"Kakashi-sensei sure is sleeping for a long time." Sakura whispered sadly to the other girls, as her sensei lay bandaged from the time he rescued Sasuke and killed Orochimaru.

"I know, For like 2 days." Ino agreed to he best friend.

"But I still don't know how he survived that. I know he was powerful, but surviving that?" The Hyuuga prodigy asked for the first time, perplexed.

"SAKURA-CHAN! SAKURA-CHAN! SAKURA-CHAN! Sensei is waking up!" Naruto screamed happily as he pointed to their sensei.

"ugh" was the only word emitted from his mouth as he woke up slowly and gently seated his self up as everybody swooned over him.

"Kakashi-sensei I was so worried!" Sakura lounged, crying at the still dizzy jounin.

As he weakly smiled at those around him, Sakura felt her heartburn

for nagging Kakashi about Sasuke.


"I'M SO VERY MUCH WORRIED ABOUT SASUKE-KUN! OROCHIMARU IS GONNA DESTROY MY POOR SASUKE! It's been a year! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHAHAHAHAHA! " she 'cried' whenever Kakashi passed by to make him feel bad about Sasuke.

"Tsunade-sama, have you seen sensei?" Sakura asked Tsunade after seeing her in the memorial.

"He… he went…" She replied glumly facing away from Sakura as beads of tears rolled from her cheeks to her chin.

"He went to look… for Sasuke."

Hearing these words made her realize that Kakashi had THESE feelings for her in the past months.

Coming back from the mission with a well-condition Sasuke in his bloodied hands… yes his' blood…

Howling in pain, Kakashi fainted in between the large trees of the forest… leaning while holding Sasuke… just in time as Sakura, Naruto, Ino, Hinata and Neji came back from a mission.

"That was an easy mission guys! Right?" the Kyubi vessel said as he closed his eyes and relaxed.

"Hai." Was the unheard reply of the last person, Hyuuga Hinata.

cough cough

"Did you hear that? It sounds like a cough." Naruto said as he looked at the forest.

"No" not everyone said in unison.

However, Neji wasn't convinced. "Byakugan!" he suddenly blurted out as everyone looked at him, shocked.

"What the hell is wrong with you? There was nothing there!" Shouted Naruto behind Neji.

"Wrong, I sense a weak chakra just ahead." Neji replied as he walked towards the source.

Everybody stared at each other then followed soon after.

"Neji-san, what's wrong?" asked Sakura as she looked at him.

Neji took a kunai out then threw it, everyone set their eyes on the kunai as it landed near a gruesome sight.

Hatake Kakashi was leaning on a tree, hair flicking through the wind, head protector falling over his neck with a large slash across, once relaxed eyes closed, jounin vest gone, torn pants and t-shirt with blood and cuts, kunai sticking out of a hand that was carrying…

An unconscious but in a good condition Uchiha Sasuke.

SENSEI! Was the last she heard as Sakura fainted at the sight.

End flashbacks

Sakura woke up at a chair near a window in Kakashi's room. There she saw Kakashi sleeping with a large wolf stuff toy she remembered giving him this morning. As she walked over to her former sensei who was cuddling with a kid's toy, she gently stroked her hands through the shaggy silver hair that made him flinch. She traced his beautiful, feminish unmasked face. Putting her left hand over his cheek she bent over his ear then whispered 'Thank you' then kissed him on the lips. 'but, I just figured out, I really like you better' she smiled as she kissed him again then left the room, waiting for the next day.