Cop vs. Computer Programmer

By: Marina StormFire


Summary: Hikaru Shidou is an 18 year old expert computer programmer and also a famous swordsman- trained by her father and elder brothers... and also a former police officer. Lantis and Eagle are adopted brothers, trained martial artists, and cops- trained by their eldest brother, Zagato. What will happen when one of Hikaru's security programs is about to be stolen and Lantis is supposed to be her bodyguard? Will sparks fly? Or will someone else steal not only her program... but also her heart?

/Cephiro Computers Corp/

"Hmmm...almost done." murmured a young 18 year old crimson-haired girl, as she stretched. She looked at the clock... 2:45 am. 'Well, otou-san isn't gonna like the fact that I stayed up late again. I'm almost done with my latest security project after all. I just need a little nap when I get home. But then again, Satorou-nii-san might come to get me right about... now.' All of a sudden, the young crimson-eyed girl caught sight of a pair of headlights in the parking lot. "Well, time to shut down for the night." she muttered to herself, as she saved her work on her CD and shut her computer down. When she took the CD out of its slot and put it into its case, she quickly put that along with the other computer materials into her small backpack. She put her laptop into its carrying case. Bidding her co-workers 'Oyasumi nasai', she exited her department and took the elevator from the 2nd floor to the ground floor.

But just as she was stepping out of the elevator, she bumped into someone and at the same time, dropping her mini backpack and her laptop as she fell backwards.

"Oh! Gomen nasai, Miss. Daijoubou ka?" asked a young male voice laced with concern. The young girl looked up and met a pair of dark chocolate colored eyes with silver hair hanging over them.

"Daijoubou, arigatou...anooo..." the girl trailed off, as the mysterious man helped her up off the floor.

"Eagle... Eagle Vision. Yorishiku..." now it was his turn to trail off.

"Hikaru, Hikaru Shidou. Pleasure to meet you too, Detective Vision." she said, and smiled at the surprised expression on his face and went on to explain before he could ask. "For one thing, your jacket has the insignia of the Tokyo Police Department, and another is that your badge is hanging out of your wallet, which is lying on the floor." Eagle looked at her, then at his wallet on the floor, and then back at her again. All of a sudden, he started laughing.

"By golly, I don't think I've ever met a girl, who could tell anyone from their profession just by catching a glimpse of two small objects in two entirely different places." Hikaru blushed and hurried to pick up her mini backpack and her carrier, and quickly clarified for him how she knew.

"Well... ano... I used to be a detective as well." Eagle looked at her in surprise, but before he could ask any questions a car horn honked a couple times getting Hikaru's attention. She looked out the window of the corporation and found her brother, Satorou, who was beckoning her to hurry up as it was getting late in the morning. She nodded her understanding and turned to the detective, who was looking at her and the man in the red and black jeep that was parked just outside the doors.

"Your boyfriend?" he asked, as Hikaru adjusted the strap on her carrier and put her mini backpack on. She shook her head.

"Iie, demo gomen nasai. My nii-sama is here to pick me up. But hopefully, I will see you around sometime." Hikaru apologized, while giving the traditional Japanese bow.

"Hai, perhaps we will meet again, Shidou-san. And please call me Eagle." the silver-haired detective replied suavely, taking Hikaru's hand and lightly kissing it, making her blush a becoming pink.

"I have to go now. Ja matte ne." was Hikaru's hurried reply, as she put her carrier over her shoulder, left the building, and entered the jeep.

A/N: Ohayo, Minna-san! I have decided to make some changes to the story as well as add in some details here and there so that it will make sense to everyone.

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