Ch. 30 – Is this the end or a new beginning?

"…" Kagome reaches a little bit farther, almost touching Loki's outstretched hand.

"Don't do it!" Khan calls out to her again as he nears them. "Don't do it Sis! You can't! Don't listen to her Kagome! She's an evil bitch!"

"You don't really believe that nonsense do you? You've known me for 3 years. We're friends. You and I used to have a wonderful time in the gardens. Remember?"

Images flash before Kagome in her mind of the two laughing together under a sakura tree in one of the gardens. Her fingertips lightly brush Loki's.

"What the? You never spent anytime together you lying –" Khan then realizes what's going on. "You're putting fake memories into her head! I'll cut off your head for this!" He threatens. He stops a few feet away from them. "Kagome, those are just images, they're not real. Whatever you're seeing, those didn't happen." He reaches a hand out toward her. "You've got to listen to me. You're being controlled by Naraku. You've got to fight him. C'mon, I know you can beat him. You've just gotta believe in yourself."

Kagome stops and looks at Khan, no sign of emotion on her face. "…Khan…"

"I will not allow this." Loki grabs onto Kagome's hand, Kagome screams as she is hit with a magnitude of dark energy.

"Oh no you don't!" Khan charges at Loki but is thrown back into the trees by a huge gust of wind. "Wahh!"

The wind swirls around them, full of dark energy. Kagome continues to scream as Loki grips her hand. Kagome's blue coloring turns a dark purple as the energy around them dissipates and the wind dies down. Kagome just stands there, Loki smirks as she looks her over. "Let's leave before that killer comes back." Kagome shifts into her wolf form. Loki jumps up, onto her back. "Let's go home." Kagome takes off. Leaving Khan behind them somewhere in the trees and dust.

"Well that certainly wasn't good." Khan untangles himself from quite a lot of vines. "Now I will definitely have to rip off Loki's head for this, that just wasn't a very nice thing for her to do." He brushes all the dust off. "Now they'll get to Naraku's faster and without stopping." He sighs. "More running, just what I wanted to spend my entire day on." He shifts to wolf form and chases after them.

(That afternoon)

"Ooooo! Nice castle!" Khan observes the evil dark purple castle of doom in front of him. "Wonder if the choice of decoration was genetic." He remarks sarcastically. He notices Kagome and Loki running through the front door and a giant metal gate falling down behind them followed by big iron doors. "Well now I'll just have take that down since they so rudely shut it on me. I guess they forgot that it's not very nice to shut the doors on a guest. I'll just have to remind them. It's a shame that he forgot to put the barrier back up from taking it down for those two to pass through. One less thing for me to smash I guess." He charges at the choice of a front door, gathering speed. He glows with his demonic energy and rams right into the gate, going right through it and putting a rather large dent in the iron doors. Unable to support themselves anymore, the doors cave in and crash to the ground. "Wow, the world looks kinda dizzy…" Khan collapses into his human form, he slowly makes his way to a niche in the wall and falls to the floor unconscious.

(Inside the castle)

"I have brought you your queen, my Lord." Loki jumps off of Kagome and bows to the man sitting on the thrown chair in front of her. Kagome switches back to her human form and just stands there, gazing into space. "I'm afraid we had a little trouble along the way, but she decided to come join you."

"I see. Nice work my daughter."

"It is nice to know that I am worthy of being adopted by one so powerful as you my Lord. I only hope that I do not disappoint you."

"You could never disappoint me, Loki. You've successfully brought me back my runaway mate." He gestures to Kagome. "Come to me, my beautiful queen of darkness."

Kagome walks over to him and stands in front of him.

"I'm so happy that you've finally given up running away from me. You came back, just like I told you that you would. Don't you feel foolish for leaving only to return to your true home?"

She stares at the floor. "… I am sorry that I displeased you."

"It does please me to see you again, my lovely captive." He smiles evilly. "I'm sure we can come to some sort of agreement to pardon you of your bad choice of actions."

"I would be happy to come to an agreement with you on whatever you wish of me."

"Good. Please, sit down." He pats his lap. Kagome steps closer and he pulls her onto his lap. She doesn't make any move and just stays there, his arm around her waist. "Good girl." He kisses her on the cheek and she still doesn't move. "Very good girl. Now." He turns his attention to Loki. "I do believe you brought a visitor with you."

"Khan, he tracked us."

"And smashed through my front door."

"He did? That's foolish. There's a metal gate and two iron doors."

"Which he took down both, head first."

"He must have a hard head."

"And as a consequence to his actions he's passed out somewhere within range of the front door. You're task, Loki, while I tend to my love is to find him and bring him to me. I want to use him as an experiment for our new resident."

"As you order it, so shall it be." She bows and exits the room.

"Now my dear." Naraku stands up, picking her up off his lap and holding her. "Let's get you a better outfit. You look much better in dark colors then in light colors." He carries her out of the room and into another. "This is our room. I hope you like it. I will be back to see you soon." He sits her down on the bed. "I have to check on something." He leaves.

Kagome gets up and finds the closet. She grabs a black kimono with dark purple designs and changes her outfit. Then she walks over to the bed, sits there and stares off into space. Different images race through her mind and she tries to sort them out.

(In the dungeon)

Naraku gracefully strides down different staircases until he finds the cell he desires. He looks at the captive inside through the bars on the cell door. "I see you haven't moved. Still tired are we from yesterdays fun-time?"

"Only a sick freak… like you… would call that fun-time."

"A little bloodshed doesn't kill anyone."

"Unless it's life blood."

"You didn't die yet did you Sesshomaru? No."

"I won't die until you go first."

"You mean until I get my little miko back first? I've already got her, so you can just give up and die now."

"YOU WHAT!" Sesshomaru is immediately trying to tare Naraku's face off through the bars with his acidic talons.

"We still have some strength now do we?" Naraku looks extremely amused. "I'll just have to fix that now won't I?"

"Where is she you bastard!?!"

"There's no need to be so rude. She's upstairs… in my room." He smirks.

"Don't you DARE touch her you filthy son of a –"

"Now now. No need to get so worked up. After all, she's not yours anymore."

"What did you do to her!?! Tell me you asshole!"

"You shouldn't worry so much. I only made her better then you ever could."

"You sadistic bastard! Let Kagome go!"

"And what are you going to do about it? Huh? You're already my prisoner. It is only a matter of time before you die. And when it is time for you to see your last few minutes in this world, I'll personally make sure that she watches you as the light slowly leaves your eyes and you remain dead forever."

"I will not die! You cannot kill me!"

"Not completely since I like the thrill of torture, but she can."

"Kagome won't kill me. I love her."

"So? I love her too. But I had to bide my time and persuade her to come to me."

"She hates you. She loves me."

"Not anymore she doesn't. She belongs to me." Naraku walks away, laughing evilly.

(Somewhere near the front door.)

"…Ow…." Khan slowly picks himself up off the ground and looks around. "Good thing I have a hard head… that could've killed me. I wasn't really sure if that would work or not, but I'm glad it did."

"How very considerate of you to do that without any guarantee of surviving. Too bad it didn't kill you though." Loki appears in front of him.

"What do you want bitch? Where's my sister?"

"Kagome is with my Lord right now. You will have to wait your turn to see him."

"Let my Sister go right now and I promise to only rip off your head."

"My Lord has requested your presence. Follow me." She starts walking down the hallway. Khan just stands there looking confused. Loki stops walking and turns around to face him when she notices that he's not following her. "Well?"

"What, no fight?"

"Does that disappoint you?"

"Well, yes. It does. Since when is there no fight?"

"Since my Lord has a better use for you then to die at my hands." She turns back around and starts walking again. "I suggest you start moving forward or we'll be late."

"Late for what?"

"Late to see my Lord and his queen."

"Kagome!" Khan is immediately beside her. He shoves Loki into the wall and holds her there by her throat. "Where is she?"

"I already told you. She is with my Lord. You will get to see our queen soon enough." She swipes at Khan, making him put her down and stand back. "Now, if you would just behave and follow me, we'd get there faster." She once again, starts walking down the hall. Khan just follows her this time, not knowing where they're headed.

(Naraku's room)

"Ah, I see you found yourself a new outfit." Naraku walks into the room to see Kagome sitting on the bed. When she doesn't respond he walks closer to her. "Still confused my dear?" He gently touches her cheek with a hand and she snaps back to reality.

"I am sorry my Lord. I did not here you come in. I was just remembering a few things."

"That's quite alright. Good memories I hope."

"I'm not quite sure. They appear to be from this place. But they are still fuzzy. Where are we again? I forgot."

"This is my castle. And you're in our room."

"…Our… room…?"

"Don't tell me that you've completely forgotten me, my queen. I don't know what those evil demons did to you, but apparently they took away your memory."

"… Queen?"

"Yes. I am the Lord and you are my mate, you are my queen."

"I'm sorry my Lord, I'm so confused." She holds her head in her hands.

"Shh…. It's ok." He sits next to her, pulls her into his lap and holds her close. "You will remember everything soon. There is no need to doubt your memories." He picks up her head with a hand on her chin. "Let me help you remember." He kisses her on the lips. He holds her in his embrace and doesn't let her go for several seconds.

Within those seconds Kagome's old memories are automatically washed away and the new images that had been forming come to the surface.

"Do you remember everything now?" Naraku smiles.

"I'm sorry I ever forgot you." Kagome hugs him, not letting go.

"As long as you remember who you are now, my queen, that is all that matters. But you must allow me to get rid of that mark."

"Huh?" She looks up at him, a little confused.

"This mark." He points to Sesshomaru's bite mark. "You are my mate, not this kidnapper's. May I get rid of it for you?"

"How do you get rid of a mark like that though?"

"Like this." Kagome inhales a sharp intake of breath as Naraku bites her over Sesshomaru's bite mark. She falls against his chest, a little exhausted from shock. "You will be fine in a few minutes." Naraku reassures her. "It had to be done." He gets up, still holding her in his arms. "Now it's time we went back into the thrown room. We have a visitor on his way to see us."

He carries her into the other room and sits down in his thrown chair, Kagome still in his lap. He whispers something her ear, making her laugh. Loki and Khan walk into the room in time to witness the conflict. Khan is immediately not very happy.

"Let my Sister go you bastard!" Khan charges at Naraku.

"So nice of you to join us." A barrier immediately appears around the half of the room the thrown chair is on. Khan smashes into it but is unable to break through. He gets up off the floor and stands there, glaring at Naraku. "It's rude to attack a Lord without talking to him first. I don't think you would've been very happy if your attack missed and hit my queen instead of me."

"Don't you DARE call her that! She is Sesshomaru's mate!"

"Are you sure?" He smiles evilly as he kissed her new bite mark.

Khan's eyes go wide as he realizes that Kagome's scent had a slight difference now. He then returns to staring coldly at Naraku, his eyes flicker yellow for a second.

"Kagome is my queen, not your captive."

"You're friend's eyes change color." Kagome finally speaks.

"Kagome, this is a demon who works for your kidnapper. He's the 'right hand man' of that evil creature who tried to take you from me."

"Oh." Kagome glares at Khan. "Then why isn't he dead yet my Lord?"

"I was hoping you'd say goodbye to him first."

"I guess I could." Kagome stands up and holds hand up at Khan.

"Kagome… don't you remember who I am? I'm your brother!" Khan looks at her.

"How could an evil creature such as you be my brother? You took me away from my home and separated me from my Lord. I denounce you. Goodbye." Dark purple flames shoot out of her fingertips and engulf Khan.

Naraku waves at Loki, who steps on a button on the floor and a screaming Khan falls through a hole in the floor. "Very nice my queen. You made a good decision. If you had continued to let him talk to you then he would've tried to fill your head with images that aren't real."

Kagome just stands there, staring at the space on the floor where Khan had once stood.

"What's wrong my queen?" Naraku get up and walks over to her.

"… It's nothing my Lord." –Somehow he seems familiar.-

"Do not worry about him. You will never see him ever again." As soon as he wraps his arm around her waist and holds onto her, Kagome's thoughts vanish.

(In the dungeon)

Khan lands on a hard floor with a rather loud thud. "Aaa!" He yells as he rolls around on the floor, still on fire.

"Here… let me help." Someone walks over to him and helps him put out all of the flames. "How did you get put down here?"

"It's a long story." Khan speaks to the shadowed figure who helped him out, seeing as the only light comes from a small window.

"So is mine but we'll be here for a long time. Enlighten me."

"Well, my name is Khan and to make a long story short, Naraku possessed my Sister, Lady Kagome, and I came to get her back and try to find Lord Sesshomaru but her memories have been taken away and she set me on fire. So Naraku had me dropped down here so that he can torture me later. Does any of this make sense to you?"

"He… possessed… her?"

"And he's bitten her. She now bears his mark instead of Lord Sesshomaru's. Who are you by the way? You never told me your name."

The figure suddenly darts at the door in an effort to break it down but is thrown back and shocked by sparks of evil energy. The figure lands in the small space of light from the window to reveal a demon covered in dirt and blood. "One of these times that door will be taken down." He growls.

Khan walks over to look at his face. "Sesshomaru?"

"I most certainly do not look like myself do I?"

"Well at least now I've found you."

"But how long will we be kept alive now that he has Kagome is the question that needs answering. He's taken all of her memories?"

"And replaced them with fake ones."

"She is really gone then if he's bitten her already. There is no hope left."

Khan whacks him. "How can you say that Sesshomaru! I ran all the way here to find you and you've already conformed to his ways! I thought you would last longer then this!"

"I've gotten this far, but there is not much left to look for. It is over."

"Naraku has not won yet! He may have captured us and taken Kagome's memories but he has only won this particular battle! He has not won the war! She remembered me. When she saw me and was told to say goodbye. She didn't set me on fire right away. She talked to me first. I saw it in her eyes, she does remember. But he's buried everything so that she's still confused. He is putting new memories into her head that aren't real and it's taking a toll. She is becoming more like his real mate every time he touches her. She's not completely his yet! We will get out of here and we will get Kagome back! You can't just give up because he's taken the one thing you treasure most from you! You have to fight for it and take it back! You've gotta kick his ass! Or I will!"

"She's gone, Khan. There is nothing left to fight for anymore."

"What about Rin and Lindsay-chan!? What about them!?"

"I don't spend a lot of time with them, they won't notice."

"You're so friggan stupid!" Khan whacks him a second time. "If you give up now and let Naraku keep Kagome then you never deserved her!!!" Khan walks over to the opposite side of the cell and makes himself comfortable on the floor.

(That night)


Khan wakes up to find someone looking at him through the bars on the cell door holding a candle in their hand. "Who are you and what do you want? Don't you know the consequences of waking me up?"

"I'm sorry, I don't. Could you please come here." A feminine voice reaches his ears.

He is immediately in front of her; she takes a few steps back from the door. "Did my speed scare you … Kagome?"

"I see you're quick on your feet. What is your name again, please tell me."

"Khan. Do you remember me at all?"

"Where are you from?"

"The Western Lands."

"Who do you serve?"

"Lord Sesshomaru and Lady Kagome."

"Do you have family?"

"I have my Sister, Kagome, and my adopted sister Ayame. I have two adoptive nieces named Rin and Lindsay-chan. So that makes Sesshomaru my brother-in-law."

"Let me see your hand."

"…?" Khan puts his hand through the bars and she grips it gently with a glowing hand.

"You are not lying."

"Why would I lie to you? You're my Sister."

"…" Kagome sits on the stairs holding her head.

"What's wrong Kagome?"

"I'm not sure… I'm so confused."

"What has he told you?"

At this Kagome gets up and starts to climb the stairs. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have bothered you. My Lord will be very upset if he finds out I was down here."


"I should be leaving." She climbs farther up the stairs.

"I answered all of your questions, allow me to ask you one. Please."

"… Very well." She goes back over to the door. "You get one question, choose it wisely for I doubt you will last much longer then this one night."

"You were thinking something before you set me aflame. What was it?"

"… There is no alternative question?"

"That is the most important question to me."

"… Is this really necessary?"

"Yes. I answered all of your questions and let you test me for any lies. Now you must in turn answer the one question I have chosen to give you."

She sighs and looks at the floor, hiding her eyes from him. "I thought… you seemed familiar to me somehow." Before he is able to blink again, she has disappeared out of site. Leaving Khan staring into the darkness of the dungeon.

"… I was right…" Khan goes back to his corner. A few minutes later, unable to sleep, he starts to sing to himself. (I'll have you know that I don't own this song: Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance.)

When I was a young boy my father

Took me into the city

To see a marching band

He said 'Son when you grow up,

Would you be, the savior of the broken?

The beaten and the damned?'

He said 'Will you, defeat them,

Your demons, and all the non-believers,

The plans that they have made?

Because one day I'll leave you

A phantom to lead you in the summer

To join the Black Parade.'

Sesshomaru wakes up to hear Khan singing. He decides to stay where he is and just listen. Something inside him starts to stir Khan continues to sing.







Sometimes I get the feeling

She's watching over me

And other times I feel like I should go

When through it all; the rise and fall,

The bodies in the streets

And when you come we watch you want to know

We'll carry on

We'll carry on

And though you're singing, god believe me

Your memory will carry on

You'll carry on

And in my heart I can't contain it

The end of world is waiting

Your romances you reel in from decimated dreams

Your misery and hate will kill us all!

So paint it black and take it back

And let's shout aloud at prayer!

Defy unto the end we hear the call!

So carry on

We'll carry on

And though you're singing, god believe me

Your memory will carry on

And carry on

And though you're broken and defeated

Your weary widow marches

On and on we carry through the fears

Disappointed faces of your peers

Take a look at me

Cause I could not care at all

Do or die

You'll never make me

Because I won't

You'll never take my heart

And though they try

They'll never break me

They want it all

They wanna break this heart

I won't explain

Or say I'm sorry

I'm not ashamed

I'm gonna show my scar

Give the chair

Now while I'm broken

Listen here!

And listen to me!

I'm just a man,

I'm not a hero

Just a boy

Now let him sing this song

I'm just a man

I'm not a hero

I don't care

We'll carry on

We'll carry on

And though you're singing, god believe me

Your memory will carry on

You'll carry on

And though you're broken and defeated

Your weary widow marches on!

Do or die

You'll never make me

Because I won't

You'll never take my heart

And though they try

They'll never break me

They want it all

They wanna break this heart

Do or die

You'll never make me

Because I won't

You'll never take my heart

And though they try

They'll never break me

They want it all They wanna break this heart

Khan stops singing and looks over at Sesshomaru. "I know you're not sleeping."

"I was only listening. You actually weren't howling this time."

"Howling is just for fun, and because it annoys everyone."

"You're a better singer then a howler."

"Like I said, it's just to harass others."

"Well I'm going back to sleep."

"Good." Sesshomaru dozes off. "I wonder how long Naraku will keep us in here?" Khan falls asleep vaguely thinking of breaking down the cell door.

(The next day)

(In the dungeon)

"Rise and shine tortured souls." Naraku calls to them. "It's time for the fun to begin."

"What a nice way to wake someone up. I was actually having a good dream."

"Was it your freedom Khan? That only happens when you're dead."

"No, it was me kicking your ass."

"Well this is reality where I get to horrify you."

"Really? I thought your face by itself was scary enough. If you let me make a mask out of it I'm sure it'll scare the witless into behaving."

"I do hate the kind of people like you. They never shut up."

"Oh cry me a river! You want to hear the saddest song in the world? Here, let me sing it for you." Khan starts howling a lot of different notes.

"You are very annoying. And since you're new I'll give you the privilege of going first for today's fun-time." Naraku opens the door and a net made of dark matter wraps itself around Khan. He's dragged out of the room and Naraku slams the door shut. "Don't worry Sesshomaru, I'll be back for you soon." He laughs evilly as he descends the staircase to further below ground, dragging Khan behind him.

(2 hours later)

Naraku comes back and chucks a rather bloody and beaten Khan back into the cell. "Alright Sesshomaru, let's go." Naraku's net whips out and catches hold of Sesshomaru. "Don't get too lonely while your friend is gone." He starts to descend the stairs once more, but turns back to look at Khan. "You have any words left now?" A few minutes pass by. "I didn't think so." He turns away again.

Khan starts to laugh, making Naraku glare at him. "... You really think that you can win?..." He chuckles. "... You suck at this game Naraku..." Khan passes out.

Naraku frowns and continues his trek downstairs with Sesshomaru in tow.

(About ½ an hour later)


"Wah?" Khan starts to regain consciousness.

"… Khan?"

Khan looks over to the door to find Kagome looking back at him. "What are you doing back here? You ran off on me last time."

"… I don't know. Something told me to come."

"It was your real memories. They're trying to gain back they're rightful place."

"Please, don't talk about that. I don't want to have to run from you again."

"Very well. We'll talk about something else then." He slowly gets up and goes over to the door. "So, what do you want to talk about?"

She gasps as she sees his appearance. "You're hurt!"

"It's just a few minor flesh wounds, it's no big deal." He then proceeds to start coughing up blood. "See? I'm getting better already."

"Give me your hand."

"Why? Do you want to test me for lies again?"

"No, just give me your hand."

"Fine, have it." Khan lets her grab onto the hand that has the least amount of blood on it. Blue light glows around his hand and he feels a little light-headed. After a few minutes she lets go and he doesn't feel dizzy any more. He looks at her confused. "Why did you just heal me?"

"… I don't know…"

"I believe you know the exact reason."

"… I wanted to."

"You knew what Naraku was going to do to me, didn't you?"

"… Yes…"

"And you healed me because…."


"Won't you finish the sentence for me, please?"

"… I know you… somehow… but I don't know how."

"I told you before, I'm your brother."

"But my Lord says that I have no family besides him and my advisor."

"You know that isn't true."

"… How do I know that you're not lying?"

"You tested me on this last night. And you watched my reactions to your visit afterwards. I know that my cell mate wasn't the only one listening to me."

"… You were singing… and I just wanted to listen… You sound so familiar… I thought I could place it somewhere if I listened to your voice for a little while longer… I'm sorry that I disturbed you at all." She turns to leave.

Khan catches hold of her hand before it is too far away from the bars. "You felt something while I was singing. What was it?"


"It was my song. I deserve to know what you felt from it."

"… I wasn't confused."

"That doesn't answer my question."


"You remembered something, didn't you?" Khan asks gently.

"… I know I've seen you before… I've heard you sing before." Her eyes flash brown before returning to their now black color.

"Do you remember when or where?"

"A long time ago… like, a distant past…" She shakes her head. "I'm sorry, I'm being foolish." She turns to leave again.

"Will you come visit me again tonight?"

"I shouldn't even be here now. My Lord will be very upset if I'm caught."

"Who cares what he thinks. If you knew that your actions would displease him, then why did you come back to see me today?"

"… I don't know…"

"Yes, you do."

"… I'm so confused…"

"You've used that line too many times already. You cannot use that excuse anymore."

"I just wanted to talk to you."

"Why? Can you answer that question?"

"… At the time being I can't. I –"

"Kagome, my queen." Naraku appears behind her having come up the stairs too quietly for them to notice since they were busy talking. "What are you doing down here?"

"… I was looking for you."

"I said I'd be back. Did you get tired of waiting for me? I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you." He pulls her over with his free hand and kisses her on the lips, right in front of Khan.

This angers Khan and his eyes turn yellow as he tries to restrain himself. Sesshomaru, on the other hand, who is covered in even more blood then before, decides that now is a very good time to do something. He shreds the net, his anger fueling his emotions. He slashes at Naraku's head with acidic poison. Naraku's head appears to be cut in half but in the next second he regenerates. Kagome looks horrified as she backs away from Naraku.

"What's wrong, my queen? You're not afraid of me are you?" He taunts.

"He cut your head in half… and you look like nothing happened… But I saw it… I saw him slash you…" Her legs give way out of shock and she falls over.

Naraku catches her before she hits the stairs. "LOKI!" He calls out, Loki is standing in front of them a moment later.

"You called me, my Lord?"

"Take my queen to our room. She is not feeling well so stay with her. I have to attend to something." He hands Kagome to her, turns around, grabs Sesshomaru by the neck and slams him against the wall. "You are terrorizing my queen and are in my way." He grows sharp, knife-like talons on his other hand and raises it near Sesshomaru's head. "Perhaps I should just kill you right now." He goes to behead Sesshomaru.

"NO!" All 3 males look over to find Kagome being restrained by Loki, with tears in her eyes.

"What is wrong my queen?" Naraku retracts his hand and shrinks it back to normal. He reaches over to her and holds her face in his hand. "You should not shed such tears for these unworthy creatures."

"Please…" Her tears start to fall to the floor. "Please do not kill him."

Naraku frowns at this. "But he scared you. He must die."

"I don't think he meant to scare me, my Lord. I think… he was just trying to get your attention. He just happened to scare me in the process."

"It doesn't matter. He still must die." He releases her and goes to strike Sesshomaru but he finds Kagome attached to his arm. "Kagome…"

"Please…" She cries.

"What are you doing!? Unhand me and return to your advisor right now."

"I… I WON'T!" She grips onto his arm tighter.

"Loki get her off me and back to our room this instant!"

"Yes my Lord." Loki tries to pry Kagome off Naraku. Khan grabs her through the bars and rips her head off. "Sorry to disappoint you, again, Khan." She regenerates. "But my Lord was kind enough to upgrade my abilities." She punches him and he flies into the wall on the opposite side of the cell.

"You leave my Brother alone!" Kagome puts a hand out, being sure to keep her hold on Naraku with the other. A huge amount of purification energy is shot at Loki. The castle shakes a little as Loki gives a blood-curdling scream as she is purified from the inside out. Her body starts to shrivel and then it suddenly bursts into ashes and then crumbles to a pile of dust on the floor.

Naraku stares at Kagome. "That was… absolutely beautiful." Kagome collapses, being held up by Naraku's arm. He throws Sesshomaru back into the cell and shuts the door. He picks Kagome up and holds her close in his arms. "You got lucky today, Sesshomaru. Next time you will not be so lucky. Don't expect anything hopeful ever again." He leaves with Kagome.

"Too bad he didn't listen to me before when I told him it wasn't over yet." Khan gets up and walks over to Sesshomaru. "Are you alright? He didn't make you bleed too much did he?"

"I'm fine… I just couldn't watch him do that."

"Are we going to fight back now?" Khan asks, starting to get impatient.

"Hell yes we are!" Sesshomaru growls.

"FINALLY!" Khan immediately looks eager for battle. "It's about time! I was getting bored!"

"I see you haven't changed in my absence." Sesshomaru laughs.

"Of course not! Someone had to still be here to get you back on your feet. Might as well be me cause Kagome almost killed herself when she thought you were dead."

"I really should spend more time with her…"

"Ya, that's right, you should. Then we wouldn't be in this mess."

"You just have to make the situation all that much better don't you?"

"I wouldn't be me if I didn't add a little bit of humor to the situation at hand."

"But this is no laughing matter."

"You have to laugh! Our situation seems so hopeless and because it's you who is stuck here with me, it's funny. Besides, it annoys Naraku."

"Good point."

"And just so you know ahead of time, I call the sake in the basement when we get back home. If you forget it's not my fault cause I warned you ahead of time."

"You really should watch your intake."

"I reached 30 last time and I still didn't pass out!"

"By shear luck."

"You thought it was funny."

"Yes, that's it. I found it so amusing that I handed you over to Kagome and left."

(That night)

(Naraku's room)

"Why were you really in the dungeon my queen?" Naraku asks Kagome as she starts to regain consciousness. He sits against the backboard of the bed, holding Kagome in his lap. "There was no reason for you to be down there."

"… I was looking for you."

"You're lying."

"Why would I lie to you, my Lord?"

"Maybe because you're afraid that I'll hurt you."

"But you said before that you wouldn't… would you?"

"As long as you love me, my queen, then I will never hurt you. But if you disobey me I will have to come up with a punishment for you."

"Will you take my blood like you do the captives downstairs?"

"No. You are too important to me. Your punishment would be the opposite of what theirs is. And you owe me for not killing the captive that scared you."

"What is the punishment that I must complete for you, my Lord?"

"You must kill the other one."

"… What?" She looks up at him shocked.

"You heard me. You must kill the other captive that is in the dungeons."

"… Kill him?!" –Khan…-

"Yes, my queen. Your task is to kill him. And if you disobey me you will be very sorry that you ever thought to do so." He runs a hand through her hair. "Do you understand?"


"Well?" He kisses her. "Do you understand what you must do for me, my queen?"

Her eyes glaze over with a purple tint. "…Yes…"

"Good. Now go to sleep. You will complete your task tomorrow."

"… Yes… my Lord…" She immediately falls asleep.

"We'll see how Khan intends to fight when you are his opponent. If he wants to come out alive, his only choice is to kill you. And that; he won't do. I've got him trapped for good this time. There is no escape for him. He will die."

(The next morning)

Khan growls at whoever just nudged him. But apparently the person doesn't know that a growling Khan means get lost. Khan opens his eyes to find Naraku as the one who's been kicking him in the side. "What the hell do you want you bastard!? Did you finally realize that you can't beat me?"

"It's time to meet your end. I'd prefer you be awake for it so I can see your face as the pain slowly kills you and you scream out in agony. I want to be able to see the light leave your eyes as you die at the hands of the one who is going to kill you."

"Pft. Like that is going to happen. You can't kill me."

"I could, but then where would the fun be in that? Now get up."

"Make me."

"If you follow me to the next room with good behavior you can see Sesshomaru while he's still alive." Naraku taunts. "Unless you want him to die without you there."

Khan just notices that Sesshomaru is missing from the cell. "Where did you take him? Tell me right now or I'll –"

"You'll what? Since you haven't noticed, I'll give you a real good hint. You're in chains and therefore in no position to be threatening me."

"I can threaten you all the hell I want! Where's my Sister!?"

"You'll see my queen soon enough. She's waiting for you to go see her in the other room with Sesshomaru. Let's not keep her waiting anymore, I do hate to leave her for an extended period of time if it is unnecessary." He drags Khan behind him out the door and down the hallway. They come to a pair of large doors; Naraku opens them to a room that looks like a fighting arena. "I hope it doesn't bother you too much, but I'd prefer to stay inside today." He shoves Khan into what appears to be a giant birdcage.

"Where's Sesshomaru?"

"He's right there." Naraku points to another giant birdcage in the arena stands. "He's going to watch your hopeless death and then I'm going to kill him right in front of Kagome. Don't you think that sounds lovely?"

"She will fight you."

"Oh, on the contrary. She will be fighting you." He points to his thrown chair, Kagome sleeping in it. "She'll be ready once I wake her up. She had a very nice night."

"If you touched her with you're foul fingers I swear I'll cut every single one off one by one so that you can feel the bone-cracking as I rip them off your hands."

"What a nice sense of humor you have." Naraku laughs as he starts to walk away from Khan's 'cage'. "It'll be more fun when I watch her kill you."

"I wasn't joking that time. I will rip your fingers off."

"Why don't you take this moment to enjoy your last few minutes alive."

"I've already enjoyed my life. I'm ready for death at any point. Just not from you."

"Oh but it will be coming from her." He gestures towards Kagome. "I do hope you give a good fight. I haven't seen one in a long time. The demons here are no longer fun to watch as they tare each other to pieces for my entertainment."

"You're a sick bastard."

"Do try to amuse me in this fight. Or I will have to substitute you with Sesshomaru and I've already battered him down a few pegs." Naraku goes over to Kagome. He nudges her gently. "Kagome, my queen, its time."

"… Let me sleep just a few more minutes?"

"Its time for you to take care of our unwanted captive."

"… But I'm comfy."

"You can go back to sleep after. And I'll let you go back to our room to do so."

"… You promise?"

"I promise you, my queen. You can go back to bed after you finish him off."

"… Fine." She sighs and gets up.

Naraku embraces her and kisses her. "Try not to have too much fun my queen." He sits down in his chair and Kagome walks to the center of the area still looking sleepy.

"Alright. I'm ready to waste the unfortunate so I can go back to sleep. Any time now would be great." The birdcage around Khan slits in half and is lowered under the floor.

"Well that's handy." Khan watches the two halves appear to be eaten up by the floor.

"Prepare yourself demon, I want my sleep." Kagome gets into a fighting stance.

"You've gotta be kidding me. He wasn't joking when he said you were supposed to kill me. Are you sure we can't just come to a verbal agreement? I really rather not fight with you. Don't you remember anything from yesterday?"

"You are in my way. I will kill you."

"… Not exactly the choice words I wanted to hear this morning." He sits down on the floor. "Ok, kill me."

"What?" She looks at him unbelievingly. "You're not going to fight?"

"Nope. I'm just gonna sit here and look pretty."

"… Look… pretty…?"

"Yes. It's one of my many talents. Don't you agree?"


"Well? What's your answer?"

"I have no answer for you." She steps a few steps backwards. "There is no comment that I wish to make."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm quite sure."

"Really? Ok. Are you going to kill me now? Or should I prove to you that I am indeed pretty?"

"No, that's ok… I'll pass on that."

"Why?" He grins. "Afraid I'll take control of your hormones?"

"…" She turns to Naraku. "Can't you kill him?"

"What's the matter, my queen? Just kill him, I don't see why it's taking you so long."

"… I don't want to kill him." Naraku frowns at this.

"Don't… want… to kill him? Am I hearing you correctly?"

"… Yes… my Lord." She looks at the floor. "You're not… mad at me… are you?"

"Kagome…" Naraku gets up and goes over to her. "You know that you are disobeying me, correct?" He makes her look at him. "Well?"


"You either kill this one or the other one, it's either the one you were talking to down in the dungeon or the one you saved from dying on the stairs by my hands last night."


"Do you understand me?"


He pulls her closer to him and looks directly into her eyes. "Do you understand me?"

"... Yes…"

"Good." He releases her and turns to go back to his chair.

"… But I do not wish to do so." She states firmly. She is immediately knocked over onto the floor. She stares up at him and raises a hand to her face to find bloody claw marks on her cheek. "You… hit me…"

"You disobeyed me. How DARE you disobey me, I said KILL him." He grabs hold of her arm, picks her up off the floor and shoves her in Khan's direction.

Khan is immediately attacking Naraku but is pushed back by a barrier. "You chicken! Only a coward hides behind a barrier! If you were a real Lord you'd fight like a man!"

"I am a demon."

"It's the same difference you weakling!" Khan wails on the barrier.

"…S…Stop… Stop it…. Stop it!" Kagome shouts at the two of them, but her words fall on deaf ears. They ignore her and continue to snap at each other, Khan never ceases his brutal attacks on the barrier around Naraku and Naraku just keeps taunting him. "I said STOP IT!" Kagome reaches a hand out in their direction and shoots a purification blast towards the two bickering demons.

"Wah!" Khan jumps back just in time in time to avoid being hit but the edges of his hair still get singed. "Aw, man. I'm gonna have to fix that when we get home."

Naraku, on the other hand, didn't see it coming because Khan was blocking his view. His barrier is instantly shattered by the pressure of the purification energy and he's knocked into the far wall. Unfortunately he steps out of the remains of the wall still alive. But he did get hit with quite a bit of damage. His face is half singed and he has a few major burns.

"That didn't kill you!?!" Khan exclaims. "What a rip off!" He sharpens his sharp talons on his shirt. "Oh well, I guess it was too much to hope for. So I'll just finish you off myself." He smirks. "I guess I'm just gonna have to kick your ass now." He charges at Naraku and swipes at him with his sharp claws.

Naraku throws him to the other side of the room and picks Kagome up by the neck, her feet dangling a foot off the ground. "You… tried to purify me."

"… I…. I didn't know…"

"You knew exactly what you were shooting at. Don't lie to me." Hi tightens his hold on her neck.

"… You… lied to me… first…" She grips onto his hand to stop him from choking her. "I know the images in my head aren't real. You brainwashed me and put fake memories in my head." Her eyes flash brown. "I know you did."

"How DARE you defy me!" He slams her against the wall. He pulls out a sword and attaches her to the wall with it, stabbing right through her between her shoulder and collarbone. He makes sure that she is unable to reach the floor. He releases his hold on her neck and backhands her really hard. He steps away from her as a trickle of blood falls from her mouth and she appears to be unconscious. "Now." He turns to Khan who is currently brushing dust off his clothing from hitting the wall opposite them. "To take care of you and then finish off Sesshomaru."

"Huh? Did you say something? Could you repeat that, I'm afraid I didn't hear you." He then notices Kagome hanging on the wall behind Naraku and his eyes immediately turn yellow. Khan is across the room and strangling Naraku before he's able to put up a barrier. "I warned you earlier that I'll kill you if you harmed my Sister. And now you've done so and pissed me off. Prepare to get your ass kicked." He slams Naraku's head into the floor. "Are you sorry now?" He slams Naraku again. "How about now?" Again. "Now?" Again. "Now?!?" And again. "Now!?!" He rips Naraku's head off and punts it across the room to slow down Naraku's regenerating ability. He runs over to Kagome with a concerned look on his face, his eyes go back to silver. "Kagome?!" He gets really close to her face. "Hellooooo!?!"

No response.

"Alright, considering she didn't hit me for being in her face, I'd say she's really unconscious." He looks at the small sword pinning her to the wall. "If I pull that out she'll bleed to death. But if I don't the weight of her unconscious body will be too much for the short sword to handle and it'll shred right through her shoulder blade. Decisions, decisions…" All of a sudden his eyes brighten as he gets an idea. "I know!" He runs over to the broken pieces of wall from where Naraku hit it when Kagome shot at them with a purification blast. He selects one of the pieces and brings it back over, placing it under her feet. "There you go Kagome, have a stool." He smiles.

"You will die where you stand!" Naraku regenerates and goes to stab Khan with a giant claw. Kagome opens her eyes at the last minute, revealing them to be glowing blue and a barrier shoots up right in front of Naraku and he ends up running into it. "What!" Naraku glares over at them. "You foolish girl! How DARE you protect that worthless creature!"

"You will leave my Brother alone." She states. Her purple highlights from Naraku's poison change back to their original blue but her eyes remain glowing. "My Brother is not worthless. And unlike you, he knows how to keep control of a situation. His mind games are a lot more effective then yours."

"I told you that you couldn't beat me." Khan snickers. "You just lost. Big time."

"Well what can you do when I do this!?!" Sesshomaru appears wrapped in a tentacle, two swords at his throat. "You can do nothing now. The tables have turned."

"Pft. Coward. Hiding behind Sesshomaru? Oh please. That's pathetic. That's low. That's really low. Wow, you really must have no morals at all."

"Let my mate go." Kagome remarks coldly. "Now."

"He is not your mate, I AM!" He starts laughing. 5 seconds later he falls to the ground in pieces and is instantly purified. A short sword stands embedded in the ground where Naraku once stood. Kagome is standing there holding onto her shoulder, her eyes stop glowing and go back to their normal brown coloring. "I'm sorry… it took… me so long…" She collapses into unconsciousness.

Sesshomaru catches her before she hits the floor and picks her up. "Let's go home Khan. And we must hurry or she'll lose too much blood."

"We're just gonna leave everything where it stands?" Khan looks disappointed.

Sesshomaru sighs. "I'm bringing Kagome home now. You have 5 minutes to trash the place, then return home."

"Which is 2 more minutes then I'll need."

"Whatever." He rolls his eyes. "See you in a few minutes." Sesshomaru switches to his dog form and runs off carrying Kagome on his back to the Western Lands.

"Now what should I trash first? Hmm…" Khan contemplates what to do. "There's one thing I should do before I rash the place." He runs downstairs to the dungeon and picks up whatever is left of Loki off the ground. He then proceeds to run through the castle and break everything he can get his hands on. "This is fun! And good anger management!" 2 or 3 minutes late Khan is outside on a far away hill. "And now for the grand finally courtesy of yours truly! 3… 2… 1… Now!" Naraku's dark castle blows up. "That was so cool! So long castle of doom!" Khan switches to his wolf form and heads back to the Western Lands' castle.

(That afternoon)

(In the basement)

Kagome walks down the stairs to find Khan sitting on a box with several sake containers on the floor. "Enjoying yourself?"

"What are you doing down here? You should be resting." He points at her wrapped shoulder. "That needs time to heal."

"It's fine." She grabs the sake container out of his hand.

"Hey! You can't take that from me! I'm no where near my limit!"

"Ok." She downs it. "Here, have it back." She hands him the empty container.

"… That was mine."

"And now it's not." She sits down on a box across from Khan and leans against the wall. "So what is your reason for being down here?"

"What kind of reason do you want?" He hands her a sake container.

"A good reason."

"I have none. I just wanted the sake." He looks at her skeptically. "What's yours?"

"I just want to clear my head."

"Then I challenge you in the name of sake! First one to pass out loses!"

"You're on Brother! Just remember when you wake up that I went to more parties then you! And a few in the future!"

"Well I reached 30 last time! Beat that!"

"I will!"

"You may try!"



"GO!" They both shout together. And the fun begins.

(An hour later)


"Kagome?" Sesshomaru can't find her in their room where she's supposed to be. "Where would she go?" He thinks for a minute. "Khan… basement!" He runs downstairs to find the floor covered in sake containers. "Oh no… not again." He looks over at the wall to find little tally marks on it. "What happened this time…?" Sesshomaru steps closer to the wall.

"AAA!" Khan and Kagome both glare at Sesshomaru from sitting on the floor. "Get off our tails!"

Sesshomaru looks down to find a tail under each foot so he steps back. "What the heck are you two doing down here?"

"Wer havin sum fun." Khan smiles.

"You're drunk, aren't you?"


"Are you drunk too?" He turns his attention to Kagome.

"Sesshy!" She hugs him. "Sesshy!"

"… You are. Otherwise you'd be yelling at me for leaving and not clinging to me and being hyper."

"Sesshy!" Kagome exclaims happily.

"How many containers did you two drink exactly?"

"Lok a ze tal maks." Khan falls over laughing at the look on Sesshomaru's face.

"… You're both stupid…"

"Sesshy!" Kagome laughs.

"Is that the only thing left in your vocabulary at this point?"

"I got you!" She tugs on his hand. "I got you Sesshy!"

"Khan do you have anything to say for yourself? You know you're not supposed to go over your limit. And now you've got Kagome drunk with you."

"Wazzzzz fn."

"… I suggest you both go to your rooms."

"Y cn't mak me!" Khan hides behind a box.

"Oh yes I can." Sesshomaru pulls him out by the tail.

"Aaaaaa!!!!! Yr crzy! Nooooo!!!" Khan throws a tantrum as Sesshomaru drags him up the stairs.

"Sesshy!" Kagome hugs him, not letting go and smiling.

"Stay here Kagome." Sesshomaru gently pries her off and leaves with Khan in tow.

(1/2 an hour later)

Sesshomaru comes back. "Alright Kagome. Time to go to our room." He looks around the room. "Kagome?"

No response.

"Are you trying to hide from me?" He starts searching the room behind all the boxes. "I will find you. And you and Khan are forbidden to come down here ever again. And if you two ever get your hands on sake again I limit you both to a maximum of 9. NOT 37! You two are lucky you didn't poison yourselves. I'd hate to know who your parents were since you two are still conscious. Unbelievable, no more sake competitions for the both of you. Where are you Kagome?"

Kagome tackles him to the floor. "Sesshy!"

"I can't believe you snuck up on me, and you're still drunk. I must be getting soft." He gets up off the floor and picks her up. "Where were you hiding?"

Kagome just points to the beams on the ceiling and laughs.

"Alright, you've had your fun. Bedtime." He carries her upstairs.

(The next day)

Kagome walks into Sesshomaru's study in a forest green kimono. "Good morning Sesshy." She goes over to his desk and attempts to look over his shoulder at the papers he's reading. "Whatcha doin'?"


"What are you reading?"

He turns to her and pulls her into his lap. He nuzzles her making her laugh. "Nothing too important. What can I do for you?"

"Well I wanted to talk to you…"


"… Well you asked me if I would give you an heir and… well… I denied you…"

"Don't worry about it. I will wait for you for however long it takes. We have till the end of time, we're immortal."

"I thought about it and talked to myself while reading my books and…"

"What is it?"

"If you wish an heir of me I will not deny you. I love you."

"I love you too Kagome." He gets up, taking him with her and holding her in his arms. "What do you have planned for the rest of the day mate?"

"Well… come to think of it I was going to see if I could find Ayame, Sen, Rin and Lindsay-chan…"

"Your plans have just been cancelled."


"You're teasing me."

"And you're taking the bait."

"You're not going to win."

"I'll be the judge of that."

"Then lets find out who end up the victor." He carries her out of the room, down the hall and into their room. He shuts the door behind them.

(Khan's room)

"… Why am I so tired?" Khan sighs. "Oh well. I'll just take a nap." He goes back over to his bed but finds that he's having some trouble moving what appears to be a giant ball of black fur. "What the hell? This is my bed." Khan pushes it off and hears a squeak come from it. "Oh no."

It uncurls to reveal a black fox; who switches to human form and happens to be Kurai. She jumps over and hugs him. " Miss me?"

"…Aren't you supposed to be at the Southern castle?"


"I thought I sent you there."

"You did."

"Then why are you back here?"

"You didn't think you were going to get rid of me did you?"



"What! Do you want a lie or the truth!?"

"Your just stubborn."

"And damn proud of it."

"Well too bad case you're stuck with me for the rest of your life."

Khan's face pails. "… Are you serious?"

"Yup!" She smiles. "There's no way you're getting rid of me now! Isn't that wonderful?"

"… That's great… just great… I'm so gonna be laughed at."

"That's too bad. I guess I'll just have to give you more hugs then to make you happier."


She looks up at him and smiles.

(9 months later)

(At night)

Kagome sits outside in the garden. She sighs in content as she looks up at the moon. Sesshomaru walks outside and spots her sitting under a sakura tree. He quietly goes over to her and sits behind her, pulling her onto his lap and holding her there. "What are you doing out here Kagome?"

"I couldn't sleep."

"Why don't you sing? I haven't heard you sing in a while."

"Only because you've been in meetings and doing paperwork."

"So why don't you sing now so I can hear you? Please? You know he likes to hear you sing just as much as I do."

"Did Khan pester you again today?"

"Of course he did. Did you think he'd give up when we said we weren't going to tell him his nephew's name until he was born?"

"Not really." Kagome sighs.

"Please sing?"

"Oh alright." Kagome slowly starts to sing, her voice drifting on the wind.

(I don't own this song: Come by Amuro Namie)

moshi ima kanashimi afureru nara
watashi ni motarete naite ii kara

I get, I get, I get, get the feeling
I get, I get, I get, get the dreaming
tada kono mama

Come my way
kono yami no hotori
Come close to me
ima akari tomoshi
I'll be with you, I'll be with you
tada soba ni iru kara
So come my way

kizuite anata wa kono sekai de
tada hitori dake no taisetsu na hito

I get, I get, I get, get the feeling
I get, I get, I get, get the dreaming
tada sono mama

Come my way
mou hitomi tojite
Come close to me
mou nemureba ii
I'll be with you, I'll be with you
tada koko ni iru kara
So come my way

Calling out
Can you hear me? yea
So come my way

I get, I get, I get, get the feeling
I get, I get, I get, get the dreaming
tada kono mama

Come my way
kono yami no hotori
Come close to me
ima akari tomoshi
I'll be with you, I'll be with you
tada soba ni iru kara
So come my way

Come my way
Come close to me
Come my way
Come close to me

Kagome suddenly looks up at Sesshomaru. "…Problem…" She clutches her stomach as a wave of pain hits her and it shows on her face.

"Hold on, I got you." Sesshomaru swiftly picks her up and carries her into the castle calling for the female healers.

(Some odd hours later)

"How are you feeling?" Sesshomaru walks into their room.

"I'm doing just fine." Kagome smiles. "Want to see him? He has your eyes." Sesshomaru walks over to look at his new son. He has his father's golden eyes, his mother's black hair but with silver highlights and a blue crescent moon on his forehead. He grabs hold of Sesshomaru's hair when he gets close enough. "That is your father, Sesshomaru."

"Hello. That's quite a grip you've got." Sesshomaru smiles at his son.

"I don't care if Sesshomaru is having time with Kagome and the kid! I want to see him now move!" Khan walks into the room and sits on the end of the bed. "You know, now you have to tell me his name. So what is it?"

"You want to tell him Kagome or should I?"

"Well someone is going to so spill."

"I'll tell him." Kagome looks at her new son. "Hikaru."

"Come again?"

"It means light, Khan."

"Oh. Cool. Hello little nephew. I am Khan."

Hikaru reaches a hand towards Khan and Khan lets him grab hold of his index finger.

"He's kinda cute being that small. We're gonna have some fun with you in the castle."

"You are not allowed to introduce him to sake." Sesshomaru states.

"Aw common! That's not fair! He's my nephew!"

"Fine. But you must wait till he's 18."

"His mother was introduced before that!"

"… 17."

"Fine." The little tyke starts to cry. "Hey! There's no crying when I'm here." Khan starts making weird faces and Hikaru starts to laugh.

"Is he here! Is Rin's new brother here!?" Rin runs into the room.

"I wanna see him too!" Lindsay-chan follows her.

Ayame and Sen walk in behind the two girls. "So how is my little nephew?" Ayame asks.

"Hikaru is doing just fine." Kagome smiles as her two girls look at their new brother with excitement in their eyes.

"Can I hold him?"

"Sure." Kagome hands Hikaru over to Ayame.

"Hey! How come she gets to hold him and not me!?" Khan objects.

"She asked."

"I have to ask to see my nephew?"


"… Can I hold him now then?"

"Ask Ayame. She is holding Hikaru right now."

Khan grumbles something under his breath and then turns to Ayame. "… Can I hold him?"

"Of course." She hands the child to Khan. "I have to help Sen check the weapons supplies. I'll check on you guys later." She leaves.

Sen goes over to them. "Congrats my Lord and Lady."

"Thanks Sen. Are you going to help train him in weaponry?" Kagome asks.

"Of course. I wouldn't want to miss that bit of fun. I'll check on the little heir tomorrow. I've got weapons to check." He leaves the room.

"Just wait till you're older Hikaru. We'll have lots of fun spending quality time together." Khan watches Hikaru's wandering eyes. "You'll get used to this place soon. And I will teach you how to duel."

"When can little Hikaru play with us?" Rin asks.

"We want to show him how to play tag." Lindsay-chan adds.

"When he leans to walk." Kagome responds.

"How long is that going to be?" They both ask at the same time.

"In a few years." They look sad. "But until then you can play with him inside. Ok?"

"Yay!" They both exclaim. "Thank you!" They hug Kagome and run out of the room laughing.

(That night)

"Why are you still awake?" Sesshomaru sits up and looks over at Kagome. "You should be sleeping."

"Hikaru won't go back to sleep." She holds the infant gently in her arms.

"Then why don't you sing to him?"

"I was trying to get him to go back to sleep without singing."

"Well then." He pulls her onto his lap. "I'm not going back to sleep until you sing."

"Is that a request or a demand?"


"How can it be both?"

"It's a demand from me and a request from Hikaru."

"Very well." Kagome slowly starts to sing. (Just so you know, I don't own this song either: My Will by Dream)

sotto mezameru

hakanai omoi zutto

donna toki demo negau yo

anata ni todoku you ni to...

"ato sukoshi" to yuu kyori ga fumidasenakute

itsumo me no mae wa tozasarete-ita no

aitai aenai hibi wo kasaneru tabi ni

tsuyoi tokimeki wa

setsunasa ni naru yo

moshimo eien to yuu mono ga aru nara toomawari shite demo shinjite mitai

"bukiyou dakara KIZUtsuku koto mo aru" to

wakatte mo tomaranai mou dare ni mo makenai

anata no koto wo omou

sore dake de namida ga

ima afuredashite kuru yo

hakanai omoi zutto

donna toki demo negau yo

anata ni todoku you ni to...

tsuyogaru koto dake shiri-sugite-ita watashi

dakedo ano toki kara

mayoi wa kieta yo

misetai to omou mono ga kitto atte

kikasetai kotoba mo takusan aru egao

nakigao mo zenbu mite hoshikute

matte-iru watashi wa yamete "CHANSU" wo

tsukamu yo

anata no koto wo omou

sore dake de kokoro ga tsuyoku nareru ki ga suru yo

hakanai omoi zutto

donna toki demo negau yo

anata ni todoku you ni to...

anata no koto wo omou

sore dake de namida ga

ima afuredashite kuru yo

tookute koe ga todokanai dakedo itsuka wa

kanarazu todoku you ni

shinjite la la la la la la...

shinjite la la la la la la...

shinjite la la la la la la...

Kagome looks at Hikaru to find him sound asleep. She then looks behind her to find Sesshomaru asleep on her shoulder. She sighs and falls asleep, content to be with her mate and new son.

The End

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