Written by: Jennifer Hedgehog

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Sonic, Manic, Jennifer, and Sonia are on vacation. Unfortunately, none of their vacationslast long, and this one is spoiled too when Manic finds a green emerald in the sand of the beach, and Timber McTiger shows up, and gives a similar emerald to Sonia, telling her it's one of the royal emeralds, and that thesecret of the royal family is sealed inside. Sonic, Jennifer, Manic, and Sonia go off to find the last two emeralds, and a new adventure has begun…


Sonia folded her hands, and closed her eyes. Everything was quiet around her for once, and right now she felt great. She sat in the van while the others were outside, and for the first time in days, there was total quiet around her. Suddenly, the door opened, and someone came inside.

"Hey, sis! How can you sit in here? It's too QUIET!" Manic's voice said.

Sonia still had her eyes closed. "It was wonderful until YOU came in, Manic! Don't disturb me!" she said, and sighed annoyed.

"What are you doing then? Voodoo?" Manic asked, and giggled.

Sonia grinded her teeth. "Its called meditation! I'm trying to enjoy the silence for once, so DON'T disturb me now! Did you hear me!?" She asked, dogged.

"O.K., O.K.! I'm leaving now! I just had to get something to drink! It's hot outside and I feel like a fried chicken! Look sis! I'm leaving! I'm leaving! Now I'm out!" Manic said, and left.

Sonia sighed again. "Good!" she said. Manic was right. It was pretty hot, and the sun was shining as much as it could on a warm day in July. Sonia opened her eyes. Manic broke her concentration before, and now, it was impossible to get it back again. She decided to go outside instead. She got up from her bunk where she sat, walked over to the open door, and looked out. They had camped close to a beach, very close to the sea, and everyone liked the place... Except for Sonic. He kept far away from the water, but he didn't really mind that they had camped so close.

Jennifer saw Sonia come outside, and ran over to her. "Sonia! This place is great! There're some volleyball courts near us... Wanna play volleyball?" she asked, and dribbled the ball.

Sonia smiled. "Of course! What about the boys?" She asked.

Jennifer pointed with a thumb. "We can ask them to play... Girls vs. Boys!" she said. Sonia nodded. "And they're gonna lose!" she said. She and Jennifer laughed. "Come on! Let's get 'em!" Jennifer said, and walked towards the beach.

Sonia followed. "I'm glad you like this place. We were lucky to find it!" she said.

Jennifer smiled. "Who doesn't like it? Robotnik hasn't touched it yet, and he doesn't even know we're here!" she said, and looked towards the sun.

Suddenly, a blue blur passed them, and caused both of them to fall. Sonic stopped, and walked over to them.

"Sonic Hedgehog, you're SO in trouble!" Sonia mumbled, got up, helped Jennifer to stand up, began to brush the sand away, and looked angry at Sonic.

"Sonic! What's the big idea!?" Jennifer asked, and looked at Sonic too.

He grinned. "Hey, hey! Don't get mad for nothin', girls! I'm just having FUUUN!" he said, jumped up, and left a blue blur in the air while he ran towards the beach again, turned around, ran back, and stopped in front of the girls. They looked at each other with folded arms.

"Nothing, huh? O.K., what about a game of volleyball instead? Girls vs. Boys!" Sonia said, and knocked her fist down in her hand.

"Fine... But don't think YOU are gonna win!" Sonic said, and pointed at Sonia and Jennifer.

They smirked at each other. "We don't THINK we're gonna win! We KNOW it!" Jennifer said. Sonic giggled.

"Well, guess ya can hope as much as ya want to! O.K., just go to the courts... I'll get Manic over there, and then, it's time to win!" he said.

"Yeah! For us!" Sonia said, and she and Jennifer walked towards the courts.

Sonia and Jennifer sat down in the sand, tired and short of breath. The tennis match before was hard, and especially after another hard volleyball match. "Maybe Sonic wasn't good at volleyball... But, he was good at tennis! We lost!" Jennifer said, and sighed.

Sonia shrugged her shoulders. "Never mind! We're good at different things, and we can't be good at everything. And tennis is just a game, so it doesn't matter if we lose." she said.

Jennifer shook her head, and smiled. Manic came running over to them. "Look what I found in the sand!" he said, and showed something to Sonia and Jennifer. A big green emerald showed up in his hand. Sonia and Jennifer gasped.

"Manic! Where did you steal that!?" Sonia asked. "I FOUND it, Sonia! There's no one I could steal it from!" Manic said, and put the emerald down in his bag. "Give it back to the owner, Manic!" Sonia continued.

Manic sighed. "I don't know who the owner is! I found the emerald!" he said.

Sonia was about to say something, but Jennifer stopped her. "Please, stop Sonia... I don't think he'd lie like that!" she whispered.

Sonia looked at Manic, and then at Jennifer. "Not while you're here… Beside, if he had stolen it, he'd have hidden it from me!" she said, and patted Jennifer at her shoulder. Jennifer smiled.

"Wanna go down to the beach for a walk in the sunset, J?" Manic asked. Jennifer looked at Sonia who nodded.

"Your chance, J! He's yours!" she whispered, and giggled. Jennifer looked at her funny, and then, turned to Manic. "Of course! Why not?" She said.

Manic smiled. "Come on then..." he said, he took Jennifer's hand, and the two walked towards the beach.

Sonia walked into the van where Sonic sat, eating chilidogs. "Hi there, sis! Where are the two turtle doves?" He asked, and giggled.

Sonia sat down, and began to read a book. "Down at the beach, going for a walk in the sunset." she said.

Sonic ate the last chilidog, and burped loud. Sonia looked at him disgusted. "What? Something wrong?" He asked.

Sonia sighed, and began to read again, still disgusted.

Jennifer rested her head on Manic's shoulder and sighed, while the sun disappeared. "This might be the most beauty sunset ever!" she said.

Manic smiled. "I bet there's another one nearly as beautiful tomorrow... But it won't compare to this one, no matter what!" he said, and put his arm around Jennifer, slowly.

They looked into each other's eyes like in trance, and reached to kiss... "SO close, huh!?" a voice said behind them. They jumped and turned around, and saw a muscular person standing behind them. Then, the person stepped out in the light. It was a tiger, wearing a blue cap, red vest, and green trousers.

"Hey! Mind your own business!" Manic growled.

The tiger smiled. "I did! Not my fault you were here too! And don't worry hedgehog, I have my right to be here as well as you. I live in the Great Swamp, swamps are boring. There's a lot more snakes on this beach than in the swamp, you know!" he said.

Jennifer moved closer to Manic who just mumbled something. "S... Snakes!?" She asked.

The tiger nodded. "Yeah! They're funny to hunt, and since they're all over here, I visit this beach often." he said, "By the way, I'm Timber, and you are?" he looked at Manic and Jennifer.

"Jennifer Scott Hedgehog. And this is my adopted brother and... Eh, best friend, Manic Hedgehog." Jennifer said.

Timber gasped. "Hedgehog!? So you should be in the royal family!" he said.

Jennifer and Manic nodded. "That's who we are." Manic said.

"But... What about her?" Timber asked, and looked at Jennifer.

"That's a long story... I'm from Earth, but Queen Aleena kind of adopted me." she said.

Timber scratched his head. "Well, I think I understand... You're the good Overlander, the one who Queen Aleena adopted?" He asked.

"Why's EVERYONE saying that!? She's a HUMAN!" Manic folded his arms.

Timber shrugged his shoulders. "I just heard it... Everyone seems to know you very well." he said.

Jennifer sighed. "I think I know that!" she said.

Timber smiled. "Well, I gotta go now! Nice to meet you, and I hope we'll meet again in the future!" he said, bowed, and went off.

Jennifer and Manic looked at each other, and then, went off too, towards the van to get some sleep.

The next morning, Sonia was the first to wake. It was 7 o'clock in the morning, and the sun was shining like yesterday. She looked at the others, who slept like they had been up all night or something. She walked over, took a mirror, and looked into it. "Oh my gosh! My hair is a mess!" she said, took a hairbrush, and began to brush her hair. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Sonia walked over, and opened it, slowly. A big tiger stood outside with a blue emerald in his hand. Sonia tread back. "Who... Who are you!?" she stuttered, shocked.

The tiger smiled. "Call me Timber... Is Prince Manic Hedgehog here?" He asked.

Sonia breathed out. The tiger probably didn't want to hurt anybody, or spied for Robotnik. "Yeah, he's my brother... Why?" She asked.

Timber gave the emerald to her. It looked like the one Manic found. "This is one of the royal emeralds... I was to hide it until someone from the royal family came." he said.

Sonia looked at the emerald, and then, took it. "Royal emeralds? I've never heard of them before... Mother probably just hasn't told us yet. I'd like to know why?" she said, and looked at Timer.

"Mother? Oh, you must be Princess Sonia Hedgehog, and Queen Aleena is your mother?" Timber asked.

Sonia nodded. "Yes... How do you know all this stuff?" She asked.

Timber looked into the van. "Hmm, I met your brother and adopted sister yesterday." he said.

Sonia smiled. "Manic and Jennifer... They went for a walk in the sunset... Well, do you wanna come inside for awhile? I think Sonic will want to meet you." she said.

"Yeah, Thanks." he said, and stepped inside.

"By the way. Can you tell me about those royal emeralds? Mother has never told us about them!" Sonia said then she and Timber sat down by the table.

Timber nodded. "Of course! Well, you see... For some years ago, Queen Aleena met me in the Great Swamp, and said she needed my help. I couldn't say no to the queen, and decided to help her... She told me about her newborn triplets, and asked me to look after one of the royal emeralds until you came, and would be able to guard them yourselves. There are four emeralds, hidden in different places on Mobius." he said.

Sonia looked at the emerald again. "But... Do you know where the other emeralds are hidden?" She asked.

Timber sighed. "Not really... But I know she kept one of them herself. I think it was a green one." he said.

Sonia jumped up, walked over, and took the green emerald from Manic's bag. She showed it to Timber. "This one?" She asked.

Timber looked at it. "I... I think so. But it was so many years ago." he said.

Sonia laid the green emerald beside the blue, and looked at them. They had the same size, and the same shape. "It might be one of the royal emeralds... We have to find the other two!" Sonia said.

Timber shrugged his shoulders. "As I said, they're hidden in different places on Mobius. I can't help you to find them, I can't leave the swamp for such a long time. I have to go now... Good luck!" he said, got up from the chair, and walked towards the door. Sonia looked after him, as he left the van.