Author's Note

Wow, it has been three long years since I last login into this account. My last login was probably a week after the last chapter of Death, Pain & Happiness (what a not-so-creative-title). I just login just to make sure whether the account is still valid or not when I saw a few more reviews/PM. All of them asked me to do a sequel.

Good news, I already posted the sequel (So Close). Bad news, I never updated it after the first chapter. I was thinking about rewriting the sequel back and remaking the story line. I also need to finish other stories, especially the FMA's.

If I made any progress with the sequel of Death, Pain and Happiness, I'll alert all of you faithful readers via this story.

P.S: the sequel is at my BlackBrightField2007's account.

Stay tuned!

Yours Truly,
BlackBrightField2007 also known as The Black Katana 2007