A completed text of the partial poem in Kevin J. Anderson's Jedi Academy Trilogy. This was written as a Christmas present for my "favorite daughter," who demanded to have it recited at every opportunity. Not my best work, and I was sixteen when I wrote it, but it's pretty amusing. Weirdly enough, on my website this gets the most hits of all my stories... Someone out there must like it.

The Little Lost Bantha Cub

By Kevin J. Anderson and Kaylle B/K

Completed 1998

After the sandstorm that drove him from home,

The little lost bantha cub wandered alone.

So he walked, and he walked through the desert heat till noon

When he found a Jawa sandcrawler upon a sandy dune.

"I am lost," said the bantha cub, "Please help me find my herd."

But the little Jawas shook their heads and gave their final word.

So he walked, and he walked till he met a shiny droid.

After walking by himself so long, the cub was overjoyed.

"I am lost," said the bantha cub, "Please help me find my herd."

"I am not programmed to help you," said the droid, "Don't be absurd."

The droid kept walking straight ahead, not looking left or right.

The bantha cub just watched until the droid was out of sight.

So he walked and he walked and the sun was very hot,

But then he came upon a moisture farmer tending to his crop.

"I am lost," said the bantha cub, "Please help me find my herd."

"I am busy," said the farmer, "And I must not be deterred."

So the cub continued walking, feeling tired, sleepy, slow.

If he didn't find his herd soon, he didn't know where he would go.

But there before him was a dragon, standing proud and straight and tall.

"I have lost my family!" cried the cub. "Will you help me find them all?"

"I will eat you," purred the dragon, then he lunged with snapping jaws!

So the bantha cub began to run without the slightest pause.

When he had run quite far away, he flopped down in the sand.

But out of the sky there suddenly came a most familiar hand!

It was a Tusken Raider, and one he knew on sight.

Could he help him find his family? The cub prayed that he might.

The raider led him through the dunes and they traveled very fast.

And soon they found his family, so the cub was safe at last!

The moral of this story is that, even when you're on your own,

Just find a friend to help you, and you'll never be alone.