Notice: I don't own Inuyasha characters.

Pairing: Sesshy/Kagome

"INUYASHA! Where are you taking me?" Kagome asks, digging her heels into the dirt so as to stop him from dragging her elsewhere.

"C'mon Kagome! You're slowing us down! We've got to keep moving!"

"Why do we have to leave Sesshy-sama's castle when you were just called there yesterday? And leave while it's still dark out?"

"Kagome" he whines. "Not now, we really have to get out of here!"

"I'm not going anywhere until I get answers Inuyasha! You've been acting weird since you came out of Sesshy-sama's study."

"Stop calling him that!"

"What? Sesshy-sama?"

"Yes that!"


"Because I said so!"

"Inuyasha!" Her blood pressure is rising. "Stop telling me what to and not do! I don't belong to you!"

"You're my woman! You do so!"

"You're no better then Kouga!"

"Don't you DARE compare me to that damn wolf! EVER!" He grabs her wrist and continues to drag her farther from Sesshomaru's castle.

"Ouch! You're hurting me Inuyasha! Let go!" She tries to yank herself free but he just tightens his grip.

"No friggan way! We're not stopping till we're out of the Western Lands!


"Sit me and I'll take you down with me!"

"Stop yelling at me! You were fine until you had that meeting with your brother! And before we came here I caught you for like the 42nd time with that undead clay pot!"

"Stop saying that about Kikiyo!"

"You can't love us or keep us both Inuyasha!"

"Watch me! You have no one else to love!"

"Once we get back to the village I'm taking Shippo and leaving!"

"You ain't goin' anywhere wench!"

"Inuyasha! She's corrupted your mind! You don't even care for me anymore!"

"What do I care wench! Kikiyo is a lot better then you!"

"Inuyasha…" Tears swell up in her eyes. "I loved you…"

"Well I love Kikiyo! Deal with it! But you still ain't goin' nowhere! You're my jewel detector!" He picks her up and flings her over his shoulder like a rag doll and takes off running.

"Inuyasha!" Tears fall from her eyes as she pounds on the back of his shoulder with her fists. "Inuyasha put me down! Let go!"

"I don't care what Sesshomaru says! You are mine!"

"Please! Put me down!" She sobs.

"Not till we get to the village where I can watch you!"

"Let me go Inuyasha!" She cries.

"Yes. Do let go of her." An emotionless voice states from somewhere in the forest.

"Get out here you bastard and show yourself!" He stops running.

"You suck at rebuttles, brother." Sesshomaru appears right in front of them.

"Get out of here! You don't belong here!"

"Yes I do. I live here. You are still on my territory. You leave."

"Leave me alone! I was heading out on my own!"

"Really? Doesn't look like you're leaving by yourself."

"Stop being so damn cocky! She's mine! She doesn't count!"

"She's too good for you. You don't diserve her. Let her go. You've hurt her enough."

"What do you care? She belongs to me!"

"Correction. She belongs to herself, unless she wants to become someone's mate."

"Bite me!" He drops Kagome on the ground behind him.

"I'd prefer not to. You'd leave a foul taste in my mouth." He smirks.

I don't need your crude humor! Get lost!" Kagome tries to get up and run but Inuyasha grabs her at the back of the neck and shoves her back to the ground at his feet. "Oh no ya don't!"

"Ouch! Inuyasha! That hurt! Don't touch me!"

"Oi! Shut it wench!" He smacks Kagome, making her fly off the ground.

"Eee!" She screams out as she flies through the air.

"Stupid hanyou." Sesshomaru uses a little bit of his demon speed to catch Kagome before she hits a random tree. "I can't believe you just did that. She would give her life for you on a daily basis. Yet you choose the undead priestess who wants to drag you to hell."

"Shut up! I don't need your lectures!"

"Obviously you do need me to spell things out for you. I can't believe that once I gave you credit for even half a brain. It is clear that you haven't got one."

"Sesshy-sama" Kagome's voice is a bit weak. "Could you put me down now?"

"Of course." He gently sets her on her feet.

"Thank you Sesshy-sama."

"What did I tell you about calling him that wench!" Inuyasha goes to attack Kagome but Sesshomaru interviens, knocking him to the ground.

"Can't we have a civil conversation just once? You will only end up hurting yourself, hanyou. I told you before and I will tell you once more. You can't keep this miko." He glares at Inuyasha.

"Oh yeah! Why the hell not! She's mine!"

"She is not yours, you over possessive freak. And you mated the undead."

Kagome drops to her knees, her eyes wide in shock. "Tell me… that's not true… Inuyasha…"

"So what if I did! Doesn't mean you're leavin'!"

"I stayed with you… because I thought…" Kagome starts crying. "I thought there was still a shred of hope that you still cared! I took every blow you threw at me when you were angry… suffered your threat whenever I spoke when she was around! But you stopped caring a long time ago… you stopped caring when you found out she was alive again! You never loved me! For all those words you once spoke to me, you only spoke them because you were using me as a substitute for that evil bitch!" Kagome runs off, deeper into the forest; salty tears falling to the ground behind her.

"Oi! Git back 'ere wench!" He goes after Kagome but Sesshomaru blocks his path. "Git outta th' way!" He tries to pass his brother, but fails miserably.

Let her go Inuyasha. You've caused her enough pain."

"What the hell would you know about it? You know nothing!"

"On the contrary, I know quite a lot. I know her better then you do."

"Oh yeah! How so? If you're so all knowin' then tell me!"

"Because I've kept an eye on her since I saw that she was with you."

"You stalking hooker! She's my bitch!"

"Look who's talking, you're the male slut. Besides, I was curious as to why such a powerful miko would want to stick around a weakling like you."


"I never stalked her. I simply checked on her from time to time."

"Bet you hid yourself like a coward! Knowing she'd tell me an' I'd kill ya!"

"No. I would sit on a tree branch and watch her think to herself when she would take night walks and leave you behind at camp. I never hid from her and she knew I was there. She could sense my aura."

"She should've told me damn it! Wait till I catch that wench!"

"And if you don't catch her?"

"I'll catch her! I'm faster then her!"

"But you're not faster then me."