"I do not wish to disappoint Major Carter."

"Yes, I know the feeling."

Sam walked into Jack's office, a glare on her face.

"What's up?" Jack asked as she kicked the door shut.

"'I know the feeling'?" she asked as she strode closer to him.

Without asking, Jack knew what she was talking about. "Well…it kinda slipped out. I didn't mean it."

Sam's scowl deepened, "You didn't mean that you know the feeling about not wanting to disappoint me?"

"I'm sorry?"

"Try harder."

"I love you."

"Good, boy. Now, where are you taking me for dinner?"

"Why are we going to dinner?"

Sam's look said 'If you don't know by now I'm pissed that you nearly revealed our relationship to everyone on Heberdon by now – you're really stupid'…or maybe that message got across when Sam said, "Because you nearly blew the cover off this relationship with your big mouth on Heberdon!"

"Oh." Jack looked down, like a well-chastised child. His head shot up with an idea he knew would make Sam forgive him, "Take-out?"

Sam's smile instantaneously replaced her scowl. Try as she might to stay mad at Jack O'Neill he always found a way back into her good graces. "Your house or mine?"

"Yours – it's cleaner."

"Yes, I know the feeling."

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