So, I got a new idea. POV's is going dead for a while. I have finished the story-line of it but somehow, when I do that, I never finish a story. It's awful for me. But, anyway, I did this one to take the idea out of my mind, I'll go on with Rebellious too, obviously, it's my little child after all! (Grins). After that is told, let's talk about this story.

The first chapter is horribly fast. That is a warning. Then, there's an OC that enters in the first part of the story, just after this stuff. This OC is going to be decisive in the whole story, as well as the co-main protagonist with the usual protagonists in my series. Except at the end of chapter 2, were I placed another char that I almost never touch too much in my series. Anyway, read this chap and tell me what you think. And I plan to make this as a Ranma 1/2 full AU. I mean, pass the characters through the full manga treatment but with the changes at the beginning. (Just like Shampoo 1/2.) Whatever, On with the story!

Chapter 1

() Chinese.
Grr... Thoughts.
Genma´s signs.

I finally made it. The black-cloaked figure thought as it approached a cliff. The look was beautiful. Everything seemed to co-exist with the nature.

The blue sky was clear with only just a few clouds rambling on it. A few birds chirped as they peacefully flew. Just below that, only land and water resided. Water mostly in lots of small ponds, or springs if you want it.

Indeed Jusenkyo is a heavenly place. Now I just have to find the specific spring… The gaze of the figure scanned almost every corner of the springs. Bamboo sticks sprang out of them, but that was the marker he was looking for. The spring so longed had two bamboo sticks to mark its dangerousness.

That spring was legendary. One of the most wanted to never be discovered, that was why it was in the middle of Jusenkyo. It was not a good thing if someone discovered it and the person was evil by nature. Luckily this cloaked figure wasn't evil, possibly just neutral more like sticking to the good side.

"There!" His voice was of a male person. And judging by his tone, he was not older than 20, less but not older. "After this entire trip, I can finally master that technique!" His voice seemed enthusiastic intertwined with pure awe.

His leap managed to get him in the right direction of the spring he so longily wanted. The sir seemed to stir the cloak and the hood of the cloak left his head. He had light black hair passing shoulder length in every place of his head. His black eyes sparkled as he approached even more to his goal. His face had a victorious smile planted on it.

"Just…some…more…seconds…" He gasped as he approached the final 30 feet.


HAHAHAHA! Yes! Finally! Oh, this is so great. I thought I would have to train to master the technique but it comes with full-knowledge of how to use it! The Ryu-Ken is at long last mine! A loud roar governed Jusenkyo for a full second.

"Whoa!" Ranma Saotome. 16-year-old martial artist. Always travelled with his father and his mother was almost a lost memory to him. For the first time in the travels, he was impressed at the roar he heard in the distance. "Hey, old man, what was that?" He asked at the man leading him through the road.

"Are you scared?" Genma Saotome. Around 50 years. All hair in his head was lost as he used a bandana. His white gi covered his body but it had some openings and scratches all over the place. Mostly a sorry excuse of a father.

"Of course not!" Ranma replied frowning.

"You better don't." His father said seriously. "Ah, we made it. We're here. Jusenkyo training grounds." He informed beaming.

"Good day, misters." A Chinese man said. Both turned to him. He was wearing obvious Chinese clothes, all in black colour. "I am the guide of Jusenkyo. What brings you here?" He asked politely.

"We're here to train. Could you direct us to the grounds?" Genma asked. The guide nodded and started walking. A minute later they were in front of the mass of springs. "Ah…Perfect." Genma said leaving his backpack on the floor before hopping to a stick. "Come, boy!" Ranma followed suit. Soon, the fight began.

"But these are cursed springs! You are in great danger!" The guide shouted to them but they ignored him as the fight continued.

(Not going to relate the fight because it's obvious the outcome of it.)

"Ahh! I'm going to kill you, old man!" Ranma-chan shouted as she continued to stare at her chest. "Now I'm a girl!"

Genma wasn't doing better. His panda form wasn't what you could call 'perfect' in any way you thought about it. Only one, it gave you greater defence against strikes. He growled. (Only thing a panda can do…)

"I told you, misters…" The guide said sympathetically.

"Now I need a cure! Where are we going to get one before we go back to Japan?" Ranma yelled glaring at his father.

"Excuse me." A voice said behind Ranma-chan and the three turned to the source. It was the man that jumped into the spring, but they didn't know about it, yet. "I over-heard that you are going to Japan. I have the same destination, can I travel with you?" Ranma-chan raised a brow. "I mean, I can do the travel alone, but it gets awfully boring. If you say no, I will understand." He said with a short smile and very politely.

"What do you say, old man?" Ranma-chan asked to his father-panda. He seemed to look over the cloaked boy for a second before nodding. "Great." She turned to the boy. "You can come with us. I'm Ranma Saotome and he's my father, the idiot." A smack to her navel later, and the girl and panda were fighting again.

"Oh, good!" The boy's eyes lit up. "By the way…" At this point he noted that the two beings he was directing his speech were engulfed in a deep fight. "I'll just wait for them to finish fighting." He said to himself and sat down. From the inside of his clothes he withdrew a can of Coca-Cola and began drinking it. The guide sat by his side. "Want one?" The boy offered as he withdrew another can.

"What is it?" The guide asked interested in that drink.

"It's just a beverage I picked up in my walking. Want to try it?" The guide nodded and he gave him the can. It was icily cold. "It's better cold. Warm it's horrible." The boy explained.

"I see." The guide opened the can and began drinking. "It's good." He admitted and the boy smiled.

"They take a long while fighting?"

"I don't know." The guide replied as both retained to watch the fight. It was soon over with Genma as the winner.

"Grr…I'm going to get you for this…old man…" Ranma-chan said from below the panda's foot. He growled in victory. The guide rose to his feet.

"Let's go. I know a place where you might get your cure, but is not complete assured." He said and panda and girl nodded. The boy too began walking behind the guide when they started after the Saotomes picked up their backpacks.

"By the way, I'm Zul'Kree, but call me Kree." Kree smiled. He offered a hand and Ranma-chan shook it.

"Welcome to the trip of idiot-ness." Ranma-chan replied and both chuckled. The panda growled.

"Haven't you thought of using sign-language?" Kree asked Genma. He growled in confusion. "I mean this." He got a sign out of his cloak and started writing on it. "Get the idea?"

Genma nodded profusely and Kree began explaining the basics of how to get a sign out of the blue. Half an hour later he succeeded. The walking was swift and Ranma-Chan's stomach was growling dangerously. Soon, Genma's stomach joined in and both played the 9th Symphony of Beethoven. Just as he managed to get the sign by himself, they began passing houses and huts.

"This is Amazon village. Really proud fighting women, and really powerful too." The guide explained but the Saotomes didn't hear a thing about it. Their stomachs weren't finished with their music.

"I'm definitely not liking this place…" Kree whispered to himself. Just as he finished saying that, they got to the main square where what seemed like the whole village was witnessing a fight. A big, bulky woman with an angry face was fighting a beautiful young girl.

"Where did they…?" Kree asked to himself as he lost his companions staring at fight for some seconds. He found them a moment later devouring a feast. "Those idiots are really going to get us into trouble." He said to himself as he approached them. "What do you think of the girl?" He asked to Ranma-chan. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the battle for a few seconds.

"She's good." She replied simply and resumed eating. When most of the food was gone, the fight was over. Ranma-chan had her back to the fight so it fell on Kree's shoulders to stop the bonbori that was aimed to her head. Even so, Ranma-Chan jumped but Kree's hand grabbed the bonbori.

"(Just what do you think you are doing?)" Kree asked in almost perfect Chinese. He turned to look at the direction from it was thrown. His eyes fell on the girl that was fighting. Her purple hair was the most impacting feature of hers. Except the furious glare she was giving Kree at the moment. Her slightly over-proportional body was covered only by a common red Chinese dress that only got to half her thigh in length.

"(You're eating the first prize of the tournament I won! You must fight me or die!)" She replied dead serious. Kree drop-sweated.

"What's she talking about?" Ranma-chan asked turning to Kree. Kree looked back with a glare.

"You got us into trouble, idiots! This was the first prize of the tournament they organized and she is the champion of the Amazons! Now I have to beat her or you'll be dead!" Kree replied almost shouting. He rose to his feet and approached the big trunk that was horizontally placed, just for fighting. He jumped on it and bent his head to both sides. The cracks it made where heard even from Ranma-chan's sitting place and her eyes grew. The purple-haired Amazon's bulged out in shock at that sound.

"(Sorry, it's been a long time since I had a decent fight.)" Kree apologized with a sheepish smile.

A gong sounded and the Amazon went immediately into stance. Kree just covered his mouth when he yawned. After that he entered a basic beginner stance. "(You know? This is actually pretty interesting.)" He said at the Amazon. She raised a brow.

"(Stop talking and fight!)" She exclaimed and started rushing to him.

"(Just don't break your neck.)" He replied when she tripped badly and fell to the side of the trunk, landing on the grass and losing the fight. Kree went to her side and offered her a hand with a friendly smile.

She rejected slapping it with a glare and got up. Her eyes narrowed. "(You're lucky I tripped.)" She hissed. The tone of anger, obvious. Kree's face fell a bit and his hand returned to his side.

"(Xian Pu.)" A female voice said and both contestants looked at it. What could only be described as a short mummy with very long white hair and a stick was there. "(He beat you fair and square. Do you think after all the balance training I gave you; you would trip like that so easily?)" She asked. Xian Pu turned to Kree looking measurably and a bit sheepish. Kree just smiled friendly.

"(He used an ancient technique that would take even me by surprise. It was no wonder he beat you that simply. In fact, he made you trip. It's clear that he didn't want you hurt. Am I wrong, young man?)" The mummy asked and Kree shook his head. The mummy smiled.

"(Is that true? You made me fall and lose?)" She asked with an unreadable face. Kree nodded sure of himself. Before Kree could move, Xian Pu grabbed his face.

"(Wha-What are you doing!)" He asked suddenly fearful. A faint tint of blue covered the right side of his forehead.

Xian Pu didn't reply but smiled evilly before leaning in and kissing him. Ahh! I'm dead! He thought really scared. Two seconds later, she leaned back.

"(I'm…dead, right?)" He asked to the mummy.

"(What are you talking about?)" She asked amused.

"(Sh-She gave me the Kiss of Death!)" He exclaimed. He looked at Xian Pu who was glomping his right arm with a blissful smile.

The mummy laughed and laughed. "(Oh, no, boy. She gave you the 'Kiss of Marriage'.)" She explained.

"(I…I have to marry her?)" He asked bewildered. This was not what he was expecting. In fact, he did, but it was surprising to having it actually happening. Xian Pu's face turned into a hurt one. "(Hey. Wait.)" He said "(I was not complaining about that. If I have to marry you, I will. It's jus-)" He was interrupted when she suddenly kissed him again. I'm going to be dead when a certain someone finds out…

"(So, if you agree…)" The mummy said and another mummy appeared by her side.

"(What is happening here?)" She asked with a frown.

"(My grand-daughter is going to marry this remarkably powerful young man here.)" The first mummy to appear stated and the newcomer smiled.

"(Really?)" The first mummy nodded. "(Hey Everyone! Xian Pu's getting married!)" She announced and Xian Pu tightened the glomp on Kree's arm. He glanced for a second to her, totally unknowing what to do about the sudden show of affection. Man, isn't she an easy-lover…

"Hey, man. What's going on?" Ranma-chan asked as she finally approached.

"I-I have to marry this girl…" He stuttered. "To this beautiful girl." He added and smiled. Ranma-chan's brows lifted.

"Whoa. That was unexpected." She chuckled. Kree nodded still with his smile. "You seem to be quite all right with this…"

"Of course I am. Even if I wasn't, I would be chased until the end of the world to be killed." Kree replied and Ranma-chan drop-sweat. "Hey, when do we continue our trip? And…you care if I bring my wife along?" He bent his head a bit a side.

"Er…No, of course not. We'll go on when you are ready, I guess…" Ranma-chan replied and left to go next to her father and the guide.

"(Who was that girl?)" Xian Pu asked with a slight frown.

"(Don't worry about her. It's just a companion of my travels. And you have something really important to keep in mind; I'll be devoted to you. Even if we just met. I consider this kind of stuff important, even if it isn't my beliefs. But I can see that it is important to you.)" He stated and she squealed in delight. "(When do you think we can leave the village to continue the travels?)" He asked and she shrugged.

The whole commotion that the statement caused made the village around the trunk talk in a rushed pace. But the topic that caused more importance to the pair near the trunk was one: When was Xian Pu leaving?

Almost everyone seemed eager that she left as soon as possible. Everyone except one.

"(How dare you come in here, outsider, and steal my Xian Pu's heart like that!)" A male voice said. Xian Pu's sighed in despair. Kree turned to him with a slight frown.

"(Two things. I think I really can take care of her if she chose me, because she did so. Not because she was obliged in some way. And second, Bug off!)" He shrugged his hand in a casual way and the boy with long hair and strange glasses simply flew away like he was made of paper on a typhoon.

"(How you did that?)" Xian Pu asked impressed. Finally both started to move from the trunk and sat down on a nearby bench.

"(I'll tell you later. I can't here.)" Kree smiled to her. The first mummy re-appeared in front of them.

"(Xian Pu, do you want a wedding?)" She asked. Xian Pu looked at Kree. He shrugged.

"(No. Just marry us the old style.)" She replied and he turned to her quite impressed. It wasn't normal that a woman didn't want a big wedding with all her parents and family.

"(As you want.)" The mummy replied and turned to Kree. "(Do you agree?)" He nodded. "(In that case, you can call me mother-in-law in a few minutes. But first we can organize something, don't you think? After all, the whole village is present here.)" She insisted and both teenagers looked at each other and shrugged.

"(Um…Sure.)" Kree voiced their thoughts. Five minutes later, the whole village had been changed into wedding spectators. No one changed clothes. No one except Kree and Xian Pu.

Both had split up and he simply disappeared from everyone sight in the commotion. He appeared three minutes later with black trousers, black formal shirt and full black shoes.

"Hey, man. Looking good." Ranma-chan commented as he walked to her side. "But…always black?" She raised a brow.

"I'm very fond of the colour, you know." He explained and she nodded.

"(I never knew my son-in-law had that ability to change clothes so fast…)" The great-grandmother of Xian Pu noted. "(Just one thing disturbs me…How did you managed to obtain the technique you used to beat Xian Pu and her…lost suitor?)"

"(That, is a secret.)" Kree smiled. "(And, what's your name? Or should I call you mother-in-law all the time?)" Both chuckled.

"(Yes. I understand your point. My name is Ku Lon, but, you can call me Cologne.)" She stated with a small bow. Kree smiled back.

"(How do I look?)" Xian Pu's voice made them turn. Only two if the three present lost their ability to talk. Stunning was a true and utter understatement.

"(You look great.)" Ku Lon stated and Xian Pu smiled. Kree's eyes almost bulged out. She was dressed in a plain white dress that reached half her limb. A small slit to the side made it even more flesh showing. She was wearing simple white shoes too.

"(Y-You look beautiful…)" Kree pointed and she blushed.

"She's the girl you're going to marry?" Ranma-chan asked. A small tinge of jealousy marked her voice. Thing that Kree took note of.

"Don't worry, you had it." Kree smiled knowingly and Ranma-chan lifted a brow in confusion.

"(Shall we get ready?)" Ku Lon asked and both soon-to-be married couple nodded. A small stage was prepared in front of the people that wanted to be there. Less than half of the village.

Both walked hand in hand until they were on the stage. Ku Lon was already there, awaiting the inevitable.

"(We are beginning.)" She announced and the small chatter the village had died there.

"(We are here in a rush hour.)" She started and mostly everyone that understood her language, chuckled. "(Aside that, we are here to join these two souls into the ancient and powerful joining that is marriage. Both of you…Er…the decision you shared, has got you to this point, where things won't be the way they used to be.)" Both teens raised a brow.

"(You will no longer be parted. No longer do things by your own. You will have each other to support. That said, I'll go on. Xian Pu, do you accept this man to be your husband? In good and bad, in sickness or health, until death splits you up?)"

(A.N: Sorry, but I'm using the old style marriage speech, don't want to think something interesting relating the Amazons and marriage. If you want a fancy and well done Amazon marriage, read "A cold Wind Blows" by Aondehafka.)

Xian Pu gazed into Kree's eyes. Red met black. Bliss would be short of what she felt now. "(I do.)" She said.

"(Kree, do you accept this woman to be your wife, in good and bad, in sickness or health, until death splits you up?)"

He made a furtive look at her and smiled. "(I do.)" He said with a short nod.

"(Is that is so, I pronounce you wife and-)"

"(Hold on!)" Everyone sighed in frustration. There was only one person that dared to stop that. Mu Tze.

Kree's furious look locked in Mu Tze's walking figure. Now his eyes were different. Where there was white, now it was amber, and where it was round, now there was a vertical black slit. Much dragon-like. A low growl came from him as he continued to stare at the incomer.

For a second Mu Tze was afraid of making another step but kept going until he was less than 20 feet away from the almost-married couple.

"(husband. You may kiss the groom.)" Ku Lon's voice broke over Kree's anger and his eyes went to normal. Suddenly, his ability to breathe was lost as his now-wife lip-locked with him. Mu Tze face-faulted.

A full minute passed as both remained lip-locked before splitting up. Kree had a stupid heavenly happy smile.

"(I…lost…)" Mu Tze sighed. No one cared about that. Even so, after some good luck wishing, in ten minutes the square was almost gone of people. It looked like an Amazon marrying an outsider was quite the feat if half the village was there. And also it looked like no one cared too much about the champion of the village.

The married couple approached the Saotomes and the guide that was still there. They were arm-locked.

"Oh, good luck both of you in your joined life." The guide said. A small tear running down his cheek.

"Thank you." Kree smiled. Xian Pu looked confused. "(It is time that I give you a wedding gift.)" He said and withdrew from his pocket a necklace. It was made from gold and it had a small symbol where it should be the front. "(May I?)" He asked and she moved her hair with a smile.

He placed it and locked it. "There. Now, it's better, don't you think?" He asked in Japanese with a knowing smile. Her mouth opened in shock.

"So, you are married?" Ranma-chan asked lifting a brow.

"Of course, and I couldn't have gotten a better wife." He replied and kissed his wife.

"H-How can I understand what you say?" She asked and the Saotomes and the guide's eyes widened. Kree smiled.

"That necklace is special. It makes you understand Japanese and even speak it perfectly." Kree explained and she squealed. "I see that you like it." He added and she nodded.

"Can we simply continue our trip?" Genma asked with the sign.

"Take it easy. We don't have a rush, do we?" Ranma asked and the panda sighed. "Good."

"What do you think of going on a trip? A trip to Japan?" Kree asked Xian Pu. She seemed to consider it for a second.

"I'll go! I've never been in Japan and it would be great." She replied.

"Good. Then I'll introduce us, I'm Ranma Saotome. This is my dad." He pointed at the panda. "We are cursed, that is why we are like this. The problem is that we don't know how to go back to our normal forms." He explained. "And what's your name?"

"It's complicated to say it in Japanese. The most close thing would be 'Shampoo'." She replied and Ranma-chan nodded.

"(So, great-granddaughter. You are married. You can go everywhere you like, do whatever you like with your husband if he agrees, of course. What will you do know?)" Ku Lon asked.

"I'll go to Japan!" She exclaimed and glomped to Kree's arm.

"S-Since when do you speak Japanese so good?" Ku Lon eye's seemed to bulge out in surprise.

"Since my dear husband gave me this necklace. It makes me understand and speak Japanese fluently." Shampoo explained. Ku Lon looked impressed.

"Nice treat." She replied in Japanese. "So, you're planning to go with your husband to Japan?" The married couple nodded. "Good. Then I say that you should get some clothes along. Come on." She said and Shampoo followed her.

"I don't understand. Why did you agree in marrying her?" Ranma-chan asked when they were out of earshot.

"I simply have to, or I'd be chased to be killed." He said calmly. "And her laws oblige her." Kree replied. "And, I'm taking you a weigh out of your shoulders."

"How come?" She was clearly interested in this.

"Look. Remember when I beat her?" She nodded. "If you were the one to beat her, we would be running on the field. She would have give you the 'Kiss of Death'." He explained.

"Oh! You are right, mister." The guide said hitting his palm with a fist. "If Amazon give you the 'Kiss of Death' is a promise that they will follow you to the end of earth and kill you." He explained and Kree nodded in agreement.

"Whoa…that's some serious stuff…Thanks, man."

"Hey, I've got myself into bigger trouble." Kree smiled. "Instead of having her chasing my skin, now I have her as a wife!" Ranma-chan chuckled. "Not that I'm complaining." He added hastily. "So, Next stop, Japan?"

Ranma-chan nodded. "Yup. Problem is that maybe we'd have to swim the entire ocean. We're almost out of cash, you know."

"We'll see when we get there. After all, it's a couple of weeks to get to the shore, right?"

"Yes. It's going to be a while indeed." She replied with a curt smile. Kree seemed to stiffen noticeably.

"Um, guys. Before we go on, there's something I have to tell you." He started.

"I'm back!" Shampoo's cheerful voice interrupted him. He sighed and smiled. "Missed me?" She said teasing.

"Of course." He replied and kissed her swiftly. Behind her, a backpack smaller than the one the Saotomes carried was handled.

"Here, Shampoo. Take this as a token in case you are missing some…influence." Cologne stated and gave her a small leather bag.

"Thank you, Great-Grandmother." She replied with a short bow.

"Well, we're leaving. Guide, could you please show us the way?" Ranma-chan said cheerful for once.

"Oh, I can't go any further with you. I have to go back and look after my daughter. But, I'll tell you which direction you have to take." He raised a hand and pointed to the East. "Go that way as long as you can and you will find the ocean." He explained.

"Mh, thank you." She replied frowning and looking at the direction the guide pointed.

"It's been a pleasure." The Guide said and turned to the married couple. "You two have a happy and healthy life." He smiled.

"Thank you." Both said bowing and after saying goodbyes, the Guide left.

"So that leaves us on our own…Too bad there isn't a grown up around to blame…" Kree commented and Ranma-chan laughed. Genma growled.

"I'm right here!" The sign read. He growled to emphasize that but it was useless.

"Anyway, let's get going." Kree pointed and everyone agreed with that.

"My grand-daughter is finally leaving on a trip…" Cologne smiled and sighed.

"Don't worry, great-grandmother. I promise to write to you." Shampoo replied and hugged her midget parent. "And I have my husband to take care of me!" She added when they split. Kree blushed.

"Er…Please stop doing that." He begged. "At least for now…"

"If you say so…Husband." She replied teasingly.

"Whatever, let's go, then." Kree ended at that. After some waves of hand, the quartet left the Amazon village.

Not a minute passed and Shampoo was already holding Kree's arm. He wasn't so back either as he passed his arm around her shoulder. A smile covered their faces.

"(I kind of like this, even if we don't know too much of each other, this is great.)" Kree commented in Chinese, obviously wanting to leave the Saotomes out of the conversation.

"(It is, doesn't it?)" She replied smiling. "(And it's true what you said. However, I feel that I know you somehow…)" She said thinking.

"(That's strange. I'm sure that today it's the first time I ever saw you. But, you are correct, I share that feeling.)" He replied with a short nod.

"Um, guys. I have something you need to know before we go on…" Kree wanted to continue what he was going to say before being interrupted. The Saotomes stopped and looked back at him expectantly. His wife too. "I am cursed." He announced and his face was clear. 'I'm going to be left out.'

"Hey, man. Don't worry. I'm cursed too as pop here." Ranma-chan noted and Kree smiled sheepishly. "Jusenkyo, right?" Kree nodded. "I knew it. What you change into? A rabbit? A woman? Or are you a woman already?" He asked teasingly.

"Er…It's not a good idea to show you here. Perhaps in a more…discrete area." Kree proposed.

"It's that strange? Oh, c'mon. I've heard of the yeti-riding-bull-and-carrying-crane-and-eel. You have nothing to be ashamed of."

"I'm not ashamed of my curse. In fact, it's the exact opposite. I am very proud of it." Kree stated sure of himself. "It's just that it is very…surprising. That's all. And it is why I know the technique I used to beat my dear." He smiled to their face of surprise.

"A-a curse gave you the technique? Which technique?" Ranma-chan's eyes lit up at the forehand of learning a new technique.

"That's…ah, That's a problem. I kinda…destroyed the spring when I got my curse…and after that…There's only one other guy in the whole world that I know of that I can teach him this technique. And not for even the thing I would want the most I will teach him this. He's evil to the spine." Kree explained when they resumed the walk.

"Who is it?" Genma asked.

"Um, Shampoo may know who I'm talking about." He turned to her. "Herb rings a bell?" He asked and her face stiffened.

"Yes…" She grumbled. "I'm very fond of that guy…" Her voice dripping sarcasm.

"Um, I think we better not touch that subject any longer…" Kree assumed a bit scared at her face. "We better just continue walking." Everyone agreed.

Four hours later, they arrived to a village. It wasn't big, but it was to take in count. People didn't even look at them, martial artists were common stuff around.

"We'll go prepare a camp." Ranma-chan informed.

"I was thinking of checking at the Inn." Kree protested. His brow was up.

"Look, I don't have any money, and I won't accept that you pay for me and my dad." She replied seriously.

"Suit yourself." Kree replied with a slow nod. "But, I have someone to treat. Right?" He smiled to Shampoo, who smiled back. "(And it's supposed to be our post-wedding night, right?)" She blushed crimson.

"Er…Yes." She said weakly.

"(Oh, come on. I was simply teasing you. But! That doesn't mean I can't treat you as you deserve.)" He replied. "So, we'll see you tomorrow." He stated to Ranma-chan and the married couple left in the direction of the Inn.

"Mh…Strange. Wonder why she blushed…" She said to self before marching with Genma to a place to camp.

"Ranma, what do you think married couples do after their wedding?" Genma asked with his panda eyes narrowed. Ranma-chan blushed.

"Oh." She replied.

"(Hi, do you have a free room?)" Kree asked to the inn-keeper. The inn-keeper looked at the both of them for a second.

"(Yes, I do. But…It has one bed.)" He replied and both teens shrugged.

"(We'll take it.)" She replied shortly. The Inn-Keeper raised a brow but said nothing.

"(It's the third door to the right. Pay after the night.)" He said and after a short bow, the married couple went to the room in question.

It wasn't the big luxury but it was good. A big bed was against one of the walls with two small bed-side tables by both sides. The room had only one window, but from it entered a lot of moon-light. It also had a bathroom attached by a door.

Kree sighed in frustration of self. Looks like it won't be avoidable. He thought. "Anyway, let's get this through." He said and she nodded. He removed his shirt. Both were turned from each other. "Shamps, I have something to tell you…I tend to sleep…with only my boxers…" He commented sheepishly but never turning.

"That might be a problem, I sleep naked." She replied.

"Urk." He stiffened. "Er…We'll…We'll manage…" He stuttered. "Just wait a minute…" He entered the bed and turned his back to her. "There, ready." He said and she turned to him.

A short smile grew on her lips. At least he's considerate. She thought and entered the bed turning her back to him. "Do you think I'm ugly?" She asked, her voice hurt.

"How can you say that!" He replied turning swiftly to her. She turned too. "I think that you are beautiful. And even if I'm your…er…not fully accepted husband, doesn't mean you're obliged to make love with me! I'm not in any rush, I can wait until we are both ready. The thing that we are married is just…secondary." He explained and placed a hand on her cheek. She smiled closing her eyes and tilted her head to his hand.

"Thank you." She replied.

"Don't mention it. Just…be yourself." He said and removed his hand so he could turn again.

"See you tomorrow. Sweet dreams…husband." She giggled at that and he smiled.

"Sweet dreams to you too, Wife." He replied.

So, what do you think? I told you it was fast. And the pairings will be different. Now that chapter 1's ready and read, I can tell the pairings. It's Ranma/Ukyo, Shampoo/Kree and Akane will be left out and forgotten. (For the ones that are just catching up with my style of writing Ranma 1/2 fics, I completely hate, despise and cannot stand that violent uncute tomboy Akane Tendo. Sorry if you don't like that, but if you do, then join the club! (Smiles profusely!).

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