Shadowed Guilt: Chapter Twenty One Annoyance

A black derby hat was pulled low over his face. The overcoat flapped open as it was assaulted with the wind. On any other occasion House would've made some witty remark about some S&M pornographic movie, but today seemed to be the day for a lack of words. Instead he settled for staring straight at the man's shadowed eyes, House could feel Chase trembling off to one side, but now was not the time to worry about his co-worker. House stood up stiffly and tried to pit his 6'2" frame against the other man's 6'5"; he fell horribly short considering House never could for the life of him straighten his bum leg. The silence was broken as the other man let out an amused chuckle, "Dr House." he drawled in his charismatic way, "Such vulgar language you use these days."

House found his voice, "Such irony isn't it. Vogler. Vulgar." the corner's of his mouth turned up, "It almost rhymes."

"I would be careful if I were you, Dr House." Vogler warned, "You're not the one with the gun."

The gun Vogler withdrew from his coat was a Smith & Wesson .38 and he had the biggest smirk in history on his face. "It's fully loaded with dum-dums...bullets that I have personally crosshatched to expose the lead. If you're interested, I frankly don't think killing annoyances with a hollow points was enough."

House blanched. Since the invention of Google, he had spent his days without the technology of an iPod and/or Gameboy by surfing the web for discrete and interesting facts. He knew enough about dum-dums to know that they were illegal and coupled with the hollow points, he might as well say goodbye to his handsome face as it was. "Well to say the least, I'm very flattered that you would go to such lengths to get rid of me."

"Get rid of you?" Vogler laughed, "It wasn't my intention to come up here and point a gun at your head today, but since you're up here already. I'd like to think of it as a side benefit."

House blinked, "Then why did you come up here if it wasn't for me?" he fluttered his eyelashes, but Vogler ignored him.

"Not everything in the world evolves around you."

"Of course. I forgot. It evolves around the great Mister Edward Vogler." House mocked saluted.

The other man's hand tightened over the trigger which was still staying level with House's forehead, "You forget yourself, Dr House."

"You know you can drop the verbal formalities already." House muttered.

Vogler switched his gun onto Chase who was sitting, wide-eyed on the ledge, "Dr Chase, you just stay put as I deal with this nuance here."

House turned; he had nearly forgotten Chase had been sitting there for the lack of noise coming from Chase's slightly open mouth. Seeing that Chase had not reacted to the hint of House dieing in the next few minutes, House predictably got huffy. He limped over and tapped Chase on the head, "I'm about to die and you have nothing to say? Tears? No? Why you ungrateful little-" he growled.

Vogler interrupted him by laughing heartily, "Please Dr House, you might scare him."

Scowling, House tapped Chase on the nose, "Of all the times to zone out, it has to be now."

"Trust me." Vogler walked over, "I don't think it's intentional."

"What's wrong with you?" House hissed into Chase's ear and shook him.

"I don't think you're suppose to do that with patient's in shock." Vogler drawled.

"And if you hadn't hauled your fat ass...yes FAT!" House declared, "He wouldn't be in shock right now would he? So solve the problem by disappearing right now."

Vogler tsked at him, "My, my. Aren't we demanding today?"

"I tend to get testy when I'm freezing my digits off and somebody is pointing a gun at me and my co-worker." House shot back.

To House's annoyance Vogler tsked and shot off his gun. Granted that the gun was aimed high over their heads, but Chase's eyes widened until they were size of saucers. House made a grab for him as Chase jumped three feet in the air. House cursed as Chase bent over massaging his temples and mumbled rapidly under his breath. "What the hell are you thinking?" House snapped at Vogler.

"Not all wounds created from a gun are purely physical." Vogler said loftily.

"What?" House muttered to himself before saying loudly, "Not you too. I'm suppose to be the one giving out cryptic messages, it's my signature."

Vogler sighed, "Up you get and bring the whimpering brat with you."

"I doubt Chase would object to being called a child." House said offhandedly.

"I don't hear him protesting. Go." Vogler accented the last word with a jab to House's back.

"You're seriously going to flash that gun around the hospital?" House asked, "Even those incompetent people working in security can take you."

Vogler leaned down, "That's what...minions...are for."

"Oh come on." House whined as he stepped into the warmth, "Are you stealing all my lines?"

"Dr House."

House's head snapped to his right to see a sharply dressed woman. She adjusted her wire rimmed glasses and looked at him overtop of them, House immediately felt like he was a little kid caught with one hand in the cookie jar. He quickly shook the sensation off and glared down at her barely five foot stature, "Do I know you?" he asked.

"Dr House," this time his name came from Vogler, "Dr Chase. Meet my new assistance, Jessica Wynn."

"And what a fine piece of ass she is." House couldn't stop from remarking as he noted the fine elven like features hidden behind the glasses and the shoddily cut hair.

She turned and gestured at the corner, "Dr Chase. I believe you'll find those clothes adequate of your frame. Please change, you look cold."

"What is this?" House asked testily, "Some sort of fashion party?"

"No. Although I must say that Dr Chase is better dressed then usual." Vogler remarked.

As if on cue, Chase appeared wearing black slacks, a black suit jacket, and a deep blue dress shirt that had yet to be tucked in. "Quite dashing. Don't you think?" Wynn asked, "Although the hair must go." she reached up to finger the long blonde strands, "Too unkempt and I'm sure anybody paying attention will know it's Dr Chase."

"You're seriously making me declaring this day the worst day of my life...aren't you?" House growled, "Now who's hair will I pull when they're asleep?"

"Kneel." Wynn ordered up at Chase, who complied slowly.

"Traitor. Should've never trained him so well." House grumbled, but inside he was more then just a bit worried. Chase had neither protested to stripping or losing his prized silken gold hair.

She gripped the shoulder length hair and twisted it back, "Do you have a knife, sir?" she asked without looking up.

A small paring knife appeared in Vogler's large hands, which swiftly disappeared into Wynn's small ones. She pulled hard, House winced sympathetically as Chase's eyes watered slightly. Wynn brought the small blade down on the twisted locks and started sawing away, House had to give her credit for not spoiling the dark suit with loose hair as she finished. Wynn let the loose strands fall in a neat little pile on the floor and sighed, "It'll do for now."

House internally winced as he saw the shortened locks; Wynn had taken approximately three inches from the back and Chase's bangs were still as long as before, which were now obscuring his view of the world once again. Wynn tucked the paring knife into Vogler's coat, "We'll get somebody to clean it up later." she fanned the now stifling air around, "Dr House, I believe you'll have to shave."

House instinctively raised a hand to pat the three day old stubble he had going on, "'s my fashion trend."

Wynn tapped the razor she had magically pulled out of her pockets on the wall beside her, "It's either you do it yourself or we do it forcefully...ah...and may I even throw in an hypothetical situation that the razor might slip and take off some of your already receding hairline?"

Scowling, House grabbed the razor. Wynn nodded like he was a prized dog who had just fetched the ball for her, "Mister Vogler will escort you to the nearest washroom." she glanced at him with a glare, "If you try to disarm Mister Vogler in any way, shape or can say goodbye to one of your employees...or should I say ex-employee." Wynn held a standard nine-mil to Chase's head.

Disgusted, House scoffed, "Very mafia like."

Vogler smirked, "I have never employed the services of the mafia. I'm more a hands on kind of guy."

He glared at Vogler with a raised eyebrow, "Yeah whatever. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to once again waste half an hour getting down those damn stairs."

Vogler snapped his fingers together, was it just House or did it seem a little too cliche as tall, muscular men wearing suits appeared out of nowhere at Vogler's beck and call. There were only two, but even one was intimidating by himself. They both had nondescript faces hidden behind shades, an ear phone stuck in the right ear, and were clean shaven, but looked shady at best. House felt his jaw drop and his eyebrows winning the world record for highest raised eyebrows ever, "You have got to be kidding me." he said with an accent on every word.

"No." Chase replied for the first time since Vogler had dragged them inside, "These men were trained in the art of kendo..."

"Ah...the game which people use big sticks to fight with." House said.

"...wrestling..." Chase continued, seemingly unbothered by House's interruption.

"Manly love." House pretended to swoon.


"Ohlala." House couldn't help but put on a high falsetto.

"...and the conclusion is; if you happen to somehow...idiotically...piss them off, then you might as well say goodbye to your bodily functions right now..." Chase continued as if this was a well rehearsed play.

House fanned himself and laughed recklessly, "They're probably just clumsy giants that were hired by Vogler to scare people off." House held up his cane, "Nobody can beat the Master of the Cane!"

Chase straightened and brushed imaginary specks of dust off of his suit and joined in on Vogler's and Wynn's looks of exasperation. Vogler tipped his head at the men and they both swooped down and scooped House up and proceeded to manhandle him down the stairs. "So much for the cane wielding master." Vogler said and proceeded down the stairs with Wynn and Chase in tow.

At the bottom the two giants put House back safely on his feet, but in true House-ian style he had to make a big deal out of it. Sighing, the rest of Vogler's entourage tuned House out and would occasionally pick out words like, " respect...manhandling...bastards..." it would continue until Vogler smoked him on the back of his head with the butt of his gun.

To House's credit, he didn't keel over and pass out. Rubbing the sore spot on the top of his head, he gave his best glare of doom at Vogler, "Ow."

Vogler sighed and poked him with the gun, "Just. Go. Shave. Already." it seemed like he too was getting tired of House's antics.

The vein under House's left eye twitched. Chase cocked his head to one side and pointed it out, "Are you getting angry already?" he closed his eyes and let a small smile play upon his lips, "Think it's time to take Cuddy up on that offer? You know the one where she'll pay your therapist fees with a bake sale?"

House rounded on Chase and glared at him, "Aren't you suppose to be in shock or something?"

Chase blinked, "I don't know what you mean."

He bent down and grabbed one of Chase's shorn locks, "So what's this sudden personality change? Trying to please the master? Still?"

Slapping House's hands away, Chase clenched a fist and tried to control his withdrawal tremors, "They'll kill us both anyways." he muttered under his breath.

"What?" House could hardly believe his ears, "What did you say?" he hissed and shook Chase.

He shook House off and firmly pushed the cane wielding man in the direction of the men's bathroom and hoarsely whispered, "Do not make them angry."

To say the least, House was a little more then freaked out as he was dragged into the men's bathroom by the two giants.


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