This is one of a bunch of fics I wrote a long time ago and wasn't going to bother posting but then thought what the heck I might as well post them and get rid of them. This was written before their dad came back.

The Scarsboro Terror

Dean sped to the hospital as Sam leaned heavily against him in the front seat. He kept his arm around his brother's shoulder, his hand wrapped around his throat pressing hard against the two deep holes in Sam's neck. Dean could feel his brother's warm, sticky blood oozing between his fingers.

"Hang in there Sammy!" We're almost there!"

Sam only moaned weakly.

Dean tried to tear his eyes away from his brother and keep them on the road but he could feel Sam steadily growing weaker and it was hard to take his eyes off of him. Earlier Sam had been gasping for air, trying to suck it in through his damaged throat, but now he lay limp the only thing holding him up was Dean's arm around him.

"Don't you leave me Sammy! Don't you go dying on me!" Dean's voice cracked with emotion as he felt his brother's life force start to leave his body. "Sammy! Damn it Sammy don't you leave me!" Dean screamed as tears ran down his face.


Dean and Sam were traveling through the small town of Scarsboro, Montana when they decided to pull over at a small café along the road for something to eat. It had started to snow and they both pulled up their collars against the cold chilly air as they got out of the car and hurried into the café. They ordered some burgers and beers then sat at a table near a group of men who were involved in a lively conversation.

"Well I don't let any of my kids out after dark anymore." One man said.

"I don't even let mine out by themselves in the day light."

"This is the sixth person they found like that. What the hell is going on?"

"Vampires, that's what's doing it."

"Come on Morris, there ain't no such thing as vampires."

"Well how the hell do you explain the holes in their necks….and the bodies drained of blood? What else would do something like that?"

Dean and Sam glanced at each other their interest now peaked as they listened to the conversation.

"Excuse me, we couldn't help but hear what you were saying." Dean turned toward the table. "What's this about bodies being drained of blood?"

"You boys must be new around here if you haven't heard about the murders."

"Yeah, we're just passing through." Sam said

"Well, over the last three months we've had six murders in the area, two each month. The bodies were all drained of blood; each of them had these strange holes in their neck as if the blood had somehow been sucked out of them."

"What have the police turned up?" Sam asked leaning forward.

"Not much. They said it looked like what ever happened to the victims didn't happen where the bodies were found, since there was no blood or signs of a struggle at the scene."

"Where were the bodies found?" Dean asked.

"All the bodies were dumped off in Scarsboro Park."

Sam leaned forward.

"Do you know if there are any legends connected with the park?"

"What do you mean legends?"

"You know….any kind of urban legend…um….stories kids made up concerning the park? Odd things that might have happened there in the past…stuff like that. "

"What the hell does that have to do with the murders?" One of the men asked looking at Sam strangely.

"Well do you know if there were any connections between the victims… any similarities, um…Do you know if they knew each other?..." Dean asked.

"Why all these questions if you're just passing through? Who are you guys?" Another man asked

"Just curious is all." Dean turned around and took a swallow of beer. One glance at Sam and he did the same.

"What do you think?" Dean asked Sam quietly once the men ignored them and went back to their conversation.

"I think something very strange is going on here."

"No kidding Einstein." Dean said sarcastically. "Vampires?

"Could be, but I'd like to look into the background of the park. Why would a vampire use the same area as a dumping ground? I never heard of one doing that."

"Me either…Do you think it could be one of those blood sucking dogs like the one we ran into in New Mexico? It always left its kill in the vicinity of its lair."

"Might be….I say we check out the local library and see what we can find out about the murders and the park. See if there is any history of this happening before."

"Well first I think we should get a room and catch up on some sleep….I'm beat. Let's check out the library in the morning."


They found a small motel on the outskirts of town and pulled in for the night. They both took a shower then Dean jumped on one of the twin beds, put his hands behind his head, and quickly fell asleep. Sam sat by the TV and put the news on hoping to catch something about the murders; he kept the volume low so he wouldn't wake his brother. At four AM Dean woke up and looked over at Sam's empty bed, then at the chair where he was still sitting.

"You still up?"


"Sam, you got to get some rest. You can't be staying up all night."

"I caught a few hours."

"Yeah sure…" Dean knew his brother was lying. Sam never slept more then a half hour at a time before he'd wake up from another nightmare. Dean was worried about him; he knew that ever since Jessica's death Sam was getting little if any sleep. Sam glanced back at him.

"Dean, I'm fine, go back to sleep."

"Damn it Sammy….You really need to see someone about your insomnia."

"Dean….shut up and go back to sleep." He repeated.

Dean knew it was useless to argue with him. He put a pillow over his head and tried to go back to sleep.

The next morning

Dean awoke to the smell of fresh coffee. He threw the pillow off his face and looked up into the smiling face of Sam who handed him a cup.

"You going to sleep all day?"

Dean sat up and grabbed the coffee from his brother's hand.

"What time is it?"

"Eight thirty."

"You learn anything from the news?"

"Not anything useful, four men, two girls….the bodies drained of blood and dumped in the park. They said the police were patrolling the area but so far have no new leads."

"Well I guess all we can do is check out the internet and see if we can find anything interesting."

The county library

Sam sat in front of the computer screen and typed in Scarsboro Park, Montana. First he clicked on a site that showed the location and history of the park. The history showed nothing unusual, he then printed out a map of the park.

"Damn, this place is huge." Dean said as he looked at the printout. "No wonder the cops can't catch whoever is doing this, and to make matters worse it's littered with caves and mines…" He glanced at Sam. "A perfect place for a vampire to hide." He added grinning.

Next Sam clicked on a site that told about the murders. They both read the information from the screen and then Sam pointed at a sentence.

"Here's something those guys didn't mention."

"All the bodies had a white sticky substance on them when discovered." Dean read the screen and then looked at his brother. "Never encountered that before with a vampire or a blood sucking dog."

Sam shook his head as he continued reading.

"Maybe we're not dealing with a vampire, maybe it's something else."

"The only other thing we've dealt with before, other then vampires that drained blood, are devil dogs….but the white sticky substance…."Dean shrugged his shoulders. "What's up with that?"

"I guess the only thing we can do is drive out there and check out the area."