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Spoilers for Before the Dawn. Or at least one of few good bits. Max Collins-good author but should never touch DA.

AU fic.


Vada lay on a bed, her dark red hair clumped to a side. Machines beeped and people walked around her. Fixing her to break her.

Sometimes it seemed as if she were forgetting it all, the past she ran from. And it scared her. Was she growing so complacent?

Was freedom worth dying for?

The death of her sister had been the catalyst for the escape. But was she really out or was it all a dream?

Vada no longer felt as though she was alive. All she had seen was Zack who had told her sentimentality was a weakness. But she had it.

Twelve had made it. The young woman cried at the thought of the members in their unit they had left behind. At what had happened to Kavi, the only one of the twelve to get caught.

Her poor sweet baby brother, who had been only six and a half when they had escaped. Now he was trapped. Did he remember them?

Could he remember sweet Max for whom they had escaped to save her life? Could he remember the antics of Brin and the trouble she would drag little sister Rae into?

Remember the Blue Lady and sweet, serious Ben? And Zane's obsession with dogs?

Remember the fights between Zack and Seth, the mothering of Tinga?

The way Krit and Syl would anticipate the other's moves. Jace's loyalty, unwavering, Mina's sensitivity to fighting or Jondy's protection of Max?

Would she be like Kavi?

It hurt to remember… but she did. The bullet had hit Vada when she had attacked Lydecker with all that fury. But why could she still think? Was the blue lady protecting her?

"The transplant was successful"

The words meant nothing to Vada, only a sense of growing pain. Was she dead or alive to be a zombie? A toy for Manticore.

A hand rested on her head and brushed her cheek. A familiar voice, the voice of Eva's killer, their torturer filled her ears.

"It's going to be okay Vada".

Hypocrite! Foul, loathsome monster. False compassion in his words. Did he think her a fool? Oh, Blue Lady! Zack, where are you?

Vada's dark brown eyes opened and she poured pure hatred into her gaze at Lydecker. He withdrew his hand and gave a look of cold satisfaction.

"You soon will be one of us again 789", Lydecker said leaving the room and Vada to despair.

Oh why couldn't she have died?

The End.

Dark I know, but it was floating in my head. Am trying to break my writer's block.