Summary: A sorcerer attempts to bring back the water dragon king, but will Lina allow him to do so at such an unusual price

Summary: A sorcerer attempts to bring back the water dragon king, but will Lina allow him to do so at such an unusual price?

The Return Of The King

Chapter 1:

Let the Plot Begin

All was peaceful and silent on the bright summer day in the Valley of the Dragons. It was a perfectly normal day. Except for the strange hooded figure that walked up the narrow path to the plateau of land which would give any person a good look into the valley.

"I am bored Milgazia... I don't wish to learn another language today... I want to see things! Go out! Have an adventure! Like that short tempered, flat chested, human chick." Milgazia suppressed a smile, not too much though. Milcorius continued as his young mind went on impatiently, "Can't we ever leave the valley?"

"NOOOOO!!!!" The entire valley seemed to reverberate with Milgazia's anguished cry. "Milcorius we must NEVER leave the valley, if we did the Mazoku would slay us all with out a second thought. You were not even a hatchling when the Fall of Monsters War occurred. You have no idea how dangerous Mazoku are and how fast they would be to kill us off."

Milcorius' disdainful look stirred the deepest fear in Milgazia's heart. This new generation of Ryuzoku, the younger ones, who had not participated in the war, could not even imagine the carnage wrought by a select few monsters, especially a certain lavender haired one.

Fortunately Milgazia was saved from having to give a long boring lecture by Milcorius' attentions shifting like the sands of a desert from him to another spot.

"Hey!" Milcorius' voice sounded, "There's a stranger in the valley! Let's go to him, I heard a riddle from the sphinx once! If he can't answer it we'll eat him!"

Milgazia gave a disgusted groan and let out a mumbled word that sounded something like 'Hatchlings' as he wondered if Milcorius was really half Mazoku.

Gracefully they glided on golden wings as the stranger began walking onto the flat area of land. The man seemed unperturbed by their appearance. As they landed on the ground sand swirling below them the man stood his ground as his cape swirled around him in an array of black and purple.

As they landed Milgazia immediately recognized this figures scent. Fear coursed through his soul like water through a sieve, he knew that once he had unconditionally given into him for the first time, the damned Mazoku would return again.

By the queen dragon mother, what did he want now? Would the demands stop? Would they ever stop? He had no choice than and he had none now. And it was worse for Milcorius who was one the youngest, headstrong, impulsive dragons, and NOW he's going to meet the destroyer of their race. Milcorius may act foolishly and without thought, he would die most likely.

Milgazia had no intention of losing his only son to this Mazoku. Especially since his wife's life was slain by the same demon that had entered their valley.

As his foolish son was about to move forward, Milgazia stepped in front of him holding out his arm to keep Milcorius back.

"Well Beast Master Xellos, what do you wish of us today?" his voice was ice cold as he spoke the name and even colder when asking what the duty may be.

Milcorius' voice spoke out in shock yet anger, "Forget the riddle Dragon Beef Master Xel-loser!"

Milgazia with lightening speed in a micro-second analyzed the tactical situation before him and correctly concluded that with all luck, and the blessings of the gods, all tactical vantages, all possible flukes of incredible luck, that he and his son, were irrevocably dead, including every dragon in the valley.

There was one chance that at least this time Xellos would know he had been in a fight, Milgazia breathed in deeply and within his throat the magical flames hotter than the fires of the abyss ignited. All his energy was being put into one final strike.

( I bet you guys think its gonna be a real short story don't ya? )

Suddenly the lavender haired man, wrapped up in his cloak, staff in left hand, tossed the cape open in a single fluid motion revealing his yellowish-beige tunic and deep black pants with brown boots. On his side was a leather bag. His staff was nearly his size and at the top was a circular stone, swirling a chaotic blood-red color. His eyes were a slitted amethyst color and were open, showing his twisted amusement at what lay before him.

Milgazia had seen Xellos before but the one thing that he had never witnessed before, on ANY Mazoku was a familiar red oval gem embedded in his forehead.

"You can call me, Copy- Xellos." The figure said.

Milgazia choked as he clenched his jaws shut, flames squirted out the side of his mouth, his cheeks puffed out to the size of his body, jets of black sulfurous smoke shot forth from his clenched nostrils around his ears, his eyes expanded to about ten feet wide and he rolled on the ground, falling backwards choking and gagging.

Milcorius blinked, "Wait-- Your not the real thing?" he ignored his choking sire beside him.

"Well I uhh--guess you could say that." Copy-Xellos said, sporting a large sweat drop.

Milcorius quickly sprang to his fathers' side as Milgazia righted himself, with the palm of his claw, he slapped his fathers back, releasing flames to the sky.

"Gee dad, that looked like that hurt."

"No-- *GASP* kidding-- *hack hack*. " Milgazia's mind reeled not merely because of his having to swallow his own breath-weapon in an instant, but for the ramifications of this development.

Either Xellos was playing the ultimate practical joke or some human sorcerer had dared to clone a Mazoku. If the monster race knew about this, that sorcerer's life expectancy would be that of a candle in the wind.

The copy continued, "I represent a humble sorcerer of moderate talent, who for the time being shall remain nameless. I trust that you can appreciate this sire, he does not wish, as of yet, gain the enmity of the entire monster race by cloning a Mazoku. He wishes to undertake a perilous quest. He wishes to resurrect The Water Dragon King. I am here as proof that he can do this."

Milgazia looked at him "But the only way to resurrect the Water Dragon King would be to sacrifice the power of a true monster. Who does your master want to sacrifice?"

The copy looked at him.

"Beast Master Xellos of course."