What Have I Done?

A songfic that I wrote! I wrote the song, but sadly do not own Inuyasha...

By:FMA4EVER(can't spell...)

What have I done to deserve you?

What have I done to loose you?

"Inuyasha?" Kagome says quietly.

"What wench!" Inuyasha growls back.

"Are you going you to become a full demon?" Kagome asks with hope that he would say no.

They were sitting on a hill watching shooting stars when Kagome thought this was the right time to tell Inuyasha how she felt about him and hoped that he would return the feeling and not wine up being rejected.

You have made me afraid of the dark, of the light, of everything!

You are my sun, am I your moon?

Do you need me more than I need you?

Inuyasha sat thinking about Kagome's question. He wasn't sure if that was what he truly wanted or not...

"I guess so..."Inuyasha answers not quite sure.

"Or do you want to go to hell with Kikyo?" Kagome asks depressed knowing the answer before it is even given.

I can't compare to her at all...

But when you need me, I'll catch you when you fall!

It was almost like, it was destiny...

For you to have her...

And me...

"No..."Inuyasha said calmly.

Kagome couldn't beleive her ears...Did he just say no to going with Kikyo?


"Kagome..."Inuyasha says as he turns to her looking into her chocolate, brown eyes that he always seems to get lost in.

"I care about you Kagome...and I can't protect you if I'm not with you..."Inuyasha says with a small smile.

"Inuyasha...I...I...I love you!" There...she said it! Oh crap! She just told the only person/demon she has ever loved that...well...she loved him! What if he rejected her? What if he slaped her! What if...

Inuyasha caught Kagome's lips with his and was not going to let them go any time soon. Inuyasha started to deepen the kiss and they both knew that this was a whole new beginging for them...

Why can't I be your only one?

What have I done?

What have I done?

It's hard to say...you are so close...

I can't compare...

Am I the one?

Do you need me?

Am I your sun!

What have I done?

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