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1. Asecond chance

A fifteen year old boy left the back yard of an unusual English suburban row house. He was sweating a lot as he just came from an intense workout. He really had to thank his friend Hermione for the book about Kung Fu he had received last Christmas.

He entered the house and went upstairs to his rooms. It wasn't the usual teenager room you'd expect as it had a lot of weird stuff in it, among it a broomstick and an owl. He fell on his bed, deciding to rest a bit before having a shower. While resting, the effort demanded its tribute and he fell to sleep.

He was once more in the chamber of death; saw once more how his godfather duelled Bellatrix Lestrange, how he ducked one of her curses, how he tripped and how he fell through the veil, a dark, liquid-like mass in a laborious crafted Portal. He was once more dragged away by Remus Lupin when he woke up with a start

Waking up, Harry recognised that he had had once more that particular dream from what had happened in the Department of Mysteries. Since these events, he was almost any day haunted by the death of his godfather. Once again, he asked himself why this all had to happen. He wanted to start all over again, live a life without all the problems he had. However, this wish would never become true, he knew that for sure.

Stopping thinking about the dream, he went to the shower for a intense refreshment. After that, he read a bit more about Defence against the Dark Ark Arts. He got a marvellous book from Remus Lupin which had more curses in it than Harry thought even existed. He knew by now nearly all off them. At least he would have a couple of surprises for these that wanted to attack him.

He put the book away and went to sleep, just to wake up a couple of hours later due to another nightmare. When he looked on the digital clock on his bedside table, he saw that it was 2 o'clock in the morning. Well, since two hours, he was sixteen year old although it didn't really matter. It would just be another year of being hunted by Lord Voldemort and his followers. Once more, he wished that all this had never happened and that he could start once again his whole wizard life, he wanted to have the chance to start all over again. With these thoughts, he went back to sleep

When he woke up, it was due to a knock on the door of his cupboard and his aunt shouting: "Get up. I want breakfast to be ready when my Duddykins gets up." Listening to this, Harry, a small, skinny, eleven year old boy put on his glasses and went to the kitchen. While he was busy making breakfast his Uncle Vernon and his cousin Dudley came downstairs. Vernon, as usual, demanded his newspaper which Harry gave him. It read Saturday, July 31st.

While the Dursleys were eating, Uncle Vernon sent Harry to get the mail. While Harry was going to the mail box, grabbing the few letters that had arrived, he recognised something he had never seen before. There was a letter addressed to him. It read: "Mr. Harry Potter, the cupboard under the stairs, Nr. 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey." Deciding to have a look at the letter later as his Uncle was already asking where he was with the mail, he re-entered the kitchen and handed the letters to Vernon.

He wanted to leave the kitchen and have a closer look at his letter, when his cousin Dudley saw that Harry had a letter as well.

"Dad, Harry's got something."

"Boy, why didn't you give me this letter," Vernon asked, his voice having a menacing undertone.

"This is my letter, it is addressed to me," Harry answered.

"Who would write to you," Vernon asked, now having stood up and walking toward Harry," now give me that letter."

"No, this is my letter, I will keep it."

Vernon walked towards Harry, ready to punish him because of his disobedience. However, as he upraised his fist to punch Harry, Harry's arm marched up, blocked his punch and twisted Vernon's arm rather painfully.

Harry wondered how he had just done that, he didn't think, it was just a liquid movement. As soon as he realised, he let go of his uncle, shocked of what he had just done.

To say that Vernon was angry would be the understatement of the year. He face was redder than Harry had ever seen it before. He grabbed Harry who did not react at the collar of his shirt and drew him to the door.

"Boy, now you've gone too far. I never want to see you in here again. Out and never come back," he shouted and threw him out of the door.

Harry landed hard on the sidewalk of Privet Drive. He had never seen his uncle that angry. Still terrified from his uncle, he ran away, not looking where he was going.

He stopped after he ran what seemed for him like hours. He was in the city park of Little Whinging which was about a kilometre away from Privet Drive. While he sat down on a park bench, he saw a police officer heading towards him. He was frightened by the sight as he wondered what he had done wrong this time. The Dursleys had told him many times that whatever he did it was wrong and that all people had a right to punish him.

The police officer who had the duty to patrol in the park and the surroundings was surprised by the sight of a boy who seemed to be no older than seven or eight running into the park and nearly collapsing onto a park bench.

"Well, my boy, why were you running in here as if devil himself was behind you?"

"It's my uncle, Sir, he threw me out of his house. I live with my aunt and uncle. I was afraid that he would punch me if I didn't get away fast. You won't punch me as well, will you?"

"No, my boy, why should I hurt you?"

"My uncle says that people have the right to hurt me to punch out my freakiness, whatever he means by this."

"So, your uncle said this. Why don't you come with me to the police station?"

"Why do I have to come with you? Have I done something wrong?"

"No, no you've done nothing wrong. I just thought that you would like something to eat and drink, as exhausted as you are."

"That would be great. By the way, can we put on the siren while we're driving?"

"Well, we can do that if you'd like to. Come; let's head over to my car."

They left the park and headed over to the police car. While Harry was admiring the inside of the car, the policed officer exchanged a couple of words with his partner.

"Well, this seems to be a typical case of child abuse. However, he said some things as that it were people's duty to punch his freakiness out. I'd like to have a couple of words with that uncle of him."

"Well, tell me when you're going, I think I'd like to accompany you. What are we doing now?"

"We take him to the police station. He looks as if he didn't have a decent meal in weeks. Then, we will deal with his uncle. By the way, would you mind sitting back? I don't want to transport him like a criminal."

"Sure, no problem. Let's go."

They drove off towards the police station, with siren and blue light as Harry wished. Once inside, he lead Harry to the station's cafeteria where several other officers were enjoying their break.

He headed to the table where Mindy, a pretty new entrant fresh from police academy, was sitting. He thought that she was best to talk to Harry as he was obviously very disturbed from what happened.

"Mindy, do you have a minute?"

"Sure, John, what's going on?"

"I found this boy exhausted in the park. Sounds for me like a typical case of child abuse. Can you take care of him while we go and have a chat with his uncle?"

"Sure, I'll do what I can. And John, punch him one from me as well, will you?"

"You now that we're not supposed to beat suspects, do you?"

"Sure, just leave."

"Okay. Jack, Will, George and Frank, we'll need assist on a raid. Will you come with us?"

With these words, six of the officers left, therefore it was now only Mindy and Harry left in the Cafeteria. Mindy headed over to Harry who had meanwhile seated himself. Mindy started the conservation.

"Hy Harry, my name is Mindy. John asked me if I could take care of you as he had some business to attend. Would you like something to eat?"

"Hy Mindy. No, I need nothing, my uncle told me not to bother other people as they had better things to do than listening to a freak like me."

"Harry, you must eat something, we don't want to be bad hosts. What do you think about pizza?"

"You mean you'll be angry if I say no?"

"No, I won't be angry. What do you think of a Pizza Hawaii?"

"Well, that sounds great if it doesn't bother you."

"That's great, let me just make an order."

She went over to the phone, called the pizza delivery service and then a friend from the next hospital, asking him if she could come over for a minute. Then she went back to Harry.

"Harry, the food should arrive in a couple of minutes. I friend of mine, a doctor from the hospital, will come over in a minute to check you, I hope you don't mind."

"Please, I feel completely fine, that won't be necessary."

"Harry, couldn't you do it for me?"

"Well, if you mean. My uncle tells me that I shouldn't bother other people that they didn't need to care for me, that a freak as I don't deserve."

"That's not true, Harry. Your uncle is wrong."

Mindy had trouble to keep her voice neutral as that what Harry told her enraged her more and more. Child abuse always went to her and this was a really bad one. A boy who was always told that he was a freak whose behaviour had to be punched out of him. Right then, she heard the delivery boy arriving and went to meet him, arriving shortly later with a fresh pizza which she handed over to Harry with the words "Enjoy".

Harry, feeling very hungry as he didn't get a lot to eat the last days as he wasn't doing his chores well enough, ate with great pleasure. I took him no more than five minutes to finish the entire pizza.

Mindy then started to ask him some more questions about what he was doing at his Aunt's and uncle's house and what school was like for him. She adepted that Harry was forced to do all the chores and that he was beaten up on a daily basis by his cousin and his friends and by his uncle if he did something wrong. When she asked him why his uncle had thrown him out, he answered that he had received a letter and his uncle wanted to take it away from him. Just as she was to radio John to be extra unfriendly, that enraged she was, she heard how Doctor Jester, her friend was walking in. She went out to the lobby to greet her.

"Morning Mary, how are you doing?"

"I'm fine. What about you? You look upset?"

"Well, just wait till you heard the story I was told by the boy in the cafeteria. By the way, he's the once because I called you. Would you mind checking him for any injuries he might suffer?"

"Sure, I will. What do you expect?"

"Well, it seems that he gets beaten up by his cousin and his uncle. I just hope that it isn't something serious."

"Well, let's see."

The two of them headed back to the cafeteria where Mindy introduced Harry to Mary, saying that she would check him over. While Mary started to work, she heard John and the others come back, accompanied by someone who was complaining loudly as why he had been brought here like a criminal.

She joined them in the interrogation room where they had brought Vernon Dursley. The sight was rather menacing, having two officers behind him, two on the sides and three in front of him. However, Vernon still complained loudly of why he was here.

John, obviously still rather angry, started the interrogation.

"Are you Vernon Dursley?"

"Yes, I am."

"Do you know why you're here?"

"No, I haven't done anything wrong."

When he said this, Mindy suddenly went two steps closer, ready to punch him. However, John could just hold her back.

"You see, Mr. Dursley, we happened to meet your nephew in the park this morning."

"What has he done this time?"

"The question is not what he has done but much more what you have done?"

"I have done nothing. What are you accusing me for anyway?"

When he had said this, the door opened and Mary signalled Mindy and John to come to her.

"Well, I checked him over. He's really in a bad shape. He has bruises all over his body, as if he was beaten often. Also, his left wrist is in a very bad shape, I think it's broken and there's something wrong with his ankle as well, I think it's sprained. He looks as if he had done a lot of hard work recently. He is also underweight, when I asked him how old he was he told me eleven, but he looks for me like eight or nine."

Hearing this, John looked ready to go back into the room and punch the world out of Vernon Dursley. However, he calmed down and asked Mindy: "Do you think this is enough to arrest his uncle for child abuse?"

"Definitely. I'd like to take the boy to the hospital to check his injuries."

"Sure, I send Mindy and Rosie among with you. They shall stay with him until some from the youth welfare office arrives."

With these words, he went back to the interrogation room to announce to Vernon Dursley that he was arrested for child abuse and could pray that none of them was in a bad mood while Harry, Mary, Mindy and Rosie, another police officer, went to the hospital.


At Hogwarts, it was a quiet day for Albus Dumbledore. He had just finished sending of the letters to the Hogwarts students and was about to take a little midday nap when he received a floo call from Arabella Figg, Harry's neighbour which had volunteered to live in the neighbourhood and keep a watch over Harry.

"Albus, Vernon Dursley has just been arrested; one of the officers told me that he was suspected for child abuse. Do you know something about it?"

"No, Arabella, I had no idea. I'd never thought that his aunt and uncle would hurt him. I will go to the police station at once. Thank you that you've informed me."

As soon as Arabella's head had vanished from the fire, he floo called Minerva McGonagall and asked her to join him in his office. She arrived a few minutes later.

"Minerva, we need to head over to Little Whinging. Harry's uncle was arrested being suspected of child abuse. We need to get over there and sort thing out."

To say that Minerva was shocked would be a slight understatement. She was clearly enraged when she answered Albus: "Child abuse? Albus, I told you that it wouldn't be a good idea to place him with these people. Who knows what they have all done to him? He should have a happy live, he deserved, more than anyone else, to be loved by the family who raised him. I tell you, Albus, if he really was mistreated, I will not help you, not this time."

"But Minerva, you know of the importance of the protection. We must keep Harry safe."

"But what if those who call themselves their relatives are a bigger threat to him than anyone in our world?"

"Minerva, you draw overhasty conclusions. Let's head over and gather information before we decide what to do."

Professor McGonagall was ready to accept this and went with the headmaster to the fire and flooed to Arabella Figg.

Once arrived there, Arabella directed them to the police station where Vernon was in Haft. They arrived just as the others were heading for their car to drive to the hospital. Dumbledore quickly put a charm on them, making them go back inside as they thought they had forgotten something important and headed in with Minerva.

He sent her to the Cafeteria to talk with Harry while he himself headed over to the arrest cells where Vernon Dursley was. As he had changed himself to the looks of a muggle policeman, he didn't raise any suspicion. When he arrived, he decided that it was best to use legilimency on Dursley as Vernon didn't seem to do anything else than demanding to be let out of this cell. What he saw when he searched through Vernon's memories made even someone like him who had seen many things shudder. The Dursleys had abused Harry all the ten years since he had put him on their doorstep. He was shocked and also cursed himself for being that blind although Minerva and Arabella tried to tell him. Then, he went back to join Minerva and Harry.

When he went into the Cafeteria, he recognised that Minerva looked like another policeman (or better woman) as well. Beside her, there were two other women in the room. As soon as he reached her, she at once began shouting at him

"Albus, how could you give the boy to these people? You should have seen the bruises he had. I was able to fix them, had to make it secretly and put some charms on the other two so that they don't look at me. I will not allow you to take him back to these people."

"I know, Minerva. I made a terrible mistake; I have seen his uncle's memories. We will take him with us."

After having said this, he went over to the table where Harry was sitting.

"Hy Harry, I'm Albus Dumbledore and this is Minerva McGonagall. We were friends of your parents and we're here to take you away of you Aunt and Uncle, if you want to."

"You will take me away from Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia and Dudley? I don't have to go back to them?"

"No, you don't, you will never have to again, I promise."

"Then I will come with you."

"That's great, Harry. Minerva, will you go outside. I have a couple of things left to do here."

After Minerva had left with Harry, he altered the minds of all the officers that had seen Harry or himself or Minerva to forget that they were here or that they had arrested Vernon. This also meant that he had to set Vernon free as he didn't want to leave any tracks behind. However, he told him that he could be very lucky that he got away this time and that he would wait and see what Harry told him about his life at the Dursleys and that he would, if necessary, return with some friends. As soon as they were outside the station, Vernon ran away much faster then he would have thought him able to.

When he came to Minerva, he asked her silently to conjure a car as he didn't think that Harry was accustomed to magical travel. From the information he got from Vernon, he knew that Harry knew nothing of being a wizard and he didn't want to shock the boy. He waited for a better place to explain to him what he was.

Minerva walked around a corner out of sight to return shortly later with a VW Passat. As soon as they were all seated, Minerva drove them off towards London. As she asked Dumbledore where they were heading, he simply answered "Leaky Cauldron".

As they arrived there, Dumbledore asked Minerva to wait outside while he was getting a room. Inside, he asked Tom, the innkeeper, to have a room and got number 19, his best room.

Once more outside, he went with Harry to the room while Minerva waited outside, untransfigured the car and followed them then. Albus was waiting for her outside the door while Harry was inside.

"Albus, what are we doing here?"

"You see, Minerva, when I searched his uncle's memory, I recognised that his uncle hadn't told him anything about being a wizard.2

"You mean this boy has no idea of what he is?"

"Exactly, that's why we have to tell him."

They went inside. Harry who hadn't said a word on the journey, he still was marvelled by the events of the day, from his letter to his defence against his uncle to his run to the police station to these two friends of his parents who took him away. It was just as if the dream of the distant relative who would come and pick him up had become reality. However, he wondered where they had arrived.

"Well, where are we?"

"Sit down, Harry, Minerva and I have a couple of things to tell you. But first of all, here's a copy of that letter that has come to you this morning. Don't you want to read it?"


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