Harry Potter - A Different World - Book 4

Harry Potter - A Different World - Book 4

Title: Harry Potter - A Different World - Book 4

Author: Carya Black-Riddle
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Category: AU, General, Romance
Pairings: HP/HG, DM/GW, will be TMR/OC too
Rating: K+ (might change later)
Disclaimer: Carya and the plot changes belong to me, the rest belongs to JKR. I do not make any money with this. It's just a story written from one fan for all the others to read. I got some Ideas from other stories as well. I only use them because I loved them! Please don't get mad at me if you find something copied from the books apologetic smile. Flames will only be used to heat my room and to roast marshmallows evilgrin.
Notes: Since this is an AU fic some things are different. Ginny is the same age as Harry and Carya. Ron is almost a year older but hadn't been able to attend Hogwarts earlier. Snape behaves different sometimes too. Character desriptions for details.
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Summary: Basically the twins fourth year at Hogwarts. Some story twists and slightly new plot because of Tom's presence. Read, review and enjoy.
Warnings: There's a reason for Carya and Harry being in Slytherin. It's not just for the fun of it. But this isn't exactly a Dark!Carya, Dark!Harry story. Although Carya was always the darker one of the twins and her relationship with Tom brings this side to the surface.

Carya smirking satisfied: 'I like that! Why aren't you already writing, eh? Hurry up!!'

Author: 'Who do you think is in charge here, Carya? If you don't stop behaving like this I'll have to punish you! waves her wand ... eh pen ... in front of Carya's face'

Carya: 'Hey, no need to be rude. ... Okay, okay, I shut up now!'

Tom to Carya: 'She's a bit agitated today, isn't she? I wonder why.'

Author: 'Prats' author is pouting now You'll see what you get sticking out her tongue)

Carya: 'Oh, do we? I can't wait for that. And don't you dare to take my Tom away!! I'll kill you if you do! He's mine!'

Tom pouting now: 'Hey, don't I get a say in this too?'

Author and Carya in unison: NO!

Tom: 'It's my life, remember that!'

Author: 'And who gave you that life?'

Tom: 'silence ...'

Author: 'Finally! Now on with the story?'

... Parseltongue

/.../ Telepathy between Harry & Carya (in italics)

' ... ' thoughts

... Flashback or changing POV

Chapter 01 - Shopping and the World Cup or Disguise and the Dark Mark

It was August 2nd and the inhabitants of Black Manor were just having breakfast when five owls flew into the dining room. Each of them carried a letter with the Hogwarts crest on the envelope.

It was the children's annual letters for the new term containing their school supplies lists as well as other notes. The kids opened them and looked at the list.



Fourth-year students will require:

1. Three sets of plain work robes (black)

2. One plain pointed hat (black) for day wear

3. One pair of protective gloves (dragon hide or similar)

4. One winter cloak (black, silver fastenings)

5. One set of dress robes

Please note that all pupils' clothes should carry name tags


All students should have a copy of each of the following:

'The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 4)' by Miranda Goshawk

'Magical Theory (Intermediate Guide)' by Adalbert Waffling

'A History of Magic' by Bathilda Bagshot

'A Guide to Intermediate Transfiguration (Addition)' by Emeric Switch

'One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi' by Phyllida Spore

'Magical Drafts and Potions' by Arsenius Jigger

"Not so many new items, then. But why do we need dress robes this year? Strange thing, that is," Carya said thoughtfully.

"Yeah right, Fred and George didn't need them last year either," Ginny added.

"Well, when do we go on our shopping-trip?" asked Harry.

"That's my chance to fill up my potions-ingredients. Eh, Sirius, may I go to 'Knockturn Alley' this time? Some ingredients are cheaper and of better quality there," Carya inquired.

"No way in hell, Carya ..." he shouted but was interrupted by Remus.

"You were in there with Draco right after christmas, weren't you?" he asked and Carya nodded, "Did you wear a disguise that time?" he continued and received a nod in return.

"Okay then. Since you and Draco already know how to get around there you may go together. But promise to be careful!" Remus said warningly.

"Of course Moony! I know how dangerous that place can be," answered Carya seriously.

"We promise to be very careful, Remus. Don't worry Sirius. Carya did the same when she got your wand back before second year, right?" soothed Draco and Sirius had to admit that they were right.

The same night Arthur Weasley called them over floo-system.

"Hello, Sirius, Remus. I wanted to ask if the kids are interested in the Quidditch Final of the World Championship. I can get cards from the 'Department of Magical Sports and Games'," Arthur told them.

"I doubt that they wouldn't be interested but you can ask them by yourself," Remus said and called for the kids.

"Dad, what's wrong?" exclaimed Ginny.

"Nothing's wrong Ginny I wanted to ask if you five want to see the Final at this year's Quidditch World Cup. I can get tickets for that," the elder Weasley told them.

"Really? Of course we want to go Mister Weasley!" said the siblings in unison. Hermione and Ginny agreed too.

The children would floo to the Burrow on August 24th and stay overnight. That meant they had to go shopping before that. It was quickly decided that they'd go on August 16th and get their supplies early that year.

It truly saddened Carya that Tom couldn't accompany them. She therefore decided to get him something. She would just give him the books and a new dress-robe as presents. And she would take lot's of photos.

The two weeks until their shopping trip were over quickly and they had already finished all of their homework in yet another weekend study session. Seeing that it was Friday Diagon Alley was quite crowded.

They first went to Gringotts to retrieve some money. Their next stop was 'Flourish & Blotts' where they got their new course books. Carya bought two sets of all books they'd need this year including those they'd already bought the years prior.

After the book-store they walked towards Madam Malkin's and got their school robes if needed and new dress-robes. Carya knew that Harry and Tom were approximately the same built. Tom was a bit taller than Harry but she told the seamstress about that and got a new robe for Tom as well.

Once they'd finished school-business in 'Diagon Alley' the children split up. Harry, Hermione and Ginny would stroll around 'Diagon Alley' while Draco and Carya would disguise themselves and go shopping in 'Knockturn Alley'.

For the second time the people around the dark alleyway would see the strange looking twins - Devius and Gemini!

They had never shown Harry and the others how they looked like but they had promised to do it when they got home. The two of them walked straight towards 'Hellfire's Apothecary' to buy the needed ingredients and stopped briefly at 'Leviathan's Bookstore' to look at the new books.

As always Gemini found some which caught her attention. This time there were only two books though which were called 'Dark Potions and Poisons' by J. A. Hellfire and 'Medieval Curses' by Lola Himeya.

Gemini bought both and Devius only shook his head while mumbling something under his breath. The shop-keeper heard him nonetheless and shivered at his tone.

"I swear that girl's obsessed with books and knowledge!" Devius growled annoyed.

People stayed out of their way although the two of them were just children. Gemini and Devius had unknowingly gotten a reputation throughout 'Knockturn Alley'. Most shop-owners and customers believed that they were somehow related to the Dark Lord himself although no one knew if it was true.

The children heard someone talking about that when they passed a group of hooded wizards. They were quite amused by that but didn't dare to laugh at them. This disguise could be useful some time in the future.

'Perhaps we could add the other's to our group and disguise them just like us?' Gemini mused.

Unseen by prying eyes the two of them changed back to Carya and Draco. They met their friends at Florean Fortescue's and sat down with a smirk.

/You won't believe what we've found out/ Carya told her brother.

/What? Tell me already!/ Harry demanded.

/They think that Gemini and Devius are somehow related to Voldemort. I think that's quite funny/ she replied.

Harry choked slightly on his ice-cream before starting to chuckle and their friends looked at them strangely.

"We'll tell you later!" Draco said to the others.

Once they got home the female Potter and Draco told the other's what they'd heard in 'Knockturn Alley' and showed them how their disguise looked like. Remus and Sirius were there too and those two were pretty shocked when they saw Carya and Draco under those charms.

But they agreed that the disguise was really good and that a reputation like that could only help if they needed to go into hiding for a while. They also agreed that Harry, Ginny and Hermione should be added to the little 'family'.

In the end they would be three sets of fraternal twins since Carya was adamant to add Tom to their group someday as well. Each of the future couple's would make up one. This was perhaps their biggest secret apart from being illegal animagi.

The days flew by and soon they were getting ready to go to The Burrow. But during the night of August 23rd the Potter twins had a horrible dream. It wasn't a nightmare - it was a kind of vision. They were flying on the back of a black eagle owl towards a strange house.

Little did they know that something important had happened earlier in August and no one had noticed until today. The next thing the twins saw was a dimly lit room. The only light source was the fire in the fireplace.

Someone or something was sitting in a high backed armchair and talked to a snake that was curled up on the rug in front of the hearth like a cat. It soundest almost like hissing. The man who entered the room a second later made the twins gasp in shock and fury.

It was Peter Pettigrew - a man who was supposed to be in Azkaban this very moment. That meant this was a vision of the future or was it of the present? They were confused but then the figure in the chair started talking.

"Wormtail! How far are the preparations?" the cold voice asked.

"Almost finished, my Lord but ... I don't understand ... why wait so long? Why not attack him now?" Wormtail answered.

"The Quidditch World Cup Wormtail! There are wizards from every country here right now and the security is higher than ever. We'll wait until our time has come!" the voice growled.

"You're still going to use the boy? Why not someone who is more accessible?" the balding man inquired.

"You're concerned about the boy, am I right Wormtail?" the cold voice answered menacingly.

"No, my Lord, of course not! The boy means nothing to me," Wormtail replied defensively.

"You're lying. I have my reasons for wanting to use Harry Potter! Don't you ever doubt that. We'll strike once my faithful servant has prepared our last step," the voice said and now the twins were fairly sure who sat in that armchair.

Suddenly the snake lifted her head and hissed something which only the twins and the Dark Lord could understand. A muggle had stood outside the door and heard every word that was spoken.

Wormtail let him in and the chair was turned around. After a brief conversation the creature that once had been the most feared wizard in the United Kingdom lifted it's wand and said the two deadly words.

"You won't be able to tell anyone, muggle. Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort said and laughed.

Miles away two fourteen year old children woke up screaming. They met outside their rooms and immediately went down to the study. It was already four in the morning. They had to talk about this and they hoped that Remus was already up.

/Harry, what do we do now? He's after you, that's for sure, but why?/ Carya asked her brother and she sounded scared.

/I don't know Carya, I honestly don't know!/ replied Harry and they opened the door.

Remus was sitting in one of the chairs reading a book when he heard the door being opened.

"Harry, Carya? What's wrong, you look horrible," Remus exclaimed worried.

"We had a nightmare ..." began Harry.

"I'd say it was more of a vision," added Carya and absently rubbed her left collarbone in the place where her scar was.

"Tell me," said the werewolf sternly and the twins told him.

When they were finished Remus was just as shaken as the kids. He promised them to investigate on that matter and that he would tell Sirius about that too. Harry and Carya stayed up for the rest of the night since they knew that sleep wouldn't come for them even if they tried to.

At breakfast they informed their friends of the nightmare. Normally they kept their dreams quiet but this was far too important. It was agreed that neither Harry nor Carya should be left alone when outside of Black Manor.

The same applied for the time at the Burrow and the Quidditch World Cup. In the afternoon Arthur floo-ed over to collect the kids and Remus informed him about the vision. He was shocked to say the least and promised to try and find out what happened to Pettigrew.

When the kids arrived at the Burrow Molly Weasley instantly fussed over them. Ginny and the Weasley twins were giggling about that. Draco felt uncomfortable and the Potter's were annoyed to no end but neither twin said anything.

This was just the way Molly Weasley was - kind, loving and absolutely overprotective. Nothing in the world could change that ever. The day was spent outside playing Quidditch. Bill and Charlie Weasley arrived at dinner and greeted the five friends cheerfully.

They went to bed early because they had to get up before sunrise. Fred and George had tried to get the twins and Draco to test some of their new developments. They had been working on fake wands, so-called canary creams and many other things.

But Molly was very determined to interrupt their career as professional pranksters. She was once again scolding them about their low OWL marks when the other's had breakfast the next morning. It was only half past five and they already had to go.

The eight Weasley's, Harry, Carya, Draco and Hermione walked down the road. They were all clad in muggle-clothes of varying style and colour. At the place where the portkey should be two other people were already waiting. Cedric Diggory, the Hufflepuff seeker and his father Amos.

"Ah, hello Amos. Do you have the portkey already?" Arthur asked and Amos nodded.

"Well, let me introduce this lot to you then. These are my kids, Ginny, Ron, Fred and George, Percy, Bill and Charlie. The girl here is Hermione Granger and this is Draco Malfoy ..." Arthur said but was interrupted then.

"A Malfoy? Are you sure you're alright Arthur?" Amos asked raising his eyebrows.

Draco scowled. He so hated to be judged by his last name.

"Don't you dare and say anything wrong against Draco, Mister Diggory. I won't tolerate that. He's certainly not his father!" Carya growled menacingly.

"And you are ..." Amos wanted to know and his son answered for the twins.

"Dad, that's Carya Potter and her twin-brother Harry," Cedric said trying to reduce the sudden tension.

"The Potter twins? Well, that's unexpected," Diggory said curtly and turned back to his conversation with Arthur.

Cedric shot them an apologetic look and shrugged. Ginny squeezed Draco's shoulder and he smiled at his girlfriend. Soon it was time to activate the portkey and they all gathered around the old boot. Everyone laid their hand on it and felt a tug in their stomach.

The next thing they saw was a big field where many wizards and witches were arriving. Someone lead them away from the point where they were standing because of another group that would arrive within the next minutes.

They were given a map and looked for the field were they would put up the tents. The found it quickly and after Arthur had paid the muggle who was collecting the rent for their stay they started putting up the tents with the help of the Muggle raised kids.

No one except Carya, Harry, Hermione, Bill and Charlie had done that until that day so the five of them started on the tents while Arthur and the other kids minus Percy who just stood in the way went to get some water. When they returned the tents were ready and the fire was crackling merrily.

Ginny, Draco and the Weasley twins had met some of their school-mates and talked to them for a bit. Since they had some free time now the five friends plus the Weasley twins wandered around looking for other familiar faces.

They were just walking past a gap in the stands of the stadium when someone shouted,

"Watch out!"

Carya reacted the fastest and jumped in front of Ginny to catch the Quaffle that flew straight towards them.

"Wow, good reaction. Where did you learn that?" the stranger asked and Carya only shrugged.

"I didn't learn it. I was always like that," she replied automatically while not really paying attention.

But then she caught the others gaping at the man in front of them. It hit her like a ton of bricks. This was one of the Irish Quidditch players.

"Do you want to watch our practise?" he asked them and the kids nodded smiling.

One didn't get a chance like this everyday. Fred and George were beyond the state of happiness as was Ginny. Ron would be so jealous when he heard of this that was for sure. The player's name was Elvin Connolly.

He introduced them to the team and told his team-mates of Carya's catch. They asked the kids about their names and they introduced themselves.

"Well, the redheads here are Fred and George Weasley. The girl is Ginny, their younger sister. This is Hermione Granger and the boy next to her is Draco Malfoy. And we are Harry and Carya," Carya introduced them but didn't get away without telling their last name.

"Do you two have a last name too?" Edward Quigley asked them and Carya sighed.

"It's Potter, Harry and Carya Potter," her brother answered defeated.

The Irish team gasped but the excitement only lasted a second. They knew what it was like to be gaped at so they dropped the issue and changed the topic.

"Do you play Quidditch?" Emily Mullet asked them with a curious grin.

"Yep, we all do!" said Fred and George continued "But Hermione is the only one not playing for a house team in Hogwarts."

"Which positions do you play?" Abraham Troy wanted to know.

The kids felt like someone had turned the tables. They were the ones supposed to assault the team with questions. But the teens answered anyway. Carya once again took over for them.

"Draco, Fred and George are Beaters. Ginny and Hermione play Chaser, Harry is Seeker and I'm playing Keeper," she told them and Connolly just nodded.

"No wonder you could catch the Quaffle like that. You're really good. I have an idea. It's still early and we have two hours to spare. What about a little match just for the fun of it. You seven against us, eh?" he said and the kids gaped disbelieving while the team just grinned.

"We agree on that but someone needs to tell Mister Weasley that we'll stay here for a while," Harry said and Moran interrupted.

"Don't worry. We'll send someone. Just tell us where to go," he told them and the kids explained.

"Draco, you can play Chaser quite well too, can't you?" Ginny asked and when the boy nodded she told the Irish team that they were ready but they didn't have any brooms.

The problem was soon solved and the children were allowed to use the training brooms of the team. They were Firebolts and when Michael Moran told them to be careful because the brooms were international standard the Potter twins just smirked at him.

"What's up with those two?" a confused Mullet asked Fred who was standing next to her.

"They don't need to be careful. The have Firebolts at home themselves. That's one of the reasons why we can't beat them at Quidditch. Although they'd still flatten us while flying Cleansweep 7's," the boys replied grinning and Mullet looked at him as if he were nuts.

"You're joking!" she said and this time her team heard it too.

"You really have those brooms?" they asked the Potter's and both kids nodded looking quite smug.

"They were a birthday present from our guardians," Harry told them and they teamed up.

The Irish coach looked at them oddly but didn't interfere. He knew his team would be careful and neither hurt the children nor themselves during this little game. But it wasn't that easy at all. The professionals discovered that these kids were quite an opponent.

The children even scored a few times and Carya stopped many of the other teams attacks. An hour later neither team had been able to catch the snitch and the Irish players were about to win since the score was 240 to 90.

The teams trainer and manager were astounded when these children had even scored for the first time but this many goals was totally unexpected. Just before they wanted to stop the game because the training session was over Harry shot towards the ground.

Lynch hadn't even noticed at first but then he saw what Harry was after. The boy had seen the snitch. He was going at a neck-breaking speed and only slowed down once he neared the ground.

Before Lynch could reach him Harry pulled out of his perfect dive and held up his hand. He had caught the snitch and they'd made a draw. The final score was 240 to 240. Of course the kids knew that this wasn't the best the other team could do but it was still something.

"You are really good. I hope well see you in the English team some time in the future. I'd love to play against you in a Tournament like this," Moran told them and they all got signed photos and shirts.

They also got a back-stage pass that would allow them to see the team after the match. Exhausted but happy the seven children made their way back towards their tents. They were greeted by their family, well by most of them.

Charlie and Bill congratulated them on their luck while Percy ignored them and Ron was simply sulking. He got even more jealous when he saw their back-stage passes. Soon it was time to go and find their seats.

They had miraculously gotten some in the top-box. That would be fun. The seven lucky kids wore their green autographed Ireland sweatshirts and were grinning happily at anyone who looked at them enviously.

In the top box they met a scared house elf and surprisingly Fudge, the Minister of Magic who was currently talking to a Bulgarian guest making fun of himself. He did a double take when he saw Carya and she just smirked at him. But then something happened that was a real shock for the kids.

Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy came climbing up the stairs. Draco felt sick and looked away. Ginny took one of his hands into hers and squeezed it reassuringly. Carya watched the elder Malfoy's like a hawk. They either had yet to spot their son or they simply ignored his presence.

It turned out to be the former. Once Lucius saw Draco his gaze darkened and he scowled at the boy. Draco gulped heavily because he was scared like hell. Carya sensed this and being the protective sister she was stood up and shielded her brother from view.

She glared at Lucius and dared him to try anything. He glared right back but surprisingly lost the staring match. Fudge spotted him and scuffled over but he had to walk along Carya's seat. The children were amused how frightened he was just because of Carya.

Lucius Malfoy noticed this too and wondered what could make him fear a small mudblood child like Carya Potter. He was also angry that his son was there with those mudbloods and that he couldn't do anything about it.

Dumbledore had been right. He couldn't hurt Draco any further or he would loose everything he had. Perhaps if he did something to the Weasley girl but that would have to wait. The announcer introduced the players as they were flying onto the pitch. For Ireland there were flying on Firebolt's,

"Connolly! Ryan! Troy! Mullet! Moran! Quigley! aaaaaand - Lynch!"

and for Bulgaria he announced,

"Dimitrov! Ivanova! Zograf! Levski! Vulchanov! Volkov! aaaaaaand - Krum!"

After that he announced this games referee,

"And here, all the way from Egypt, our referee, acclaimed Chairwizard of the International Association of Quidditch, Hassan Mostafa!"

Soon the game started and the seven friends were cheering for Ireland. Ron was shouting for Bulgaria out of protest if not for anything else. The game was amazing but the kids felt sorry for Aidan Lynch who crashed into the ground two times while looking for the snitch.

Viktor Krum had been toying with him all the time and was an expert when it came to the famous 'Wronski Faint'. The Irish team was in the lead very quickly and it really didn't look good for the Bulgarian team.

Every once in a while the male onlookers would have to cover their ears because of the cheering Bulgarian Veelas on the pitch. Their opponents were the Irish Mascots - Leprechauns. After some time a bludger headed straight for Krum's head and unfortunately he wasn't quick enough to duck.

The bludger hit him right in the face and once you could get a look at him again it was fairly sure that his nose was broken. There was blood everywhere but the referee didn't interrupt the game. He had to deal with angry mascots at the moment.

Suddenly the Irish seeker went into a dive. Harry instantly knew that this wasn't a fake one. This was the real thing - Lynch had seen the snitch. Krum was already hard on his tail and got closer with every passing second.

They both would crash into the ground if they didn't pull out of their dives pretty soon. And Lynch did just that. For the third time that evening he crashed into the ground while Krum was lucky enough to pull up his broom in the right moment.

Everyone was looking for the snitch now and it was found in Krum's hand. The Bulgarian seeker had caught the snitch but Ireland still won. The final score was: Ireland 170 to Bulgaria 160. They had won by ten points only.

The whole stadium was covered in green now. And both teams landed next to the top box. The Bulgarians were first and their fans were cheering for them as if they'd won. It had been a good game. Krum looked even more smashed now that he was so close.

Carya also couldn't help but notice that he was waddling like a duck. He seemed graceful on a broom but he was a klutz on the ground. The Irish players were next. They stood in a row in front of the people in the top box and turned towards the crowd.

The stadium exploded in cheers. After they got the Cup the players turned around. Lynch still looked as if he wasn't really conscious.

"Good game, huh?" Moran asked the children and everyone else who was up there gaped at them in awe.

"Yeah, you're one hell of a Quidditch team. No wonder we didn't do better this afternoon and you didn't really try your best then," Harry told them with much respect in his voice.

"Is Aidan alright? He looks a bit off at the moment," asked Ginny worriedly and now even Lucius Malfoy was gaping slightly.

A Weasley on first name basis with a Professional player? That was next to impossible.

"Aidan will be okay in a few minutes I think. We expect you in thirty minutes for the party! You're okay with that, Mister Weasley, right?" Emily Mullet said smiling and after Arthur gave his consent the kids were grinning.

Fudge was totally flustered by this and even Ludo Bagman from the 'Department of Magical Games and Sports' looked astonished. But he just shook his head about this. Before the Weasley's and their friends left the top box Carya turned around briefly and smirked evilly at Lucius Malfoy.

He was furious. How dare that girl look at him like that. She would get hers in the future. Malfoy was sure about that. He only had to wait until Voldemort was finally back ...

The party with the Irish team was fantastic. The kids had lots of fun but around eleven they had to go back to their tent. A security wizard brought them back and the stored their gifts in their bags. They were awoken by screams and footsteps from the outside.

Arthur came into the children's tents and told them to get their wands and come out.

"You have to go and hide in the forest. Don't argue. Something horrible is going on here. It's just as if He was back ..." Arthur mumbled and send the kids off.

They stayed together closely until Hermione noticed that her wand was missing.

"Damnit, I must have forgotten it in the tent. I was sure I had it," she growled and the children stopped near a small clearing.

"What was Dad talking about?" asked Ginny thoughtfully.

"He was talking about the Dark Years, the time when Voldemort was in power. Didn't you see those men with black cloaks and white masks? They are called Death Eaters. I'm sure you heard about them in History of Magic," Hermione told them.

They were running through the woods and met a few others who were trying to get away too. Some seemed to be from other countries because the children couldn't understand what they were saying. Carya noticed a few kids who had their school emblems on their clothes.

"Hey, even some students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang have found their way here. I wonder what they think about this all," she thought aloud.

She had read about them during the summer after their second year in 'Europe's Magical Schools: Durmstrang, Beauxbatons, Hogwarts' by Frederick French. Out of breath the twins and their friends stopped on a small clearing to recover for a second.

Suddenly the kids heard some rustling leaves nearby and then a softly spoken incantation. It wasn't very loud but they all could hear it clearly.

"Morsmordre!" said a cold male voice to their left and Carya stopped dead in her tracks.

"Hey Carya, what ...?" Harry asked but didn't get very far.

Suddenly they heard screams everywhere and people running out of the forest. All of them apart from Carya appeared to be really confused. She was looking somewhere else but her friends and siblings didn't notice at first though.

"What's all the fuss about? What's wrong now," Hermione asked slightly scared.

"Don't you see the Dark Mark in the sky? This image was always sent into the air when Voldemort and his Death Eaters had finished one of their attacks," Carya told her friends while pointing into the sky but they still looked a bit confused,

"... Here, think about this. You're coming home from work and you see that thing floating above your house. And you know exactly what you'll find inside because they surely have killed your whole family," the girl explained and again pointed upwards.

There above them was a green skull with a snake coming out of it's mouth. It was scary and fascinating at the same time.

"How come you know so much about this?" Draco asked curiously.

"Eh, I read it in one of my books," she said defensively but in reality Tom had told her much about the Mark in particular since he had been the one to create it at the end of his fourth year.

The rest she did actually read in her books about the Dark Arts which she'd owned since their first year. But she couldn't tell anyone about this. She even knew the correct incantation. That was why she had suddenly stopped walking.

The girl had sworn her friend to keep this a secret and she did just that. No one could know because both of them would get into serious trouble then. A second later they heard voices shouting and quite a few popping sounds. Out of pure instinct Harry hissed at his friends.

"Hit the dirt!" he said and they did just that when they heard someone else yell a curse.

"Stupefy!" shouted many angry voices and the curses harmlessly sailed over their heads.

Carya could've sworn she'd heard a soft thump out of the direction where the Dark Mark must have come from. But she would have to reveal her animagus abilities to prove that and therefore kept quiet about it.

The group of wizards was advancing the children with raised wands when another - a familiar - voice shouted,

"Stop, that's my children and their friends."

It was Mister Weasley and the wizards looked at them suspiciously. But they didn't exactly point their wands at them anymore. Carya was the first to recover from the shock.

"Hey guys, are you alright?" she asked them and they nodded when someone else pushed his way towards them.

"Who was it, which one of you cast the Mark? Answer me now!" the man who they recognised as Mister Diggory demanded to know.

"We didn't do that!" said Ginny angrily and Arthur asked them calmly,

"Where did the Mark come from, kids?"

"From somewhere over there, Dad," Fred told him and pointed towards the left.

The wizards searched the area and found no one but a house elf and a wand. Barty Crouch, one of the wizards present gasped. It was Winky, his own house elf. Next to her they had found a wand. When the seven kids saw it they gasped.

"But ... that's my wand ... how ...," Hermione started but was interrupted by Diggory.

"Your wand eh? Are you confessing that you conjured the Mark and then threw it aside? ..." Diggory ranted at Hermione who looked scared now.

"Amos, please. I highly doubt Miss Granger would do such a thing. You know her don't you? She's a Muggle-born witch and one of my daughter's best friends," Arthur stated calmly.

"Why, oh, of course not Arthur, sorry. I got carried away a little," Amos admitted, "Well, there's a very simply way of finding out if this wand was used for the spell," he continued and pointed the tip of his wand at Hermione's.

"Prior Incantato!" he said firmly and a second later a very small image of the green skull high up in the air was floating in front of the wand. But it looked like a shadow since it was a dull grey in colour.

"Deletrius!" Amos barked and after the image vanished he handed the wand back to Hermione who pocketed it carefully.

After this Amos and the others were interrogating the poor house-elf. It didn't look good for her though.

"Pah, it couldn't have been her! We heard the incantation and I can tell the difference between a male voice and a house-elf. They only do this because they can't find the real culprit. Like always someone has to be the scapegoat!" Carya growled under her breath.

"You seem to know awfully much about how the Mark is conjured young lady! How do you know that it was an incantation?" Amos Diggory asked still suspicious.

"Are you dense? We clearly heard the words the man used, yes it was a man, no woman or house elf has a voice that deep!" Harry sneered but no one took notice of that.

Everyone watched Crouch. He was really angry. Sirius had once told the children once that Crouch would sacrifice almost everything to avoid being brought in contact with the Dark Arts.

"I'm very disappointed with you, Winky. You have disobeyed me. I clearly told you to stay at the tent. You do know this can only mean one thing ..." Crouch said menacingly and the kids listened in shock as the small creatures eyes widened in horror.

"No Master Barty, not that, please not. Winky didn't do anything. Winky not cast magic," the elf cried desperately.

"No, you've compromised me, this means clothes," he said and left no room for arguments.

Winky was wailing loud by now. Carya was furious. She knew that a house elf like Winky wouldn't lie to her Master ever. She just couldn't imagine it with Winky. Hell, even Dobby hadn't exactly lied but instead had kept small secrets from his former Master to help the Potter twins.

"How disgusting he is. A man like him should know that a faithful house-elf would never ever lie to his or her Master. Especially not in matters like this. He's just a plain cruel bastard!" Carya whispered to her friends but the adults heard her last sentence anyway.

"What did you just call me, girl?" Crouch growled and tried to intimidate the female Potter.

Not that something like this worked with her though. She was simply too self confident to get scared that easily when not in immediate danger. And right now Crouch was only a minor threat. Nothing to worry about in the girls opinion.

"I said that you're being plain cruel. No faithful house-elf like little Winky here would lie about something important as this to her Master!" Carya stated venomously.

"What does a little child like you know about house-elves. How dare you talk to me like that?" he ground out between clenched teeth.

The other adults were shocked that the girl had the guts to talk to Crouch like that. Many wizards and witches feared him for a reason and not only because they had connections to the Dark Arts. But then again, Carya was already known for her fearless and sometimes even reckless behaviour if she was thinking differently than her opponent. It was her Gryffindor side.

"I do know a lot about house-elves, Mister Crouch because we have quite a number at Black Manor. You might have to ask my guardians about the exact number though. No one in their right mind would treat a loyal house-elf who has served the family well like that.

I despise people who can't tell right from wrong or lie from truth when they should obviously see it," the girl said softly but her voice was like ice and some of the present wizards and witches even shivered slightly at her tone.

(A/N: She talks about Sirius only because she knows that Crouch was responsible for Padfoot's imprisonment in Azkaban!)

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