Chapter 14 – Attacked

"That target is evil!"

"Patience Oliver."

"But I had patience for the last 3 hours Lady Kagome!"

"It's going to take you more then 3 hours to learn to hit the target dead on every time. You have to remain calm."

"You're not always calm when you shoot!"
"I'm a good archer! You still need more practice!"

"Those trees are in the way!"

"Those trees are 20 feet behind the targets!"

"They keep eating my arrows!"

"That's because you've shot them so many times that they're pin cushions! Now go fetch the last 15 arrows!"

"Fine I will!" The angry jaguar demon storms off into the woods.


"What is it Rin?"

"Here are the 4 arrows that were in the ground."

"Thank you Rin. You're such a big help." She ruffles Rin's hair.

"Ha ha! Thank you Okaa-san!"

"My Lady!" Sen comes jogging over.

"What can I do for you Sen?"

"Archery competition eh?"

"Would you like to join?"

"I would very much. When do we start?"

"In a few minutes. How many are going to come?"

"9 of the lads want to try their luck."

"As they wish. It makes no difference to me, bring them on."

"They've already lost and they haven't even started yet! Geez!"

"Sorry, I've been teaching a non-patient jaguar to shoot."

"Ah, that's why you're not that happy. I'll go warn them before we start." Sen walks off as Oliver emerges from the trees, arrows in hand.

"Let's go Oliver. The tournament is going to start soon and I'd like to see my mate before we start."

"Alright." They walk up to the fence where Sesshy and Hiroto are sitting, Rin following them with the arrows.

"Have fun Oliver?" Hiroto asks.

"Yes Lord Hiroto."

"Good. You should watch your temper, that target doesn't move."

"How long have you been out here?"

"Long enough."

"Oh man…" Oliver groans.

"Have a nice chat with Lord Hiroto?" Kagome asks. Sesshy.

"Yes…" said Sesshomaru.

"Lady Kagome we're going to start now!" Sen calls over to them.

"I'll let the lads go first."

"Yes my Lady! All right lads! Begin!" The 9 demons line up at the 3 targets.

(An hour + ½ later.)

"Alright, my turn." Kagome starts to walk over to the targets but Sesshy grabs hold of her kimono sleeve. "Hey!"

"And where do you think you're going?"

"To shoot, Sesshy. Is that a problem?"

"Yes. You can shoot from here."

"But Sesshy…"

"I've seen you shoot that far and not miss."

"You watch me shoot too much."

"Come stand in front of me."


"So you can't see."

"That's not fair though."

"It is fair, to the lads. Not being able to see is not a disadvantage for you and you know it. Now get over here."

"Ok… they got lucky you came outside. You owe me time."

"As you wish." She stands in front of him and he covers her eyes with his hands. She notches an arrow on her bow.

"Tell me the time."

"11" She shoots and gets another arrow ready. "12" Again, she shoots and gets another arrow ready. "1" She shoots her third arrow and Sesshy pulls his hands back from in front of her eyes. "I told you that you had no problem shooting blind from a distance." He points to her 3 arrows, each embedded in the center point of a target. The competitors all look up at her with awe.

"Looks like you're going to have fun training with Lady Kagome, Oliver."

"Why don't you join me then Lord Hiroto."

"I have to go back home or Lady Ikuko will send out a search party. I had a good time here Sesshomaru. Perhaps I will visit again sometime."

"I'll see you off Hiroto." The 2 Lords walk off. Everyone else has left.

"Start shooting Oliver."

"But I was shooting earlier Lady Kagome." He complains.

"No fussing. Shoot. I'm going to bring Rin inside."

"Yes Lady Kagome." He resigns and goes over to a target.

"I'll race you Okaa-san!" Rin takes off. Kagome runs after her laughing.

"Get away from my bitch! Wind scar!"

"Rin!" Kagome runs faster and shoves Rin out of the way, putting herself right in front of the attack. Her arms and the sleeves of her kimono become shredded and bloody, "INUYASHA! HOW DARE YOU TRY TO HARM MY PUP! SIT BOY!"

"You damn wench!" He backhands her, leaving bloody claw marks. "You no longer have the power to sit me! I broke that damn necklace a few years ago! And how dare you leave me! I never said you could!"

Rin starts to cry. "Okaa-san!"

"Shut up you! Iron reaver soul stealer!"

"No! Rin!" Kagome intercepts the attack, her back immediately drenched in dark blood from the deep slices.

"You stupid girl! Who said you could get in the way?"

"Okaa-san!" Rin continues to cry. "Okaa-san!"

"It's …ok. Rin… d-don't cry…" Kagome tries to comfort the little girl and stay conscious at the same time.

"Get away from my wench you stupid little human!" Inuyasha goes to attack again but is engulfed in a ring of blue flames. "What the?"

"Go… get your… father… Rin please…"

"Rin will run as fast as she can Okaa-san!"

"Good… girl…"

"Don't worry Okaa-san! Rin will be back! She promises!"

"Just… get your… father…" Rin takes off.

"How dare you call that human brat your pup!" Inuyasha easily breaks through the wall of flames around him. He picks Kagome up off the ground by the neck.

"I am... no… longer… yours."

"You ARE mine! I never said you could leave!" He backhands her again, adding to the marks already there and causing blood to come out of her mouth. "I will teach you a lesson for leaving me-"

"No, you will not!" Sesshomaru grabs hold of him, making him drop Kagome, and pins him to a tree. "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY MATE EVER AGAIN! IF I EVER SEE YOU HARM MY KAGOME EVER AGAIN I'LL PERSONALLY TARE YOU APART! KHAN!"

"Yes Sesshomaru? What is it? What's wrong? Why do I smell blood?" The wolf demon comes running outside.

Sesshy points at Kagome bleeding on the ground and then at Inuyasha. "Finish him, NOW!" He drops Inuyasha and runs over to a whimpering Kagome. "Kagome…"

"… Is Rin… ok?"

"Stop thinking about your kit for a few minutes and look at your own condition."

"Is… she… or not…?"

He sighs. "She's fine, my highly protective mate. Now let's get you inside." She whimpers in pain as he tries to gently pick her up. He then carries her inside.


"She's not your Lady! She's my wench!"

Khan decks him. "You are foolish to say such things in front of me." He states coldly, malice dripping off his words like acidic poison. He smiles evilly. "So very foolish…"