This is a story I've just started writing and so I'm sticking the first chapter here to see what you think. If you don't like it I won't post anymore. If you do send me loads of reviews saying so and I'll add some more (I have another 9 chapters just waiting to be added) . This is my first NCIS fic so be nice!

Tony DiNozzo moaned quietly as he resurfaced in to consciousness. One hand went to rub the sleep out of his eyes while the other threw the deafening alarm clock against the wall. A minute later, he had found enough energy to lift himself up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed, placing his feet down onto the cool carpet. He left the other occupant of the bed to sleep whilst he showered, shaved and styled his short light brown hair. His bare feet slapped against the tile of the bathroom as he made his way into the hallway and towards the kitchen. On autopilot, he switched the coffeemaker on, stuck a piece of white bread into the toaster and grabbed the butter from the fridge.

Holding his buttered toast in his mouth and a cup of strong black coffee in each hand, he returned to the bedroom. He held one of the cups up to the figure lying in the bed. Her nose twitched at the smell and slowly her eyes opened wide.

"Mornin'" He greeted with one of his famous smiles.

"Hey" She replied, gratefully taking the coffee.

"Why is it that when needed, you can stay awake for days on end but after a short day at the office and an early night you don't hear the alarm going off?"

"We might have gone to bed early but we definitely didn't go to sleep early Tony" She winked and Tony laughed.

"Get dressed, we need to be in for 0700"

"Sir, Yes, Sir!" The woman shouted at the top of her lungs, lifting one hand to her head in a sloppy salute.

"Crazy lady" Tony muttered under his breathe. He was saved from any reprimand by the phone ringing loudly from the living room. Tony lifted himself of the side of the bed and lazily strolled into the lounge. He picked up the receiver and answered.

"DiNozzo…….." His eyes widened as he received the news.

"What is it Tony?" The woman asked, her dressing gown draped over her body loosely as she leaned against the doorpost. Tony placed the receiver back down and looked at the woman.

"He's awake Abby"