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As she fell into the dark abyss that was the Farplane Glenn, it occurred to her that she had no weapons to use to protect herself from the fiends that wandered around. She landed quite forcefully on her back, causing all of the air in her lungs to woosh out.

When she was sure that she had regained the capability of breathing again, she sat up and brushed her huge mane of hair from her face. "Great, I have practically no way of protecting myself." Rikku said as she stood up, brushing the dirt from her body. She looked around, glad that she saw no fiends. At least for the moment she was safe. She just hoped that Gippal would get to her in time.

Djose Temple

"Frana tet dryd lnycr lusa vnus!" Gippal demanded when the shaking of the temple had ended. He looked around at his crew and saw one of them raising his hand.

"E pameaja ed lysa vnus dra lryspan uv dra Vyodr." Hatic cyet cmufmo.

Gippal's eyes widened when realization sank in. Rikku he thought. He fled the room, headed in only one direction, the chamber of the Fayth. He took the stairs three at a time, trying to see if she was okay. He burst through the door and saw the huge hole in the floor, and no sign of Rikku. It was an extremely long way down that he seriously doubted that Rikku would be able to hear him. Running his fingers through his hair, Gippal turned and kicked dresser, hissing as the pain shot through his toes. "Vilg! Fryd ys E kuehk du tu huf?" He thought aloud, completely swamped in an array of emotions. "E haat du kad du ran vycd." He didn't care what happened to himself, all that mattered was Rikku's safety. He turned and ran out of the room, returning with his machina weapon, a small sack of potions, and Rikku's battle dress spheres.

"Nayto un hud, rana E lusa Neggi." Gippal said right before he jumped down into the Farplane Glenn.

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Farplane Glenn

Rikku wasn't feeling so hot as she leaned against a pillar of stone. The fall must have done more damage than she thought as she wiped away the beads of sweat speckling her forehead. She wasn't pleased with the double vision, nor was she happy about the nausea rolling over her in intense waves.

"How am I going to get out?" she wondered aloud as she plopped down, leaning back against the pillar. "It's all Gippal's fault." She said as she panted. "All his fault." She said before drifting away.

When he landed, he had to take a moment to re-gather himself. It was indeed a far fall and the impact of landing had made some of the stuff he was carrying around fly off, but aside from that it wasn't too bad. He looked around, and saw no sign of Rikku. He took several steps when he caught the scent of her. The scent of honeysuckle, grease, and leather. He closed his eyes as he imagined her pretty face, feisty green eyes, and her petite form. He couldn't help but smile. She really did bring more light into a room or to one's heart.

Gippal shook himself back into reality as he smelled and followed her scent. It took only half an hour to find her, lying against a stone pillar. He ran up to her, dropping his things. "Rikku." He shouted as he gently shook her shoulders. "Rikku can you hear me?" he asked. He noticed that she was breathing shallowly, and that she was sweating. He felt her forehead and felt an incredible heat. "She's sick." He said as he pulled out his medical bag. He sifted through the contents until he found what he needed. It was an Al Bhed fever reducer. He just hoped it would help for the time being.

Once he felt that it was safe to set up camp, he noticed several Fang fiends approaching him. He managed to grab his machina weapon and shoot them off into oblivion. With that done, he set up a tent, putting Rikku inside. He then put down some talismans around the tent to ward off fiends. It would basically mean that in their eyes, that the tent was just a plain boulder.

When he went back into the tent, he saw that Rikku was bruised quite a bit. "Bmayca fyga ib." Gippal said as he gingerly took Rikku's hand, rubbing it against his cheek. "Bmayca." he said, his voice hoarse and raw with emotion.

When Rikku awoke, she really didn't know where she was. All she knew before opening her eyes that her body felt awful. She wasn't quite ready to open her eyes and find out what was going on. She took several deep breaths and tried to recall everything that had happened. She remembered being in the room at the Djose Temple. She also remembered falling into the Farplane Glenn and wandering around. Everything else was a blur, except for this intense warmth, when she heard Gippal's voice. Could it really be possible?

Taking a deep breath, Rikku opened her eyes and found that she was staring up at the ceiling of a tent. She shot up into a sitting position, quickly regretting it when a huge wave of dizziness hit her. Where was she, was what she wanted to know. Her attention was quickly turned to the groan next to her.

"GIPPAL!" she exclaimed when she saw him sprawled out next to her, his hand grasped around her own. "Oh my gawd!" Rikku said, completely shocked to see him lying down next to her, his hair tousled from sleep, and his hand holding on to her own.

She watched as he opened his eye, blinking a couple of times before he realized that she was awake. "Rikku." He said as he slowly sat up, still not letting go of her hand. "How are you feeling?" he asked, his voice thick with the sound of sleep.

"Just really sore." She said, still surprised to see him, looking quite sheepish and adorable.

"I'm glad. I found you passed out. You had a fever and I gave you some of the Al Bhed fever remedy." He finally let go of her hand, and stretched. "You really worried me." he said. "I'm sorry though." He said, making direct eye contact with her.

There was a long silence as they stared at each other. "It's not your fault." She said.

"I was supposed to inspect the handy work of Nedus, and hadn't really realized that you would have broken through it." he said, his face still guilt ridden.

"Gippal." She said softly. "Look at me." she waited until he did again. She grabbed his hand in her own, not breaking the eye contact and said, "It's okay." And then she gently lifted his hand and kissed it before rubbing it against her cheek. "I'm thankful you came to rescue me." She opened her eyes as she gazed at him. "You still kept your promise to protect me." she said, her voice beginning to coat with tears.

"I guess I did." He said softly. He brushed away the few tears that fell from her delicate eyelashes. He then leaned in a bit, staring into her wet emerald eyes. He really was glad she was okay. He smiled as he inched closer to her face.

"Gippal." Rikku whispered as she closed the gap and softly touched her lips to his.

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