji. And Hyuuga has always been too strange and distant to understand. But its fun flustering though…."

Both blonde ninjas grinned at the comment. After many years, Ino and Naruto found a unique friendship in each other, having a common amusement, they realized that together they were able to fluster anyone with barely concealed innuendos; even the gravest individuals were left red and embarrassed by their shameless acts. Shino was a tough case, but they managed to make him twitch and stutter before stalking off promising something or other for Ino later that night.

Neji would just raise a perfectly arched eyebrow at them before walking away and ignoring their calls back. They would burst out laughing when they saw the slight tint of red on Neji's cheek before he turned a corner and disappeared from their sight.

It was amusing to see such battle hardened shinobi fret over harmless and humorous jokes. Both blondes found it so easy and hilarious.

As they continued to walk down the street Ino started to think about what Naruto said, "You know….Naruto, have you ever realized how Neji is always isolated from the rest of us?"

For a few moments they were both silent as they walked up to the restaurant. After greeting Chichi they moved to their regular table, which was always reserved from them, even on busy days. There was a comfortable silence at they ordered and watched the other occupants in the establishment.

Naruto turned back to watch Ino's profile for a second before clearing his throat. "Neji just has a hard time being around people who are so open; he was raised to judge others not of the Hyuuga clan as inferior to him. He's learning to relax but his personality is what makes him Neji, so we wouldn't want him to totally change. I doubt you would want Shino or Sasuke to start grinning and cheering like Lee do you?"

He chuckled at the horror on Ino's face. Before she could respond he continued with a slight twitch at the corner of his mouth. "Besides, I think you like to have all the mystery to stay behind closed doors, selfish little Ino wouldn't want anyone to see the real Shino and Sasuke. Or am I wrong?"

Ino blushed with barely repressed adoration for her two favorite shinobi. Naruto only shook his head when Ino started to giggle girlishly. He rolled his eyes as he waited for their food to arrive.


"Are you going to ever settle down Naruto?…maybe find someone…" Naruto's chopsticks stopped few inches from his lips when he caught the question. He met Ino's gaze questioningly; her eyes were full of curiosity and a slight hesitation. He watched as she patiently studied his features. He pushed his plate away and reacted automatically. A smile appeared that was slightly guarded.

"I don't think I'm the marrying kind. I like my freedom. Besides, after watching what happened to Lee and Shikamaru, I'm not over enthusiastic about taking a wife. Not that there is anything wrong with Sakura and Temari, but that lazy ass as well as the over excited green obsessed friends of ours have been whipped go….just don't tell the girls that."

Ino stifled her mirth behind her hand. She quickly sobered as she picked at her food. Occasionally she would lean forward and steal a piece of fish from his plate. He left her alone as he continued to watch her try to process her next round of questions.

"You don't get lonely?"

Naruto raised a blonde eyebrow at the soft question. For a moment he was tempted to make light of the question, but the concerned look in her eyes stopped him from making fun of her caring words.

He tilted his head in acknowledgement of her question, but smiled serenely, "I have friends that keep me company when I get bored or loose bearing. I don't need a wife for conversation Ino. Isn't that what we are, friends? Talking? Eating? Sharing amusements and concerns without falling into bed together?"

Ino frowned at Naruto, she bit her lower lip before she shook her head in negativity. "There are some things, moments that can only be shared between lovers Naruto. I doubt Sasuke tells you everything that involves Shino and I. He's your best friend, but I don't see him as sharing intimate things to you about our relationship."

When Naruto remained silent, Ino started to doubt her own words. Naruto held her gaze and a lecherous smirk appeared on his face. Ino's pale blue eyes widened in shock. "…Naruto…I….Sasuke…he doesn't….ummm…" Her faced reddened when Naruto smirk turned into a full toothy grin. Slightly sharp canines showing and sharp blue eyes, Ino felt extremely exposed.

Naruto chuckled heartily at the look on her face, waving his hand slowly in front of her; he shook his head in wonder. "Relax Ino. Your perverted activities remain a secret; I don't need to hear about anything that goes on in your house. The mental image would probably scar me for life. If Sauske ever lost his mind and started talking about the fetish things you guys do, I would probably have to kill him or myself."

Naruto ducked as a piece of her sushi came flying towards his face. He held out his hands in surrender when she grabbed another one to throw when the other missed its target. An exclamation from behind him made him chuckle as she blushed and started to apologize to the offended diner behind Naruto. She sat back down and glared at him.

"It was a joke Ino, lighten up, Sasuke and Shino are rubbing off on you…." Ino blushed at the double meaning, while Naruto rolled his eyes. "I didn't mean it like that you hentai."

She grinned dreamily for a second before she realized that Naruto distracted her from the main point in their conversation. He was really good at diverting the spotlight from himself when he really wanted to.

"You did it again. Trying to misdirect the conversation. Like I said you dumb blonde.." Naruto smirked at the comment. "I'm excluded from the stereotype…I'm brilliant and the lost beautiful woman you're ever likely to be acquainted with. So there." Ino stuck out her tongue at him.

Naruto chuckled in silently surrender. He did not get to reply though as Ino continue on. "As I was originally saying, there is a certain amount of intimacy that is only shared between lovers, which you can not indulge with a friend. Do you get my point Naruto? You have many friends that would follow you, help you, listen to you, but there's a closeness that will be lacking in a friendship…I think you know that."

Naruto was silent for a moment before taking a deep breath. "You're right, I don't have the close intimate relationship with anyone that have graced you or the others, but the truth is Ino….I don't really care for it."

Ino stared at her companion with surprise. This man was the same boy who at 12 years of age would scream at the top of his lungs that he was going to be great and everyone will acknowledge him. Even than when she was blindly obsessed with Uchiha Sasuke; she saw a longing in Naruto that wanted…no needed understanding and love. A boy who was desperate for it; she did not recognize it then, but she did now as she contemplated about the past.

And now Naruto was different, he was still smiling and joking around, loud and obnoxious to a fault, but he was serious when it was warranted. A strong person, confident shinobi, beautiful human being, and he would be an unstoppable leader. But could he be all that without someone to help carry the burden? He was at present the strongest nin in Konoha if not the strongest in the ninja countries. There was no gloating or boasting of his achievement, just a quiet and mischievous observation of everyone and everything around him.

Ino realized that if she wasn't so in love with Shino and Sasuke she would have seriously thought of Naruto as great catch. If nothing else, she was very curious about Naruto's infamous stamina…

Naruto raised an eyebrow in question when Ino blushed a bright red.


"You don't want to have a girlfriend at least?"


"You were madly in love with Sakura when we were younger."

He scoffed at the reminder. He didn't want to me remember his pathetic action concerning his former teammate. "…Puppy love…or crush if you prefer to put a name to it. Sakura was…is…unique in her own way. I was fascinated and curious to know something about Sakura that always scratched at the back of my mind back than."

"And what is that?"

Naruto leaned forward and waited for Ino to lean towards him as well. She could see the smirk forming as he winked at her. He whispered softly in joined conspiracy. "Was she a natural pink haired kunochi?"

Ino blinked.

She threw her head back and laughed so hard that the other customers were staring over.

Ino kept on grinning as she threw a piece of sushi at her companion. He caught the piece of delicate offering with his teeth and grinned at her while he chewed and swallowed.

She shook his head at his mirth. She halted and frowned at him. At his innocent expression she narrowed her eyes at him.

"You did it again Naruto. Stop trying to distract me."

Naruto sighed dramatically, "What's with the sudden interest in my love life?"

Ino shrugged, "You always seem alone…"

"I don't pity you Ino for anyting, don't start insulting me."

Ino shut her mouth and lower her eyes in shame. She knew how it sounded but she didn't mean to make Naruto seem pathetic that he couldn't find anyone special. She just wanted Naruto to feel the strong and beautiful emotions that she feels when she id with her dark haired lovers.

She looked up when he cleared his throat. She was greeted with an apologetic smile and twinkling eyes.

"I don't have a love life, and I appreciate the concern on your part. But it really isn't necessary, I'm happy the way I am. Besides, casual sex has its appeal."

He tone was so serious and calm that she was shock for a moment at the startling news. She opened and closed her mouth a couple of times before she glared at Naruto's smirking face.

"Casual sex…my ass, you do not have flings. You're just too green to be so…so…naughty."

Naruto chuckled at her terminology. "Are you sure about that Ino?"

Ino studied Naruto's features, his eyes laughed at her silently as she stared in disbelief. "You're a player…Naruto!"

"Ino." She ignored his teasing and tried to calm her rising excitement. "I knew you weren't a virgin, but…"

"Ino, even I have to release tension in some way, don't you think?"

Ino shook her head. "I can't believe this; Uzumaki Naruto has a fuck-buddy."

Naruto rolled his eyes heavenward. Ino was more vulgar than him sometimes. "Thanks for the vote of confidence Ino." His voice was full of sarcastic disbelief.

"Who is she?" She watched Naruto smirk in amusement at her apparent disbelief. She suddenly felt very thirsty.

"What makes you think that I have only one?"

Ino was sipping from her drink when he made the comment; she almost choked on the ice tea moving down her throat. She glanced at him and blushed. He was patiently wiping tea from his face that she sprayed on him in her surprise. She smiled apologetically, but he just waved it off as he continued to wipe himself down.

"How many do you have?"

Naruto seemed to be thinking about his answer before smiled secretively at his female companion. He opened his mouth…

"None of your business Ino."

Ino's eye twitched as he placed his dish in front of him and resumed eating as if nothing happened.


Naruto mentally counted down…he kept his faced lowered.






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