Sonic laid the fourth emerald beside the other three on the ground, and looked satisfied at them. "We really got what we wanted this time!" he said.

Manic nodded. "Maybe it was way too easy? I mean, we just got them!" he said, and snapped his fingers.

"Way too easy!? Buttnik didn't even know about it, and finally, there's a thing which ends with it's way too easy!" Sonic said.

"I wouldn't be so sure at that, hedgehog!" a voice said. A big figure stepped out in the light followed by a lot of other figures. Robotnik. SWATbots surrounded them in no time.

"Oh, great! Just what we missed!" Sonic said, picking the emeralds up from the ground.

"Give me the emeralds you have, and I'll leave you alone, this time!" Robotnik said.

"No way, Buttnink! They belong to the royal family!" Sonic said.

Robotnik laughed. "They DID belong to the royal family! Now, they're mine! Give them to me! It's your last chance to survive!" he said.

"I said it before! No way, Buttnik!" Sonic spat.

"All right, then! Guess I'll just have to take them from you by force!" he said, and snapped his fingers. A SWATbot came over to him with a transportable roboticizer.

"Uhuh! Troubles in the air!" Manic whispered.

"Are we clear here?!" Robotnik asked.

"You ain't gonna get them!" Sonic said, quietly.

"That was your last chance! Roboticize them!" Robotnik said, and snapped his fingers again.

The SWATbots began to walk towards Sonic, Manic, Sonia, and Jennifer. Suddenly, Sonic jumped up, and kicked one of the SWATbots. It was destroyed at the same. Manic, Jennifer, and Sonia began to kick too, and more SWATbots came to help the others.

Suddenly, one of them grabbed Jennifer in a flying kick. "Hey! Let go of me, tin-can! Not fair!" she yelled, and tried to kick the robot. It just held her firm.

"Hey! NEVER treat a lady like that!" Sonia said transforming her medallion to her keyboard, and shot the SWATbot, which dropped Jennifer at the same. All the SWATbots were finished off, and Robotnik was gone. Sonia ran over to Jennifer. "Are you alright, J? Those bots REALLY needed me to teach them some manners!" she said, and helped Jennifer to stand up.

Jennifer nodded. "Yeah. Thanks, Sonia!" she said, and smiled.

Sonia sighed. "Anytime, J! We're sisters!" she said.

Manic interrupted. "ADOPTED sisters! I wouldn't date my..." he said, but stopped, and held a hand up in front of his mouth, "WHOOPS!" he blushed.

Sonia and Jennifer looked at each other, and laughed. Suddenly, Jennifer gasped, and felt around her neck. "My... My medallion is gone!" she said.

The other looked at her, and stopped laughing. "You're kiddin'!" Sonic said.

Jennifer shook her head. "It's gone! Totally gone!" she said. She was right. There was no sign of her medallion.

Suddenly, Manic spotted something on the ground. He ran over to it, and picked it up. "It's here... But quite destroyed!" he said, and showed the thing he found. It was Jennifer's medallion, but it was broken in the middle.

"Does it still work after that?" Sonic asked.

Jennifer shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know... But at least, I'll try!" she said, walked over, and took the medallion. She closed her eyes, but nothing happened. She concentrated, but there was still no change. She sighed, and shook her head. "Drat! Robotnik! I hate you!" She shouted out in the air, kicked a stone over to a tree, and kneeled down.

Manic put his arm around her shoulders. Suddenly, the oracle showed up. "The time has come, hedgehogs! You've found the four royal emeralds, and you're now ready to know your family secret!" he said, "to begin, you have to stand in a circle around the emeralds!" he pointed at the emeralds.

Sonic, Manic, and Sonia walked over, and made a circle around the emeralds. Only Jennifer kept away. Nothing happened. "Hey! What's wrong?!" Sonic asked.

Sonia and Manic looked at Jennifer who just watched. "J! Come over here!" Sonia whispered.

Jennifer shook her head, turned around, and sat down on a stump of tree.

Manic walked away from the circle, over to Jennifer. "What's wrong, J? You're the only who's missin' in the circle!" Manic said.

Jennifer shook her head. "It's not me. I don't fit in... I don't even have a medallion now!" she said, and sniffled.

Manic put his arm around her shoulder. "Hey, that medallion didn't made ya to one of us! Come on! You're in the royal family too, so it's also your family secret!" he said, got up, and offered his hand to Jennifer.

She accepted, and walked with Manic to join the circle. Sonic and Sonia smiled, then Jennifer took Sonic and Manic's hands, "Let the power begin! Close your eyes!" the oracle said.

Suddenly, Sonic began to glow, and after a few minutes, everything was back to normal. They opened their eyes again. Sonic began to glow again, and suddenly, a blinding light forced everyone to close their eyes. Then they opened them again, Sonic was yellow, and he was floating few centimeters above the ground. Sonic looked impressed at his hands. "Wow! What happened!?" He asked.

The oracle threw the emeralds to him. "You've got the power of the emeralds! This is your family secret!" the oracle said.

"Cool! Super Sonic!" Manic said.

"You can transform when you want to, and transform back when you want to. But remember: no one else can use this power!" the oracle said, "We'll talk in the future!" he turned around, and disappeared. Sonic turned blue again, and looked at the others.

Manic turned to Jennifer, noticed something around her neck, and gasped. "J! You've... You've got another medallion!" he said, and pointed.

Jennifer looked, and jumped. "Who did that!?" She asked.

Sonic smiled. "Orc! That guy is full of surprises!" he said, and shrugged his shoulders.

Jennifer looked at her new medallion. This one was different. She touched it, and suddenly, she stood with an instrument in her arms: A bass guitar.

The others gasped. "I thought you had a transverse flute!" Sonia said.

Jennifer nodded. "I think this one's good enough! We need a bass player, and that's probably my fate to be one!" she said, and smiled. She played some tunes, and transformed her new instrument back to her medallion.

"Well, what about finding somewhere to camp? We REALLY deserve a vacation now! The mountains?" Sonic asked.

"Yeah!" Manic said, "this adventure was just way past cool!" he smiled. They walked into the van, and Manic drove it away from the beach.

"So, we got to know our family secret in the end!" Sonic said.

Sonia nodded. "And you got a new instrument... I'm still wondering!" she said, and looked at Jennifer.

"I guess the flute just didn't fit... And a bass guitar is good enough for me! It fits into the band better too!" she said.

Sonia patted her at her shoulder. "That's the spirit, J! Look at the bright side of everything!" she said.

Suddenly, someone laid a hand on Sonia's seat, and everyone jumped. Manic slammed the brakes, and turned around. Timber stood behind them. "Hi guys! You won at last, huh?" He asked, and smirked.

"Timber! What are you doing here!?" Sonia asked. "Ah, you have to know what's happenin' around here! I just came to see if I could find any snakes in here!" Timber said, and looked teasing down at Jennifer.

She shuddered. "Hey stop that!" she said.

Timber nodded. "I'm just kiddin'!" he said.

Jennifer sighed. "Boys are like that!" she said.

Sonic giggled. "Well, guess we have to thank you for keepin' the second royal emerald for us... We're going on a vacation in the mountains. Do you wanna join us?" He asked.

Timber nodded. "Of course! Thanks!" he said. Manic and Jennifer looked at each other, and sighed. Timber smiled. "Don't worry! I'll leave you two alone this time!" he said, and winked.

Manic and Jennifer smiled to each other, and Manic began to drive again. "So, all is well that end's well, huh?" Sonic asked.

"Yep! All is well that end's well... Right!" Sonia said, sighed, and looked at the landscape. Everything was all right now.