Buffy had been released from the hospital and returned the next day at Dr. Simmons request for the press conference. Angel had gone with her so that Mark could rest. By the time the press conference was over Buffy was tired of answering questions and having her picture taken. She was also upset that her whole day had been taken up by this. Her plans for the day were to be in bed with Mark. It was around five when they made it to the front door of the apartment building.

"I think I'm going to see if Collins is in the loft you coming?" Angel said opening the door. Buffy nodded and followed her up the stairs. They were about to pass Mimi's apartment when Buffy noticed the envelope addressed to her.

"What's this?" Buffy asked gently taking the card from the door.

"Open it and find out." Angel said hiding the smile that was threatening to appear.

Buffy did and found an invitation that read:

"Your presences is requested for an evening of dinner is and dancing at the Café Santa Fe. Located one floor above this apartment. Dinner served at seven."

Buffy had a huge smile on her face for all of ten seconds before it struck her that she only had two hours to get ready. That would never be enough time for her to find something to wear, get her hair done, and out her make up on.

"I'm never going to be ready in time. What am I going to wear?"

"Easy Sugah. We'll figure something out. Let's go in."

Buffy nodded and used her key to open the door. Just inside the apartment on the couch was a beautiful blue dress. Buffy picked up the dress holding it up to get a better look. Buffy loved the way the dress seemed to sparkle.

"Where did this come from? It's beautiful and it's Mark's favorite color."

"I know. It's an original design made for you by me."

"You made this?" Angel nodded smiling. "It's beautiful Ange. When? How?"

"When you were in the hospital. It seems Joanne's parents have an old fashion sewing machine. They let me use it and I finished it last night."

"Thank you Angel. I love it. That means you know what's going on."

"I do and I'm not going to tell you. Go take a shower and get ready."


Angel had left the apartment at six-thirty to head upstairs and Buffy was ready by seven and headed up toward the loft. She laughed at seeing the homemade sigh that said Cafe Santa Fe. Beneath the sign was a smaller one that said knock and wait to be seated. She knocked gently on the door and waited. The door soon parted slightly to reveal Collins dressed in a pair of black slacks with a white dress shirt. Around his neck was a red bow tie. Buffy could tell that part of his outfit was from his New Year's Eve costume.

"Ahh, welcome to the Café Santa Fe. If you'll follow me I will show you to your table."

Collins opened the door wider and presented his arm to Buffy. Buffy took it and allowed him to escort her in. Buffy gaped at what had been done to the place. Christmas light had been strung all along the walls. The majority of the furniture had been moved out and the loft floor was rather empty except for one round table with two chairs. On the table were two lit candles. Buffy's breath caught in her throat when she saw Mark wearing a tux. She shivered slightly and Collins turned and smiled at her. They finally reached the table.

"You look beautiful." Mark said taking her hands as Collins left.

"You look absolutely yummy. It's taking all that I have not to rip that tux off of you and take you right here." Mark face went red from heat as did another part of his body.

"If you're a good girl that will come later." He said as he held out her chair for her. She turned and kissed him passionately.

"Well how good do I have to be?" Buffy asked with a mischievous smile.

"Keep that up and you won't see what else I have planned." He pushed her chair in and took a seat opposite her. Buffy gave a bit of a pout but soon smiled. She almost busted out in laughter when Roger stepped out wearing a waiter's outfit.

"My Name is Roger and I'll be your waiter tonight. Let me start you off with some of the houses sparkling apple cider."

He placed to champagne glasses on the table, left, and returned with a bottle of cider on ice. He opened the bottle and poured some into Buffy's and Mark's glasses. Roger smiled at them before heading toward the kitchen. Both Mark and Buffy picked up their glasses. They looked into each other's eyes as their arms entwined around each others and sipped out of their glass.

"Do you know what the 25th of February is?" Buffy nodded and answered.

"Our two month anniversary."

"I figured since you were in a coma and I was by your side that we didn't have much of a celebration. I wanted to do something special to celebrate both our first month and second month anniversary. Plus I wanted to celebrate you coming back to me. So tonight it's my turn to spoil you. Happy Anniversaries Buffy."

Roger returned with their dinner and Buffy's eyes went wide. It was one of her favorite dinners. She and Mark had only been able to go this restaurant once right after he got his advancement check from Buzzline and after Angel had gotten out of the hospital.

"My favorite."

"I know. Let's eat before it gets cold."

Buffy nodded and the two began to eat. It took Buffy several minutes to realize there was soft romantic violin music playing on a tape player. Buffy smiled at the thought Mark and the others went through to make this special. Once the main course had finished Roger returned and cleared some of the table of its dishes. He then returned with a small covered tray that he set in front of Buffy. She looked up at Mark with genuine curiosity showing on her face.

Roger lifted the lid to reveal a small rectangle box wrapped nicely in shiny golden paper.

"Open it." Mark told her.

Buffy nodded and began to tear the paper off. Before her sat a jewelry box, she slowly lifted the lid and her eyes went wide at what she saw. With a shaky hand she picked up the 24 Carat gold necklace with a gold shaped heart. There was an inscription on the locket that simply read Mark.

"It so beautiful. You shouldn't have. This must have cost a fortune. You shouldn't be spending this kind of money on…"

Mark placed a finger on her lips to silence her. He then got up from the table and took the necklace from her and proceeded to place it around her neck.

"Don't worry about cost. I told you this night is my night to spoil you. This is so that you always know that you have my heart."

When he had clasped the necklace around her neck, he then offered her his hand. The two stood and Mark held her.

"It's beautiful and I'm never taking it off. Thank you." Buffy finished her sentence and then proceeded to thank Mark with a very thorough and passionate kiss.

Buffy had never noticed that the violin music had stopped. It was when she heard the soft strumming of a guitar and a soft drum beat that she had broke the kiss. She looked over by Mark's bed room to see Roger and Angel playing. Buffy recognized the music as My Girl.

"May I have this dance?" Buffy nodded and let Mark lead her out to the dance floor. The two danced closely for most of the night.


Life for the Bohemians had gotten better over the next few months. They had received offers from TV stations wanting to make the TV movie of their story, and offers from talk shows. Buffy and Angel had gone on a number of talk shows everyone wanting their story. They had made Collins their manager and he got them some great deals. They never appeared on any show without their new band to play their intro. Roger and a few of his old band mates got together to reform their band, and to give them some publicity Buffy made sure they were with them whenever they appeared on a talk show. Mark, who still working on his first documentary, followed Buffy to whatever show she and Angel were going to be on. He filmed the experience which he later sold as a documentary. It became a highly viewed documentary putting him in the spotlight along with his girlfriend. Mimi had checked into a rehabilitation program and was getting better. Maureen and Joanne had finally gotten back together and Maureen was really trying to make an effort in her flirting. When the group was all together they took the money they were making and combined it to buy several nicer apartments that were away from the East Village location. It was one of these times where the group had been hanging at Mark and Buffy's. It was Buffy's first birthday with the Bohemians and Mark wanted to do something special for her, but Buffy didn't want a fuss to be made. So they decided to have a party that was just for the Bohemians. Buffy was back in the kitchen talking with Maureen and Joanne when the doorbell rang. Collins being the closest opened the door.

"Can I help you?" Collins asked the group.

"Is this where Buffy Summers live? My name is…"

"Collins who is at the door? I thought I heard…Giles! What are you guys doing here?" Buffy ran into the open arms of her watcher and they hug tightly.

"Well, we couldn't let you celebrate your birthday without us." Xander said as he came up and hugged Buffy. "Happy Birthday Buffy."

"You didn't think we were going to miss this one did you?" Willow asked taking her turn.

"Actually I did. How is this possible?"

"It's part of your birthday present from The Powers." Dawn told her as she came up to hug her sister. "I think they are really serious about making sure you are rewarded. I got a visit from your favorite Demon Guide. He told me how to use my talent to bring us here."

"So you going to let us in or not Buff?" Xander asked. Buffy nodded and it seemed that old habits really did die hard as she just gestured for them to enter.

"Honey, you gonna introduce to your friends?" Mark asked coming to stand by Buffy.

"Of course. Guys this Rupert Giles, but we just call him Giles. He was my watcher back in my dimension. He's the closest thing I have to a real father. Next to him are my friends Xander Harris, Willow Rosenberg. And this is my sister Dawn. Their also known as the Scoobies. Scoobies meet the Bohemians. The handsome, adorable, man behind me is my boyfriend Mark, and this is our place."

Mark, with a slight blush at Buffy's words,shook hands with the group and got an excited hug from Dawn.

"It's nice to finally be able to meet you. You all look just like I imagined you would. Buffy has told us so much about you."

"Let me finishing introducing the gang and then we can all talk some more. From left to right, I would like you to meet Joanne Jefferson, Tom Collins, Angel Dumott Schunard, Maureen Johnson, Mimi Marquez,Roger Davis, and Benjamin Coffin III."

Each one of the Scoobies shook hands with the Bohemians.

"How did you guys get in the building? Security isn't supposed to let anyone in without announcing them." Benny asked.

"Dawnie opened the portal in a nearby storage closet. The security guard never saw us and Whistler told us what floor and apartment." Willow said proudly looking over at the teen.

"And I did it without even cutting myself." Dawn said showing Buffy her wrist.

"Good." Buffy said moving to hug her sister.

"I've got you something that I thought you might want." Dawn reached into the bag she had been caring and pulled out a pink stuffed pig.

"Mr. Gordo. Thank you Dawnie. Where was he? I couldn't find him when we put the things on the bus."

"He was with my things. I felt really bad the night you were kicked out of the house and I need something, and well I went into your room and there he was. He's been keeping me company ever since."

"I've got something for you too my dear. Dawn." Giles nodded to Dawn. Dawn reached into the bag and pulled out a steel looking brief case.

"What else is in that bag and how did you get it all to fit?" Roger asked looking at the bag curiously.

"Will put a spell on it so that it would hold whatever we wanted. The bag has no limits and can only be picked up by one of us or a Slayer." Xander said with a smile. The Bohemians just looked shocked.

"What is this?" Buffy asked looking toward Giles. Everyone's attention turned toward her.

"Well now that I'm in charge of the council, I took your suggestion and began giving the girls a salary and well you are still my slayer and you deserve retroactive pay. Open it."

Buffy opened the case to see that it was full of money. Mark and Roger who were standing behind Buffy and Dawn gasped.

"How much is in here?"

Buffy asked fingering the cash and showing it to the other Bohemians. They were by no means rich but they were definitely well off and doing way better than they had a year ago.

"There is exactly one million dollars there. I figured seven years plus some very good bonuses for some jobs well done. You've earned it Buffy. It would seem that as the only active watcher all the Councils funds were put into my control." Giles told her.

"The Council left behind billions and Giles is in charge of it all." Dawn told them.

"Wow! Thank you Giles." Buffy said tears in her eyes as she went over to hug the man.

"You are welcome my dear. You deserve it."

Willow and Xander gave Buffy a photo album that she looked through and led to more tears.

"I got something else for you Buffy." Dawn told her sister. Buffy arched an eyebrow. "It's actually from the PTB. If you want me here they said that I could stay."

"Oh Dawnie I would love to have you here. Are you sure that's what you want?"

"I do. I miss not being with you and if it's okay with Mark I want to stay here."

"You are Buffy's sister and I know she misses you. I would love for you to stay here."

Mark told her giving her a smile that he hoped would reinsure his words.


After receiving presents from the Bohemians it all came down to Mark. Buffy watched as he, Roger, and Collins set up the screen and the projector.

"You finished the film?" Buffy said excitedly. Mark nodded. "When?"

"I've been editing for the past two weeks and I put the finishing touches on last night while you girls were out."

The lights went out and the screen lit up with his title. "Today 4 U Proof Positive." The next shot A Mark Cohen Film. Then the film began showing pictures of the Bohemians and some scenes of Alphabet City. Buffy watched as both her and Marks New Year's shots appeared. She looked over at her boyfriend and took his hand and squeezed it. Mark smiled at her. The picture then showed them at the protest and at the Café. Buffy smiled loving at how the movie was going so far. She looked at her friends to see if they were enjoying it and they were entranced. They smiled at the pictures of all the couples together and Buffy looked shocked when she saw scenes from there first Anniversary celebration. He hadn't known Mark had someone filming some of it. As the Movie began to end with a picture of all of them together the screen fade to black and the words Will you Marry me appeared?

She turned toward Mark who now had a ring in his hand and had moved to one knee.

"Buffy Anne Summers will you do me the honors of becoming my wife?"

Tears were streaming down Buffy's face and Buffy knew she couldn't trust her voice as she nodded her head. She held out her finger and Mark placed the ring on her finger.

"I love you baby." Buffy whispered before taking Mark's mouth in a long luscious kiss. Everyone began to clap. When the two broke apart, Buffy was immediately surrounded by her friends wanting to see the ring. They both were then mobbed with hugs and kisses. Buffy knew that even though the Scoobies would be going home soon, she would never be lonely again.


That's the end of the story guys I hope like my ending. I wanted to get it right. Tell me what you think.