Chapter 1

Los Angeles, California

Eddie Brock looked down at the grungy city below him. This section of the city was a cess pool that just spawned crime, and at his age Eddie was doubtful that there was anything he could do to stop it all.

"Time may not affect you," Eddie said out loud to his symbiotic partner. "But it still has a hold on me."

Though Eddie was close to 60, he still only appeared to be in his mid 30's. In spite of that he was beginning to feel the effects of his age, even if they didn't appear outwardly. In his nightly rounds to try and reduce crime in this city he found that his stamina was no longer what it used to be. He was easily winded and he felt more and more tired as the night went on. In his years in L.A. he had developed a reputation, and now the gangs were aware of how to fight him. That didn't mean that they could beat him, but it did make the fight take a lot more out him. Eddie sighed as he looked out across the buildings towards the Pacific Ocean watching a few stray beams of light glimmer from where the sun had gone about fifteen minutes previously. In the sky above grey clouds were forming signalling the coming of rain. Seeing the light slowly fading Eddie couldn't help but wish for his own death. He had bonded with the symbiote when he was younger for the power, and to get revenge on Spiderman. But now those were meaningless to him, his life was empty and what he truly longed for was death.

His thoughts were interrupted by a scream that was quickly muffled. Eddie knew that while he may secretly wish for death, there were innocent people out there who wanted nothing to do with it. Taking on the complete form of his symbiotic other, Eddie once again became Venom, the lethal protector.

Four thugs were dragging a woman from a car into the backdoor of a run down apartment building. The woman was trying to scream, but one of the thugs had a leather gloved hand covering her mouth. She tried in desperation to bite it, but that only made him laugh.

"Ha, ha, she's a feisty one," he commented to his peers.

All of them had a laugh, but then a fifth voice joined in. This one sounding unlike any voice they had heard before. They all went silent, their hands slowly reaching for the Glock 9mm pistols they kept in their pockets.

"Who's there?" One of them called out.

"Just a guy who enjoys some comedy with his evening meal," the voice replied from the shadows.

Before they knew what was happening a massive black form leapt from the darkness. The only parts they could make out was a large spider shaped loge on it's chest, two white patches that seemed to be eyes, and a mouth filled with long razor sharp teeth and massive tongue dripping with green venomous looking saliva.

"Shit it's Venom!" one of the thugs shouted as he fired his gun wildly at Venom.

However, the bullets had almost no effect. Venom grabbed the gun and snapped it in half with one hand. With his other hand he grabbed the thug that had been shooting at him tossed him aside. He hit a wall face first and lay very still on the ground. Another thug came at him wielding a garbage can that he had picked up from nearby. But Venom just drove a massive fist into his back sending him crashing into a wall, the force snapping his neck with a sickening crack. Venom then faced the two other thugs. One of them pulled out a wicked looking knife and flipped a switch. The knife began emitting an odd wailing noise.

"Argh, what is that noise?" Venom yelled in anger as he grabbed the sides of his head.

"Just a little thing I bought in case I ever ran into you," the thug replied as he stabbed at Venom with the knife.

Eddie realized that his other was weakening. It couldn't stand the noise. He raised his left arm to protect himself but the knife stabbed into his shoulder leaving behind a nasty wound. Eddie swung his right arm hitting the other thug who was trying to beat him down with piece of pipe, in the face and sending him to the ground as his neck was snapped in an instant. Eddie then collapsed to the ground, exhausted, disappointed that it had to end like this as the symbiote slowly receded from his body. But just as the thug was bring the knife down in a vicious stab at Eddie's head the sound of a single gun shot rang out in the night. It took all of Eddie's strength to look up. He saw the woman he been trying to protect holding one of the thugs guns. The barrel was smoking and she was quivering. Eddie felt the thug topple over landing on his leg. He slowly crawled away to a wall and sat up against it, the symbiote was slowly spreading back out over his body.

"Are you okay," the woman asked bending down to talk to him.

Eddie realized that woman was probably the wrong word to describe her. She was probably only nineteen, maybe twenty; she was still just a girl. She reminded Eddie a bit of Peter Parker's wife Mary Jane, Eddie had always been jealous of him for that. She was a bit taller though and had hair that just barely reached her shoulders.

"I'll be fine," Eddie replied. "I'm just getting to old for this. I may not look it, but I'm fifty-eight."

"You're hurt," She said noticing Eddie's arm.

"Don't worry about it, I'll be fine," Eddie repeated.

"You're Venom," she stated simply.

"I see my reputation precedes me," Eddie commented. "And who are you?"

"I'm nobody," the girl replied.

"Well you've got to have a name. What is it?" Eddie asked.

"Kerri," she answered softly. "Kerri Cuthbertson"

"Eddie Brock," Eddie replied extending his hand.

Kerri stared at it nervously wondering whether or not to shake. Eddie didn't feel like wasting his strength on the gesture and let his arm fall to the ground.

"Tell me something Kerri," Eddie said as shifted to get himself a bit more comfortable. "What were those men going to do with you?"

"Whatever they wanted," Kerri replied timidly.

"Why'd they pick you to do that to?" Eddie asked. "Or was it just at random."

Kerri wasn't sure why but she felt that she could open up and reveal her secrets to this man. She had never met him before tonight, but now that he had saved her life she felt as though she should tell him everything.

"Dario Sanchez, do you know him?" the girl asked.

"The movie producer?" Eddie inquired.

The girl nodded an affirmative. "When I was thirteen my parents were killed by an avalanche in Colorado while I was at school. I was moved out here to live with my uncle who was writer, but other than the odd TV episode he had never had much success. My uncle made a deal with Dario. Dario agreed to make one of his stories into a movie, under the condition that my uncle gave me to Dario. But that never happened, once Dario had me he renegged on the deal with my uncle. My uncle couldn't take him to court since he didn't want anyone to know that he'd traded his niece to get a film made. I didn't really blame him. I knew how desperate he was, and he thought probably that Dario could give me things that he never could."

Eddie noticed how she was wringing her hands together the entire time she was talking. She stopped and looked at him; the look on her face was asking if Eddie really wanted to hear this next part.

"Please continue," Eddie said.

"Well Dario wasn't exactly interested in my well being. He's actually obsessed with keeping slaves, he doesn't feed them or anything. They just do what he wants until they die of starvation."

"Where does he get them from?" Eddie asked getting a bit concerned.

"Girls looking to be in his movies, kids like me from deals like my uncles, there's a lot ways he can get them," Kerri replied. "Fortunately for me my uncle found out what was happening and he broke me out. He sent me to San Diego to live with a friend of his, but while I was gone, he was killed. The official police report says that it was suicide, but my guess is that Dario had him killed. I came back to see if I could find anything out but, I got grabbed by those guys. They work for Dario and they were probably told to kill me, fortunately they wanted to have a little fun first and that's when you came along."

"You want to avenge your uncle's death, don't you?" Eddie asked.

"Yes," Kerri replied. "I think that he was a talented man and that Dario black-listed him and blackmailed him into give me away, and then had him killed for trying to fix his mistake. I want to kill Dario for what he did to my uncle."

"But you don't think you can fight back do you? You feel helpless and alone," Eddie said. "I can change that."

"Don't kill Dario," Kerri pleaded. "Please I want to do that myself."

"I wasn't planning on it," Eddie said with a sly grin.

"What are you talking about?" Kerri asked getting a bit worried now.

Just then there was a flash of lightning and a crack of thunder and then it began to rain. The black costume that was the symbiote began to ooze of Eddie's body into a puddle on the ground that sat underneath the both of them leaving Eddie sitting in a white t-shirt and a pair of pinstripe boxers.

"Like I said earlier, I'm getting to old for this," Eddie said. "I've lost the passion; I've lost the will to carry on. But you, you're young. You've got ambition."

The symbiote began to crawl up Kerri's legs, slowly at first, but then it began to move quicker as it spread across the rest of her body.

"What is it?" Kerri screamed in horror as the symbiote began to climb up onto her face.

"Don't be afraid," Eddie said as he watched in fascination.

The symbiote spread itself over Kerri's face covering her entire body in an inky blackness. Then the familiar white spider appeared on her chest and the white patches over her eyes. Finally the mouth appeared. Eddie had always known it was frightening but he had never seen that mouth first hand. He was glad to experience it once as the tongue dripped its venomous saliva down on him. The jaw opened up and the head retracted revealing Kerri's face. She looked down at her hands.

"What is it?" Kerri asked.

"It's what gave me my powers, it's what made me Venom," Eddie replied.

"So now, so now I'm Venom?" Kerri asked.

"Yes," Eddie replied. "Think of it as gift. Now you can get revenge on your uncle's killer."

Kerri dropped to her knees, "I can, I can feel it. It's speaking to me. But it's not in words, it's, it's strange and alien, but yet familiar, and comforting at the same time."

"It takes a little time to get used to," Eddie said. "Think of it as a second conscience. One with slightly more violent tendencies."

"This is going to take sometime getting used to," Kerri said.

"Listen to symbiote," Eddie advised her. "It knows what its doing."

"I guess we'd better get going," Kerri said.

"I'm not going anywhere," Eddie said with a slight chuckle.

"That's not…" Kerri stammered.

"Its minor drawback of being two beings bonded as one," Eddie said. "But you'll get used to it."

"Are you sure you're going to be alright?" Kerri asked one more time.

"I'm fine," Eddie said showing her his arm which was now healed. "The symbiote healed me up while we had our little chat."

Kerri smiled nervously a bit unsure of what to say, "Thank you," she finally managed to say.

She then took two steps back as the mask of Venom reformed over her face. She then leapt into the air, shot a strand of web at a nearby building and swung off.

"Good luck kid," Eddie whispered as he clutched his still sore arm. "You're gonna need it."


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