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Giggleaid: Does Cassie ever get Danny?
RGT answer: well kind of. Cassie's realtionship is hard to explain. Althroughout the fic Danny struggles with his feelings with Cassie. I'll be fair. I did say anything. She does get him for a little while till Danny and Tucker get into a fight. (Yes emotions run high in this story), but if you are saying does she get him in the end? No. She has another love interest...but then you'll find that out in the preview.

Jenna Dax: I thought Kwan was related to Cassie.
RGT answer: He is, and so is John. It's one of my plot-holes that I didn't fix. Thoes darn plot holes. You see, you never see (or rarely see) John or Kwan in the sequel. I was suppose to say that they couldn't find the other two, but I sort of forgot. I think John comes back once in the sequel. Before the sequel a whole year has gone by meaning that the gang is in their senior year. So Kwan and John should be in college. Sorry for the plot hole.

Time for the previews. The first one is for the sequel of Outcasts known as One of Them.

Their love was strong...

"I love Danny, mother, and there's nothing you can do or say to change that!" Sam screamed at her mother. She tried to hold back her tears; the fights weren't usually this bad.

Danny grabbed her around her waist to pull her closer. He rested his chin on her shoulder.

"Hey...don't cry. We'll work through this, just like we always do."

Until she hurt him...

"Danny... listen I"-

"Why don't you go hand out with your real friends?" He snapped harshly at her. She jumped at the bitterness in his voice, and tears fell from her eyes. Danny regretted every word from his lips as he stood there, and watched her walk away. He wanted so much to run after her, but Cassie held him back.

"Let her go, she'll just hurt you again."

And he returned the favor...

Tucker and Sam stopped in their tracks. Sam tried to keep the tears down. Tucker's mouth hung open at the scene in front of them. Danny pulled away from Cassie's kiss.

"How could you." Escaped from Sam's lips. She couldn't handle it anymore, she ran to her room.

They wanted revenge...

"Sam, we want you back on the A- List."

"Didn't you get the message the first time? I'm not interested." She started to walk away.

"What's the matter Sam, afraid you'll fit in with us?" Sam bit her lip, because she knew she was afraid.

New faces appear...

"Hello the name is Justin. Here let me help you with that." Cassie half smiled. Why was he going out of his way to help her?

"No you can't be her."

"Cassie sweetie, why not?"

"You're not my mother. My mother is dead to me after she left me years ago." The women remained silent.

As broken hearts mends...

Sam found herself crying into Tucker's shoulder. She felt like Danny had just stabbed her.

"It hurts Tucker." Tucker held her.

"I know Sam, I know."

"Does it ever go away?" She asked quietly.

"I don't think it does Sam."

With all the suppressed feelings...

"Tucker, are you ok?" Danny said.

"I'm fine." Tucker gritted his teeth.


"I said I was fine."

It is only a matter of time...

"Don't you think you've cause enough damaged?" Tucker stood in-between Sam and Danny. The two had a showdown as sparks flew between their glares.

"Let's have Sam decided." Both boys' eyes shifted to Sam awaiting her answer.

"Tucker, take me out of his sight."

"I don't want to see him right now." Sam crossed her chest.

"But what if he wants to see you." Danny Phantom formed in front of her.

Before all the tension blows up.

"You didn't think I would mind if you kissed MY girlfriend."

"Cassie and you are"-

"Yes we are. You should have thought about that." Tucker walked away.

"When we're you planning on telling me that you were going out with Tucker?" He yelled at Cassie. She didn't answer him.

"I don't believe this. You weren't planning on telling me, were you?"

"You stole from my house? We gave you everything you could ever want, and you stole from us? We trusted you." Cassie didn't even look Sam in the eyes.

"Cassie, did you ever love me? Or was this all a game to you? You knew my feelings for you, and you"- He couldn't even finish.

"Tucker I"-

"I don't ever want to talk to you again."

"Maybe I want to talk to you."

"Danny, do you love me or not?" Angry tears slid down her cheek.

"Of course I love you." Sam only shook her head.

"You said that Danny, but you don't know what it really means."

"Hello, my name is Justin." He held out his hand to her. Sam smiled to the boy.

"Samantha." She shook it.

"Sam, no, you can't do this. We're supposed to be together. It's time to choose. Me or him?"

"Danny, don't do this."

"Me or him. Who are you going to dance the last dance with on the night of Prom?" Sam turned to her date.

"Come on Justin, let's go." Danny let out a breath. He had lost her. He had let her go, but this time she wouldn't come back. He didn't loose her to a ghost; he lost her to another guy. She had made her choice to live in a world without him.

This is the one for the newly written You Promised.

When they were so much in love…

"Do you take Daniel Fenton to be your lawfully wedded husband?" Sam looked into the man's eyes that she had grown to love.

"I do."

Things were easier…

"Things are different now, what about Amy? She is your child too."


"You don't even know your own kid." She accused.

Seven years later…

The girl's hand turned intangible again. Her eyes widened in fear.

Their love falls apart…

He dropped the papers in his hand, and they fell to the ground. Printed primly across the top of the page it read DIVORSE.


"Every time I see you I miss you, I want you Sam." His pleas tried to burst through her tough skin, she wouldn't let him in.

"Until you give up being Phantom, Danny, I'm sorry. It's over." She turned away to be alone, so he wouldn't see her cry.

"Sam." He tried to reach out, but his grasp fell short.

"You promised me and you broke that promise. Good-bye."

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