Author Notes: This something I haven't been able to get out of my head. It's my take on the Rent the movie crossed with Buffy. I also used part of the musical but the story line follows the movie. Alt. Universe.

Disclaimer--I do not own Buffy or Rent I am just borrowing them hopes that someone finds pleasure in this story



Buffy Summers fell out of the portal right into the middle of the park. The portal closed and Buffy sat dazedly in the grass. The cold winter air hit her immediately making to wound to her stomach ache furiously. She looked down to see that the bleeding had slowed quite a bit, but still not enough. A shiver went through her body as she realized how cold it was. She stood up and began running her hands up and down her arms trying to keep warm. Her clothes were looking pretty tattered from the fight with the first. She was dressed in shorts and a short sleeve T-shirt which was perfect for California, but not for New York in the winter. She only hoped that they had succeeded in closing the Hellmouth. As she began to head for the park entrance, she heard the sound of raised voices and terrified ones. Buffy turned toward the commotion to see two women being surrounded by a group of men. By the way they were acting Buffy knew that their intentions were nothing but bad. She crept up slowly behind them. Upon a closer look Buffy could see that one of the one of the women was really a man dressed like a woman. He was a drag queen. The woman had been grabbed by one of the men and was struggling in his grip. The drag queen was calling for them to leave her alone.

"I'll give you boys to the count of five to let them go and get the hell out of here."

"Or you'll do what?" One of them challenged.

"I'll kick your asses so hard you won't be able to sit for a month." That made all the skinheads laugh and Buffy just shrugged as they approached her. "Have it your way."

As the first two over confident skinheads approached Buffy kicked out with her foot sending the nearest one flying and then repeated the action with the other guy.

"Get her!" The leader called out and the remaining five men all rushed toward at once.

"Five against one and the odds are still in my favor. Sure you don't want to go get a few more of your friends to make this a fair fight?" Buffy shrugged. "Have it your way but your going to be crawling home tonight."

She had to make sure not use her full strength. These weren't vampires she's fighting. Buffy moved with such speed that the skinheads didn't know what hit them. She grabbed one by his shirt and hurled hard into the others. They all went down but two of them quickly got back up. The charged at her drawing their fist back to hit her. Buffy just watched the charge and quickly blocked the punches they threw, and returned it two fast uppercuts that left them on the ground. By this time the other two had gotten up and were hesitating on attacking her again. They look back at their leader and the other guy who was still holding the two. The leader glared at them his eyes telling them to attack. They did and soon found themselves back on the ground. Buffy turned toward the leader and the other man.

"Now do you let them go or do I get to kick your asses too." Buffy moved slowly toward them. She acted like she was going to strike at them.

"BOO!" She yelled and the two let go of their preys and ran. The three of them laughed and Buffy turned toward them. "You two okay?"

"Thanks to you, I'm Mimi."


"I'm Buffy, and I'm glad I could help." Buffy said with a smile. Even though she was a bit warm after the fight her body began to shiver from the cold.

"Here honey. You look like your freezing." Angel said taking off her overcoat and handing it to Buffy. Angel was wearing a heavy sweater.


"That looks nasty. Maybe we should get you to a hospital." Angel said upon seeing the gash on her stomach.

"I'm fine. I just need to wash it out and bandage it. By morning it will look like a scratch." Buffy said looking down at the wound that had now stopped bleeding.

"You got a place to stay honey?" Angel asked her.

"Not really. I sort of just dropped in."

"Then why don't you come back to my place. It's not much but you can out that wound, and I think I have something that might fit you. Come on, my place isn't far from here."


The next night Buffy cried as she was held by Angel. A trip to the library to use their computers had revealed to Buffy that she was all alone in this dimension. As far as she could tell none of the Scoobies existed in this world. Immediately Angel could see the change come over her. Buffy had kept it together until they got back to the apartment. She stepped inside and just began to cry. Angel did his best to comfort her. When he asked what was wrong, Buffy simply told him that she was alone and all her family was dead. It was easier than trying to explain her real story.

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