Title: Hotdog
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. . : H o t d o g : . .

The Kazekage stared at the supposed-to-be-edible thing in front of him. It was some long, round piece of meat in a bun with ketchup and mustard on it. Lee told him it was called a "hotdog" and the redhead still pondered on why it was.

He took a glance to the leaf-nin next to him and almost smiled at Lee's face. The condiments were smudged all over his fingers and his bun was falling apart. Lee would every once and a while suck on each of his fingers, freeing them of the liquid substance. Gaara watched him silently and suddenly noticed a spot of yellow on his nose.

"You got mustard on your nose," the Kazekage pointed out.

"I do?" the leaf-nin questioned, crossing his eyes to try and look at his own nose.

Gaara took his own finger and wiped off the substance. He took his digit and shoved it in his own mouth. Savoring the odd, yet interesting taste, he pulled his finger from his mouth.

"Gaara?" Lee asked, unsure of what just happened. He tilted his head to the side and stared at the redhead, watching him take a bite of his hotdog. Lee watched as the other removed the meat from his mouth and set the hotdog back on his napkin.

That's when he noticed it. The evil mustard had returned! And there it was! Resting peacefully right below Gaara's bottom lip. But instead of wiping the evil liquid off with his fingers, Gaara did nothing.

Apparently the redhead didn't notice the yellow substance practically on his lip. The evil thing was also starting to make poor Lee fidgit.

"Gaara, you...um... You got some...um..."

How hard is it to say "You got some ketchup under your lip", Lee questioned himself mentally.

"What?" Gaara asked, raising a non-existent eyebrow.

Unexpectedly, Lee leaned in an pressed his lips to the Kazekage's. He licked at the bottom of Gaara's lip and oddly received a moan. The leaf-nin pulled back, shocked at the reaction he got, and stared at the redhead.

He saw Gaara put a hand to his lips and look back up to the charcoal-colored eyes. Lee stared back at him and smiled his usual care-free smile.

"There was some ketchup on your lip," the taijutsu master explained, returning to his hotdog.

Gaara, strangely missing the weird sensation, ran his finger along the top of his hotdog. After he got some ketchup onto the digit he turned back to the hyper shinobi. He put his finger to the boy's upper lip, the majority of the substance staying on the lip.

The redhead closed the distance and left a feathery kiss atop the other's lips, scraping off any trace of ketchup. He smiled slightly at the immediate reaction he received and broke free from the touch. Lee caught the rare smile on the Kazekage's face and his usually happy grin exploded into an even wider grin.

"There was some ketchup on your lip," Gaara explained, copying Lee's earlier excuse.

"Oh.. Well.. There's some cheese on your lip!"

"I didn't pu--" Sadly, Gaara was interrupt by the leaf-nin's lips on his own.

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