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It was a hot day on Bikanel Island as everyone worked on HOME. The work load was pretty light, but it was only because their chief was in mourning. His beloved wife had passed away during childbirth, and he was left with only his newborn daughter and dumb ass son. It was like his world was shattering. He knew he had to gather himself up, but the pain weighing down on him seemed to suffocate him.

When a knock came from the door, he lifted his head, and called out, allowing the person to know they could come in. He was surprised to see the young Sima at his door. By her side was her two year old son, Gippal. She had a sympathetic look on her face. "Excuse me, Cid?" she called out timidly.

He raised his bloodshot eyes to stare into her blue ones. "Yeah?" he asked, his voice hoarse from all the tears he'd already shed.

"I was hoping that perhaps I could be of some help to you." She smiled weakly. "I know in a time like this, and with the management of HOME, well if you need some help with the care of your daughter, I'd be happy to assist."

He didn't have time to take care of his daughter, and with all his responsibilities it would be futile to do so. "Fine. You'll be her nanny. If you need to move into the guest quarters." He said before turning back to some work.

"Okay sir." She said as she walked out silently, her son grasping onto her hand. She then went and headed off to the living quarters in which the chief lived. She went in and checked on the new born baby. Gazing down at the tiny pink bundle asleep, tiny hands balled up into fists, she couldn't help but smile. The golden fuzz on her head was like an angel's halo. "You are an Al Bhed Princess." She said softly. "And may my son be your prince." She said as she lifted Gippal to give him a better view. "Gippal, one day, you'll need to protect her." His mother said as she smiled down at her son. "And when you do so, do it lovingly."

10 Years Later, the first Attack on HOME.

Things on Bikanel Island were calm as usual. Even though there had been some conflict with the ever tiresome Guado, the Al Bhed community were holding up. They never expected that day to become such a massacre.

Gippal and Rikku were running around in the sand as Sima, Gippal's mother watched over them. The two children looked so happy together, and she couldn't help but feel that Gippal would be forever Rikku's protector.

As everyone went along with their lives, the Guado were hiding, planning a full one attack. Within in moments the area was swarming with Guado. The screams of those being murdered were gut wrenching.

Rikku and Gippal were stunned, as Sima ran and grabbed their hands. "We need to hide!" she said as she looked around frantically for some place. But all she could see were explosions and huge clouds of smoke and sand. She dragged the children into a far corner, hoping, praying that nothing would happen.

"Auntie." Rikku said, her voice shaking. "What's happening to HOME?" Sima looked down at the tiny girl, watching her bright green eyes fill up with tears, her lower lip trembling. "Honey, I don't know, but things will be okay." She said as she squeezed her hand. "Gippal is here to help too." She said as she nodded towards her son.

"I'm here." He said, trying not to let his fear show.

Suddenly there was an explosion, and debris' went flying towards them. Sima used her body to shield the children. She felt the hot metal slice into her back, as she let out a cry of pain. She tried not to show her pain. She knew that her main objective here was to protect the children. She got up and stood in front of the kids. She held her side as she panted. She knew behind that cloud of smoke that there was a Guado, armed and dangerous.

"I'm here to kill you." It said, it's voice raspy and cold as it walked towards them. "I won't let you get away alive." It said.

With her arms spread out, Sima gasped for air. "I'll never let you hurt them!" she said, hot tears of fear and pain running down her smoke and sweat streaked face. "NEVER!" she screamed as the Guado came lunging forwards with it's blade. It sliced through her heart. She knew it was the end. She turned to look at her son. "Protect her always." Were her last words before she collapsed on the sand, blood pouring from her body.

"Nooo!" Gippal screamed, hot tears of fury flowing from his eyes. "How could you!" he said. He stood in front of a sobbing Rikku. "How could you kill her!" he said again. "How?" he sobbed as his rage increased.

"You will be next." It said.

Gippal, not thinking, picked up a chunk of metal, and lunged at the Guado. As luck would have it, it sliced through the enemy. He stumbled back in surprise, as he watched Guado fall to it's knees. He sighed out in relief. But before he could make it back to Rikku, the Guado called out. "It's not over." Gippal turned and saw that he had a grenade in it's claw. Gippal lunged on top of Rikku to protect her from the blast.

"Are you okay?" he asked, as he coughed.

"Yeah." She said, her voice coated in tears. "Is it over?" she asked.

Gippal looked out into the cloud of smoke. "I hope it is." He said. But before he could check, a chunk of debris flew towards him. Before he could block, it hit him in his right eye. Grunting, Gippal fell to his knees, his hand clutching his right eye as blood flowed from it.

"Gippal!" Rikku said as more tears came out. She watched as he fell to the ground. She didn't know what to do, so she dragged a huge piece of debris and hid under it with Gippal.

Hours later, Buddy and Brother were searching for Rikku. Rikku had fallen asleep after the battle had ended. When she heard Buddy's voice, she crawled out from beneath the ruble. She was covered in blood and soot. "Buddy." She said in a quiet voice. " Buddy!" she said as she ran over to him, tears flowing out all over again.

"You okay Rikku?" he asked as he crouched down to look at her. "You're not hurt now are you?" He looked her over, and sighed when he saw no real damage.

"I'm okay." She said, but sniffled. "But Gippal! Gippal is hurt!" she said as she pointed to the ruble in which she had been hiding under. She watched as Brother walked over and pulled him out. "He iz Oh-Kay." He said, trying to speak English, knowing that Rikku was more accustomed to it.

Buddy picked Rikku up and carried her to where the rest of the surviving Al Bhed were recovering. Brother carried Gippal to the hospital part, where the doctors operated on his eye. Sadly, Gippal would never regain his sight again, and from that point on wore a leather eye patch.

The Eternal Calm (After FFX-2)

Standing in the garage, Rikku inspected her handy work on her new 2 passenger air ship. She had to admit that she was fairly good with her hands. She smiled as she put down the wrench and pulled out a clean rag. She sighed as she polished up her new baby. "I believe I'll call you The Neptune." She said as she stood back once again, admiring the turquoise gleam. "Yeah that seems to suit you." She then stretched her arms up, and sighed.

"Seems that you're still talking to yourself Cid's Girl."

Whirling around, Rikku saw that it was Gippal, spying on her once again. "I do have a name ya know!" she said as she brought her arms down.

"Yeah and that's Cid's Girl." He said, enjoying the look on her face from his teasing.

"Oh and what would your name be?" she said as she put a finger to her face to accent her thoughtful expression. "Ah I know!" she said as she jumped up and down. "It's one eyed Jack-ass!" she said, finally satisfied with her so called genius come back.

In response to her come back, he rolled his eyes, which he knew would piss her off even more. "Wow, that sure is some come back." He said.

"You know what." She said as she huffed. "I really dislike you." She stopped and took hold of her temper before saying anymore. "You're such an imbecile." She said.

"And you're such the princess." He said as he bowed mockingly at her.

"You're such the knight!" countered as she grabbed one of his leather straps attached to his pants. "Now that I'm done in here, I'm closing up! So if you don't mind, please go!" she said as she tugged and shoved him out of the garage. She then turned and closed the door and locked it. When she turned back, she was annoyed to find him still there. "Why aren't you at the Machine Faction?" she asked as she began to walk outside of HOME.

"I dunno, maybe cause your old man called me in." he said with a shrug.

"Pops called you in? I wonder what he would want to do with such an old hunk a junk like you." She shot him a sly grin.

"Dunno." He said again. "Oh can you show me to his office?" he asked.

"Sure." She said, glad that the teasing had ended. It was fun to do so at times, but with all the work that she had put in that day, it was quite tiresome. Though some days Gippal just didn't know when to stop.

When she finally got to her old man's office she gestured for Gippal to go in. "C'mon the least you could do is open the door for me." He said.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not your servant." She said, but still opened the door, just out of courtesy.

"Ah, Gippal, you finally came!" he said as he stood up. He looked at his blonde daughter. "And Rikku you're here too! Well what brings you here?" he asked as he scratched the back of his bald head.

"I was just showing Gippal the way Pops." She said.

"Well stay while I talk to Gippal." He said.

"Why?" she asked, totally unaware of what he was planning.

"Well, you see, the Machine Faction needs a vice-president, and well I've decided to send you to the Djose Temple to work there with Gippal." Cid watched as both youths gaped at him.

"Why didn't you ask me this?" Gippal demanded when he got his head back on.

"Cause I knew you'd be weird about it." He said as he pulled out a cigar.

"But-But Why!" Rikku asked in her most whiny voice. "This is so unfair!" she said as she crossed her arms.

"It's practical." He said as he took a puff of his cigar.

"I don't wanna live or work with a slime ball like him!" she said, pouting.

"Well I don't want to work with a whiny brat." He said.

"I'm not a brat." She said as she stuck her tongue out at him.

"Oh but your actions speak otherwise." He said as he smirked at her.

"I've decided already, so DEAL! Rikku you'll start moving there tomorrow!" Cid said. "Now out!" he bellowed. He watched the two stalk away with their tails between their legs. Once they were gone he sat down in his chair and took a few more puffs of his cigar.

"I'm doing this for you Sima." He said with a chuckle.

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