I'm looking down at your grave, and all I'm asking is why? Why would you take your own life? I've heard that phrase too often of late. I think the teachers are avoiding the suicide word.

Speaking of teachers, I eavesdropped on Dr. McCoy and Ms. Monroe the other day. They were saying how the pressure finally got to you. Yah, like you would have snapped. It isn't that. It's Jean, isn't it? I don't think you've smiled once since she died, and that was a whole year ago. You didn't even smile when Bobby got stuck on the chandelier all night, or when Jamie tried multiplying himself 20 times, because none of us would play with him. You didn't even seem happy when Alex proposed to Lorna, and he's your brother! How can the teachers be so blind as to think you folded from the pressure?

I thought about suicide once, right after my powers emerged. I didn't think life was worth living, without touch. Now, looking back, I'm glad I didn't have the guts. Somewhere along the line, I found out that the only way to be happy was to work at it. String all the little pieces together, like coming here, and meeting Logan, or dating Bobby. Our first kiss. Even after we broke up, I still had Jubilee and Kitty to fall back on. Then there was Gambit, and his funny remarks and nonstop flirting… I'll stop there. But see? The little things add up. And when they do, they usually overpower the bad.

Maybe that's just it, though. Maybe Jean was the person who showed you the good in everything, even Logan. She was one of those people who looked at a downpour and saw a rainbow. When she died, your light snuffed out. You were the blind man, and Jean was your eyes. Is that it? Probably. But there's no way of asking you. My question's answered now, and I think I understand why you did what you did. But why go out in that way? I kept my part of the deal, I didn't tell anyone. See, that's what I thought the pills were for.

Okay, so you changed your mind. Now, Scott, answer me this;

Why'd you kill me too?