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"You were shot in the head by Genius1," his computer declared. John gritted his teeth as he waited for his character to rematerialize at the blue base. He occasionally turned his icy stare to the computer opposite him, but the man behind it never looked up from his screen. It really pissed John off.

His character appeared on the screen and John took the mouse in hand. "Blue base under attack," the computer voice said calmly. John glanced at the map in the upper corner and steered his character toward the base in question. Next to him, Lorne cursed as "You were killed by NotDucking" sounded from the speakers. John had to smile. Radek's screen name was very creative.

He moved his character toward the blue base and lifted his head over a rock. "You were shot in the head by Genius1." John cursed and jumped from his seat.

"You've got to do better than that, Colonel," Rodney laughed, sounding as smug as ever. The base blew up and the computer declared red team the winners. John looked at Lorne. The man looked like he wanted to pick up the computer and chuck it across the room. John could sympathize. It wasn't fair that Rodney, would could barely shot, and Radek, who'd never even held a gun, could kick the pants off of them at a stupid video game. Twice.

"Another round, Sheppard?" Rodney asked. John wondered how he could sound so arrogant. It really pissed him off. He should be able to beat Rodney. He was better at this kind of stuff than Rodney. He glanced at Lorne. His second nodded.

"All right. One more." He regretted it as "You were shot in the head by Genius1" flashed over the screen four seconds into the game.