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Chapter 8

"Mh…It seems that she is being peaceful around that boy…" A pair of big eyes glanced towards the Amazon sitting on the roof. What made the figure invisible to the normal eye is that it was surrounded by the shadow of a tree near the Tendo Household. "Great-granddaughter, you may have found someone who is a real worthwhile." Cologne grinned at this. Somehow she felt proud of her apprentice. She had achieved several goals that only when she would be around her thirties could be able to do so.

Yes…She's a real suitor for the matriarch place I'll be leaving soon. But she lacks some of the emotional training. She still doubts when orders have to be made and the outcome of them is that someone has to die. Cologne's thoughts were interrupted by movement on the roof. Now Shampoo wasn't alone. It seemed a young man was with her now and it wasn't her husband. She raised a brow. This newcomer had black hair finished up in a pig-tail. But his stance when they talked indicated a fighter. The two began chatting before nodding.

And it was a fighter indeed! The Amazon matriarch raised both brows when the pair took stances and began a training spar after both had jumped on the street.

Wonder what that girl is doing now…Perhaps picking up for a fight with whoever comes in front of her and is suitable… Her thoughts drifted back to the one that had decided to accompany her in her trip towards Japan. I swear that she wants to make me angry at her on purpose…

Kree cursed under his breath for the seventh time now. Finding this guy was proving to be a real pain in the backside. He had found the wrong place once again. And it did not help the fact that his alert sense seemed like drums in a metal band… Who the hell is following me!! He was now certain that someone had been behind him and watching all the time he had crossed one of the streets. Like he had picked the curiosity of that person.

He stopped dead in his tracks and sighed after closing his eyes. He had to calm down. It was not going to get him anywhere if he fell into despair now. He could feel the pair of eyes on him more accurately but it didn't disturb him. In fact, he smirked. So, you think you can spy on me? Let's see for how long you can keep up while I search for this guy… He thought in a silent challenge to his stalker.

Out of the blue, he ran at the top of his legs. Giving the bare minimal glance to each house so he could guess if that was the one he was looking for, the black blur passed through the few people that crossed those streets. Even with the wind smashing at his face, he could "feel" the person following him through the roofs of the houses and shops. He decided to make a turn in a suspicious alley and found out why it was suspicious a second later. Black, thick smoke rose from one of the houses close to where he was.

"Mh…So that's why it was so complicated to find him…He was right in the middle of the houses in this block!" He grumbled to himself before scouting out the way to approach the smith. Soon, he was facing a brow and hammer raised wielding blacksmith.

The serious and possibly angry face of his forties told Kree that he was expecting some kind of explanation as to why he had entered the place. "Er…hello." He said stupidly and it was obvious that the working man was fighting the urge to roll his eyes at him. "I was wondering if you would be interested in a trade."

Both brow and hammer got down and he looked with interest at the boy and the long package tucked under his arm. "What kind of trade?" He asked in a gruff voice.

"I was thinking if you would like to give me a katana for the one I have here." Kree replied patting his blade. The smith frowned.

"Mh…And what does it make it different from the others? As you can see, I have lots of them! I even make them!" He said extending his arms towards a wall. Managing a quick glance, Kree's jaw dropped. Tenths of katanas were placed on shelves separately. The sheaths in different color and pattern. It looked like he was extremely skilled in making them. The smith grinned to the youngster's face. "I see you like them."

Kree shook his head and got back to reality. "Er…Yes. Would you mind if you have a look at the one I have?" The smith made a face that clearly said "not at all", so he unpacked the sword and unsheathed it before handing it over.

Immediately after the color of the blade was out, the smith's eyes sparkled with interest. "What is this blade made from? It's incredibly light!" He said smiling and making some poses with it just to judge the straightness of the blade and its equilibrium with the mass from both the blade and the hilt and guard.

"Can you keep a secret?" Kree fidgeted before asking this. It was obvious that he was feeling uncomfortable under that question.

"Of course."

"Mythril." Kree replied and awaited the smith's response. The only sound was the clatter of the katana against the floor.

"What?" The young one had to hold back a lot from laughing at the face the smith had now.

"Exactly what you heard. Mythril." Kree parroted.

"W-Who made this blade?" His eyes seemed to bulge out at the finding that one of the most precious legendary metals was just in front of him. He just had to know where the ore was!

"Er…I did. I tra-forged the Mythril through unconventional means." Kree pointed out. "But, could we please get on with the trade? I really have to be going. You can check it out the whole year if you want." He rushed the smith. He knew it was a desperate move, but his stalker was quickly matching his previous steps. He wasn't too worried that he would come home later than expected, but a rant from his wife wasn't the most pleasurable thing to receive.

"Of course! Choose five out of them!" He said motioning towards the wall full of swords. "I suggest the black-sheathed ones. I made them extra sturdy and light-weight using a forging technique that I found out not too much long ago." He said and resumed the stare at his newly acquired extremely rare sword. Now he would be the envy of the whole smith club!

Kree quickly tucked under his arm five of the recommended katanas. Only one of them was pure black on its sheath. The others had tinges of gold, silver, emerald and sapphire. "Glad making business with you." He said extending a hand. The smith smiled at him and shook it.

"If you make another one of these, I'll be infinitely in debt with you if you decide to trade it with me." He replied and Kree left with a smile covering his face. He just covered the katanas with the cloth that covered his previous one when a scimitar was pointed at his face. He stared for a second at the tip before glancing at the wielder. So the stalker had decided to show up…worst of all was that it was a girl. A girl made him nervous. Well, another girl besides Shampoo.

"(You seem talented enough to wield a sword. I challenge you to a duel!)" The girl said in Chinese just before Kree had managed to get a good view of the girl. Her long platinum blonde hair covered most of her back until it reached what seemed like her waist. But he noted that something wasn't allowing it to flow entirely and assumed that a hair-piece or ribbon was holding it. Her steely green eyes (Can't remember the real color) seemed to pierce through him in a life-long fighter stare. Her whole slim body was covered in armor, most of it made of something that resembled leather and the rest made of steel. Still, her 5' 10'' wasn't something to point out from Kree's 6'5", but she was short, yes. Her proportions were clearly normal to everyone.

Kree nodded in agreement to her challenge. Now, she seemed like a real threat to his skills and he might be getting into an interesting fight. "But not here." The girl raised a brow. "It is way too closed up to get a real fight from going on in here. Follow me." He said and began using one of the most common techniques in the Ranma Saotome repertory. The roof-hop.

Soon enough, he had reached the Tendo Household and left his spare katanas in his room using the window before leaving. "(Don't need them.)" He explained at the girl and pointed out the street in front of the house. Some suspicious holes where in the pavement but Kree shrugged at them. Possibly some street workers or something else.

A minute later, the fighters had both blades unsheathed and pointing towards the other. Both of them simply waited for the other to make a move. "(By the way.)" Kree said and she raised a brow. "(Care to give me your name?)" Before he got a reply, the girl charged in, taking advantage of Kree's misplaced attention.

Hmm…She's a good one. He thought while blocking her strike and launching one of his own. And the momentum she used while I asked her name was good placed too. She might make me effort! Ahh…No more Kuno for that so-called "sword-fight", from now on, I might try to fight her with a sword.

The girl rolled from the jump backwards she made to get away from Kree's reach. She smiled. "(Not bad.)"

"(Same here.)" Both grinned before running towards the middle and both blades clashed onto each other. Both of their hands were gripped on their swords, neither letting the other win this battle. Even if the war was far from over. Finally, Kree, with a small peak of strength over her, made her stumble against the floor. But before he could make something to use that mistake and convert it into the victory, she rolled again backwards and got to her feet in a fluid motion. Indeed she's flexible… He thought at that. He nodded several times slightly in approval to that also.

"(Not an easy feat, eh?)" The girl smirked. He knew an attack was coming from her way but couldn't help it. He just had to wait. A few seconds later, the girl rebounded impressively on the wall near Kree and kicked him before trying a slash. The kick connected but the slash was blocked effectively. Before she had time to react, Kree had back-kicked her and she went flying back to her initial place before the attack.

"(Try again.)" He shot back and she frowned. Now here was a real challenge against all those losers in her home-land. Strange thing was that he seemed very vaguely familiar from some place, but she just couldn't put her finger on it. It was probably that which made her follow him through all those streets and people before finally challenging him. She shook her thoughts out of her mind before deciding to launch a strike.

However, she was mid-way to him when he began to glow a mixture of black, golden and blue. His eyes were closed when his body seemed to rise into the air like he was pulled by the chest. His arms and legs were loosely thrown back. His sword clattered on the floor. He floated until he reached some feet in the air.

Her eyes grew and her jaw dropped at the display of power before her very eyes. What was going to happen now? She had never seen a technique such as this one and could never hope to counter it in any way. Strange thing was that he had dropped his weapon and seemed to be very vulnerable in that moment. She doubted to attack in case that it was only a tirade and he was waiting for her to attack. Now the only thing she could do was hold.

His colorful aura began to grow and grow until it was several palms away from him, when it suddenly sucked in into Kree. His body was neatly and slowly placed standing on the floor. He crouched and grabbed his sword while a shadow covered his face. When he snapped his face back, a large grin was on his face. "(Round Two begins now.)" He stated with a very confident smile. Something about that smile made her shiver all over her spine. Like some amazing power was going to be shown.

Kree's smirk deepened. Whatever chance that girl hoped to had in this fight now has been dropped to a big, enormous zero. "Master, the meeting took longer than expected. Too bad you didn't change a bit…or perhaps you are now more…sensitive towards the water?" Genarog's sarcastic question made him shiver internally. It had been too close several times for him to change into his draconic form.

"Let's keep that out of topic from now. I'm glad you're back with me now. This girl was proving to be a true foe." Kree replied seriously to his companion.

"Right…And just why didn't you use those cool techniques you have when you use a sword?" Kree visually flinched. The dragon was right, of course. That battle would have been much less long if he had done so. But it was going to finish soon, as his Ryu-Ken's power was back to their full-extent.

"(Alright, ready to lose?)" He said making emphasis in the last word. His pose changed into an offensive one, placing the blade over an extended hand while the other arm kept handing the sword. Before she had even opened her mouth, she was slammed against the nearest wall by a powerful wind. Indeed the wind wasn't his favorite element for nothing. He smirked when she fell against the street but waited patiently nonetheless. This girl was not to be taken lightly.

Her sight seemed to double over but she shook it and decided that if the fight was already going down the sewers, then she would at least give some fight. She launched herself towards Kree in a battle-cry. Kree's brows rose at the blade three feet from him. It would advance no more as his own was blocking it and the aid of the wind was helping in that too.

"Kree!" The shout made the two fighters look at the source. The two fighting figures fidgeted with different reactions at the exclamation. He simply looked down sheepishly and embarrassed. But the girl looked specially taken aback.

Just what is she doing here?? She grumbled mentally. She clearly didn't want to be close to her so quickly. But she would need to do so because of her orders.

"Just what do you think you are doing with my sister!?" She added striding close to him. At least her temper never changes…But it seems that it has been diluted, by now she would have kicked in the guts at this male. The blonde thought to herself.

"Sister??" Now he was clearly taken aback. If he had known that…The girl removed the scimitar and sheathed it before scowling at Shampoo for being a spoil-sport. "But you two don't even look alike!" He pointed defensively. Both girls rolled their eyes at him.

"Um…Amazon-sister?" The blonde girl pointed out in a sarcastic remark and in Japanese. Her tone seemed to explain everything that even an idiot could find out. His impressed face made them understand that he thought she couldn't speak Japanese. But it was clearly gone.

It dawned on Kree. Finally. Blushing, he said. "Oh. Right…" He scratched the back of his neck and looked at the street. The girl next to him looked at the boy quizzically. A minute before he was smirking very confidently at her and was clearly winning their fight. But now, under Shampoo's gaze, he comes across a subordinate?

"Sugar, I think you two owe me an explanation as to why you two were fighting." Shampoo pointed out again. Now the blonde girl copied Kree's expression and position.

"Um…, I think we better leave it for later. But why the name Sugar? You never said that before." Kree pointed scratching a cheek with a finger. The blonde resisted the urge to slap the back of his head.

"She means me…" She mumbled so he could hear with narrowed eyes. Now he was proving to be a complete idiot? She'd better keep a close look on him. Still, his questioning look made her roll her eyes at him.

"Sugar? Ah! So you finally appear!" An old voice said and it made the two fighters look at it. Cologne was standing on top of her staff and smiling knowingly at them. "And it seems you picked up another fight…But I must assure you that this one is beyond your skills." She stated and Sugar growled. It was clear that she had found that out, the hard way. If she had only known before that he had such moves, he might be more precautious when she approached him or didn't approach him at all!

"Hey, darling." Shampoo said lovingly as she approached her husband. He decided to let her know that he had recovered the ability to control the elements once again by making her fly towards him in a flash before he caught her neatly.

"Hey there."

"Don't you think you're going…a bit too hasty?" Sugar pointed out and both looked at her like she had suddenly sprouted a second head. "What?"

"Children, she doesn't know because she was in an assignment. She just got back to know that I would be leaving for Japan and she offered herself to accompany me. And she requested some personal training." Cologne explained hopping down her staff. Understanding flashed through their faces and they nodded.

"She's my wife" "He's my husband" Both said at the exact same time. Sugar simply stared at the two of them.

"Eh?" She let out and smacked herself mentally. Of course! She had heard that Shampoo got married the same day she got beaten by a male outsider. So this guy… "Wow…" She let out again. No wonder Shampoo lost to him if he uses this kind of techs.

"Now that my guardian" Sugar fidgeted here. "has returned to her place, I might be able to give you an offer that was supposed to come out when I encountered you two." Cologne said clearly wanting to get some silence between to add suspense.

After seconds of silence, Kree snapped. "What is it??"

The matriarch smiled at him. "I have recently opened a restaurant not far from here and I have lots of spare place for people to stay besides me and Sugar here. I was wondering if you would like to come with us…?"

The married couple simply looked at each other in doubt. He shrugged and she nodded. Some silent agreement had been reached. "We'd be honored." Kree assumed the responsibility of communicating their verdict. Cologne nodded slowly.

"Very well. Then you would better advice the one that this matter will affect in a big degree." Cologne spoke quizzically. Kree raised a brow and nodded a second later, understanding. But instantly, he shivered when he imagined what Ranma's reaction would be when they told him about their resolve to leave him. Not totally, but they wouldn't be there to back him up against his father or that crazy nut case that was the youngest Tendo.

"Yes…" Shampoo replied with something among the lines of Kree in her mind. Both walked slowly into the house carrying a grim face with them.

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