(Author's note) Hi I did this fan fic when I was taking a test. So I'm sorry if it's bad. But Lets give it a try. It's called The Mission. Well hope you all enjoy chapter 1.

Chapter 1

It was a calm night a girl who was about 17 came flying thought the trees. She had long brown hair with a little black in it. Her skin is tan with a scar and a tattoo of a Phoenix on it. She was still very pretty. Her eyes were blush green with a little bit of red in them and she likes to wear dark stuff. Tonight she wore a black shirt with a skull on it and a pair of jeans with a black belt.

"Hey Lillie this is the Place right were your friends said they would be here". Said a young mans voice. He had green hair and brown eyes. His skin was a little pale and he had a scar on his right eye. He was wearing a blue shirt and a black pair of pants.

"Yeah. This is the place they said to meet us". Lillie said looking around.

"Hmp. Your friends better not be late". He said in annoyed voice.

"Don't worry Matsu they'll be here". Lillie said with a smile.

"Hey guys. Sorry were late. A demon attacked us and we had to get rid of it". Yusuke said as Kurama, Hiei and Kuwabara came into view.

"Hmp. It took you guys that long to get rid of a demon". Matsu asked suspiciously.

"And we had to wait to get Kuwabara up". Yusuke said in a low voice so Kuwabara wouldn't here him.

Lillie want up to Kurama and kissed him. They have been dating for three years now and Kurama was hoping to ask Lillie to be his mate. When the time was right. By the way Lillie is a fox demon.

"So almost everyone is here. So I guess I can tell you guy with out her for now". Yusuke said with a yawn.

"This is our new mission. This is Kagome. Were suppose to keep a eye on this girl because strange stuff happens around her". Yusuke said handing ever one papers about her.

"Oh. I'm sorry. I'm late aren't I"? Said a girl who was about 16. Came into view. She had blonde hair with a little bit of red in it. Her skin was tan and her eyes was pink. She was wearing a navy blue skirt with a purple shirt with a moon on it and angel wings. She ran to them.

"Kaia. You're late. Here's the paper's that you need". Yusuke said handing her the paper's.

"Ok. So were suppose to watch this girl"? Kaia said as one of her wings hit Kuwabara in the face.

"Hey. Watch it with those wings of yours you just hit me in the face". Kuwabara said stupidly.

"Oh. So sorry about that". Kaia said with a smile.

"Well shall we go then"? Lillie said. So they went to Kagome's neighbor hood. They got a hotel to stay at.

"So this girl live at this Temple". Lillie said looking around.

"Yeah. I guess so". Yusuke said looking thing over again on his paper.

Mean while

Kagome just came back from the feudal ere. She was very excised to be back home. Away from demons.

"What a nice day. I love being home in my own bed room". Kagome said to herself as she fell on her bed. It was the softest bed in the world she thought.

She was about to fall asleep when she sensed something odd. She could barely sence it but there was a faint aura of something.

"Could it be that demon's followed me to my own time"? Kagome said to herself.

"No it cant be. They would have a shikon jewel Shard". Kagome said to herself.

"Oh my I'm late for school". Kagome said as she looked at the time and ran out of her room and got dressed in to her school uniform and ran down stars.

"Bye. Mom, Souta, Garn pap". She said as she left her house and ran down the stars not even noticing a grope of people looking at her.

"Well that was odd". Kaia said watching her run down the street.

"Well should we follow her"? Lillie said.

"Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you guys were going to be joining her school". Yusuke said with a smile.

"Look girls. I already got your uniforms". Yusuke said with a smile and holding them up.

"You got to be kidding. Right. Those are way to small for us"! Lillie said annoyed at Yusuke.

"Oh come on there not that small" Yusuke said with a smile.

Lillie pounced him in the face.

"Come on. I'm sure they can let us slid for today". Lillie said as she walked away. Everyone else followed her.

Yusuke got up rubbing his face and followed after them.

Sorry have to end it here. So how did you like it I know spelling errors. Just tell me if you see any and I'll fix them. Ok Well till next time bye!