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I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only thing that's real

Hisame walked at a steady pace through the twisting
hallways of the Kuze Manor, her narrow eyes focused
and determined under her perfectly cut bangs.
The straight strands of black hair that fell past her
waist swished silently behind her as she moved,
giving her a more mystical, woman-like appearance
than a girl of only nine years should have.

The servants of the household bowed and greeted her
as she passed. She nodded out of politeness and custom,
but avoided eye contact and did not stop to talk to anyone,
as she was in a hurry and had no time for idle chitchat.
Besides, she had no real desire to talk to anyone unless
she had too and even wanted to avoid the Mistress today.
All she wanted to do was get to her destination before-

"Oh, excuse me!" Hisame had turned the corner and
nearly collided with Shigure-her sister and fellow
handmaiden to the priestess. She was a clumsy,
emotional girl, but at least she followed her order's
without question. Her black hair was long-though
still shorter than Hisame's-and pulled back. She
wore the same white and blue outfit as her.

"Shigure, shouldn't you be practicing instead of walking
around the house like an imbecile?" Hisame asked coldly.

The slightly younger girl became flustered and
looked down in shame. "I-I'm sorry, Hisame..."

"Don't apologize, just get out of my way, Shigure!"
Her tone was becoming louder and people were
turning to look at them. Oh, why did the manor
always have to be so busy and filled with people?
Her hand was aching...aching for the feeling
of the hammer and chisel...

Shigure was so startled and frightened that she stood
frozen on the spot. Hisame let out a cry of frustration
and pushed the girl out of the way and broke into a run.
She did not stopped until she reached the Northern Doll
Altar-a room with walls of tattered straw dolls in red.
Not even bothering to catch her breath, she snatched
up her hammer and chisel. After positioning the spike
she raised the hammer, now hesitating until her racing
heart calmed.

This should help...As a Pacifier, I have no need for
stress or guilt. she thought to herself, screaming
silently as she swung the hammer down, slamming the
chisel into the palm of her hand.