Chapter 11 – A new friend

"What are you three doing here?" Kagome looks at the 3 demons.

"We wanted to meet you, Lady Kagome." Jonah answers.

"Where's Khan?"

"He's helping the Lords." Responds Zeus.

"We're the head healers of our lands, like Khan. Would you let us help you?" Oliver asks.

"My Lord doesn't like non-Western folk touching his Lady." Sen speaks up. "I don't think that's such a good idea. We should go get Khan."

"I can assure you that neither of us bite. We know she is Lord Sesshomaru's mate. We just want to help."

"Please allow us, Lady Kagome?" Jonah asks.

"The three of you should be in Sesshomaru's study with the Lords. What are you doing here?" She inquires.

"We wanted to meet you so we asked him if we could spend some time with you. He said we could." Says Zeus.

"Only one of you may help me and I will choose who."

-Why didn't you tell that the Lords are drunk- (Oliver)

-Because then she'd know that Sesshomaru is drunk.- (Zeus)

-She should know that her mate is drunk and that's why Khan isn't with us.- (Oliver)

-I don't think you use your brain very often Oliver. We waited until he was drunk before asking him about Lady Kagome for a reason. If he was sober he would've killed us and said no. We knew he'd sat yes if he was drunk because he wouldn't really know what we were saying.- (Jonah)

-We should still tell her, she's the Lady of the West.- (Oliver)

-Tell her and I'll hang you. This is our chance to scope her out.- (Zeus)

-It's underhanded.- (Oliver)

-Does it look like we care?- (Jonah)

Kagome speaks up, ending their telepathic conversation. "I will let Oliver help me." The other 2 seem very disappointed. Oliver looks a bit shocked. He then offers Kagome his arm to walk her inside. She accepts it, holding onto his arm as they leave the 2 gaping demons and a hesitant Sen. –Keep an eye on those two Sen.-

-Yes my Lady.-

-I don't trust them.-

-I don't like them myself, my Lady. Are you sure that Oliver is ok to be with?-

-Yes. Oliver won't try anything, those other two will.-

-I will watch them my Lady.-

-Thank you.-

-Your welcome my Lady.-

(Inside the castle.)

Kagome shows Oliver to the healer's 'office'. She sits on a bench while he retrieves fresh wraps. She pulls her shirt off and wraps it around herself. He comes back with an ointment and wraps. "Having two stab wounds so close to each other, is very dangerous." Oliver speaks.

"Only if they are not properly taken care of."

"How did you get these? Where'd they come from?"

"I was protecting my pup from an attacker."

"Wow." He whistles. "Now that's what I call commitment."

"But I think the attacker looks worse."

"That's awesome! What kind of weapons do you know how to use?"

"Well as you saw when you came outside, I'm training to use swords. But I'm a good archer though."

"I'm not all that great at archery." He admits.

"We can go shoot some arrows and I can help you if you'd like."

"Really? I wouldn't be stepping over any boundaries would I?"

"Not if you keep your hands to yourself."

"I'm not like the other two, I can handle it."

"Then lets start your training tomorrow."

"Are you sure you don't need to take it easy for a day? Your stab wounds still havn't healed that much."

"I'll be fine Oliver."

"If you say so Lady Kagome."

"Will you go tell Sen to bring you, Jonah and Zeus to your rooms?"


"Good. While you do that I'm going to go help Khan take the drunken Lords to their rooms and drag my intoxicated mate to bed."

"See you at breakfast then Lady Kagome." He leaves.

(In Sesshy's study.)

Kagome walks in, seeing Khan yelling at Sesshomaru. "You better hope Lady Kagome is forgiving cause if I was your mate I certainly wouldn't be!"

"Having trouble Khan?" He looks up at her.

"… I thought you were with Rin my Lady."

"She's been playing in her room with a couple of servants. I was outside training."

"Oh… then what are you doing here?"

"I heard that my mate was drunk."

"Really? They told you?"

"No. I overheard their telepathic conversation when they came to see me in the practice courts."

"You were evesdropping?"

"… yes."

"That's not very nice."

"Well I don't trust them."

"Still doesn't mean its ok."

"Yes Khan."

"Sorry my Lady, but its my job to be a pain."

"As long as you're nice about it I don't mind." She pauses. "I've come to take the Lords to their rooms."

"I will watch Sesshomaru."

"Can't you tie him to a chair?"

"I can. May I?"

"Please do."

"Yes my Lady, I will enjoy this." Khan runs off to get rope. The abandoned Sesshy slouches to the floor, his means of support no longer there. Kagome grabs hold of Lord Oikawa's arm, slinging it over her shoulders and she places her other arm around his waist to steady him.

"To the guest wing Lord Oikawa." She starts to pull/half drag him down the hallway. ½ an hour later she returns and 'picks up' another Lord. "Your turn Lord Alvin." Again, she comes back ½ an hour later. "Alright Lord Hiroto, time for lights out." They get halfway to Hiroto's guest room when he speaks.

"You are very kind to take the time to bring us to our rooms." His voice is husky and his coordination skills are still shot. "The other Ladys would just leave us in our studies."

"Well I'd prefer you all be comfortable when you wake up so your hangover isn't so bad."

"You are very considerate."

"I do the best I can."

"Why are you attending the Lords?" Zeus appears in the hallway in front of them. "If you are loyal to your mate you should be tending to him."

"Khan is attending to my mate."

"You are too friendly. A woman should be devoted to her mate only."

"Sesshomaru is my only love."

"Not for long." A voice whispers in her ear. She tenses as she feels a hand on the back of her neck. "Naraku would very much like to see you again."

"Let go of me Jonah."

"Drop the Lord and come with us real quiet like."

"The both of you have been hypnotized. This is not who you really are."

"Poor little miko, you don't know us at all. How would you know if this is us?"

"You're being controlled like puppets."

"Let go of the Lord if you wish to avoid bloodshed." Zeus warns.

(In Sesshy's study.)

"You're lucky Lady Kagome loves you so much or else you'd be dead by now! But she's choosing to wait until you are back to normal before she punishes you!"

-Kahn! Help!-

-What is it my Lady?-

No response.

-My Lady? Lady Kagome?-




"Oh shit!" Khan takes off running down the hallway to the guest wing. Blood marks decorate the walls and floor. He runs over to Lord Hiroto who is lying on the floor unconscious. "Lord Hiroto! WAKE UP!"

The Lord wakes to see a pissed off Khan glaring at him. "Khan?"

"What happened? Tell me!"

"Zeus and Jonah took Lady Kagome… she's absolutely beautiful when she fights…"

"Where the hell did they go?"

"Naraku…" The Lord becomes unconscious again.

"I should've been here damn it! WTF!"