Author's Note: Okay, I had to rewrite this because when I went to write the second chapter, I got an idea that worked out better if I just adjusted a few things. So I cut some things from the original draft and added some new things. I hope y'all don't mind. LOL! Most of Tommy's stuff is the same, for anyone who has already read the first draft and doesn't wish to have to reread it over again. I did, however, cut some things from his half, so you might wanna check out what I cut at the end of his half. Kat's half is all redone. I hope I didn't confuse anyone. LOL! Sorry.

It was a hot Saturday morning in Reefside. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and everything was at peace. Tommy Oliver sat in his secret lab under his home in the woods, located a few miles outside of town. He was staring at his computer screen, analyzing the last battle he and the other Dino Thunder Rangers had fought; they had barely made it out of there alive.

'Somehow Mesogog's monsters just keep getting stronger.' Tommy thought to himself, watching the computer screen. It had been nearly five months since three of Tommy's students from Reefside High School had stumbled across his lab and taken the Dino gems. Gems that would bond with the three teenagers and help them become Power Rangers.

Tommy became their mentor, and then, just as quickly, he became the Black Dino Thunder Ranger. It felt great to be back in the action, and not just sitting on the sidelines. He had done that before when he had lost his Green Ranger powers, and he hated it when he had to give up his Turbo powers. He tried to move on and live a normal life, but it was harder than he thought, for he couldn't remember what life was like before the Power Rangers.

And moving on without his friends was even harder. After high school and the passing of their powers, they had all gone their separate ways, all pursuing different careers. It had been years since they had all been together. Now days, it was usually Tommy and Jason who got together every once in a while and talked about the "good old days" and what was happening in each other's lives now. Tommy had sent letters to all of his friends four months ago, when Mesogog had showed up and the new Rangers had been chosen. He had to tell all his friends about them.

They had all told him, in one way or another, that if he ever needed them, all he needed to do was call and they would do anything they could to help him. But he would only call them if he really needed them. After all, they all had something keeping them busy. Jason and Kim, being married for four years now, were getting ready to have a baby. Kim was really excited and Tommy was happy for them. And then Tanya had just given birth to a healthy baby boy. Adam was really happy about it; he had always wanted a son. Then Billy and Trini were on their honeymoon, and Rocky and Aisha were making wedding plans. He couldn't possibly ask them to stop what they were doing to help him, though he knew they would in a heartbeat.

He heard the doorbell ring and set the picture down on the desk in front of him, making his way up the stairs and closing the secret passage that led to the lab. He walked over to the door and peered out to see Conner, Ethan, and Kira standing there. He opened the door.

"Hey, Dr. O!" Conner said, walking in. Ethan and Kira followed him. "You called us over?"

"Yeah, I did. I was going over the footage of out last few battles with Mesogog, and I thought it would be a good idea if you guys were here, too." He told them, heading back down to the lab and they followed him.


Katherine Hillard pulled up the drive to 1992 Valencia Road and sat for a moment or two in her car. "All right, Kat." She told herself, "You can do this." She slowly got out of her car and walked slowly up the walkway toward the front porch. Slowly she ascended the porch steps, opened the screen door, and knocked. After a moment without an answer, she knocked again, this time a little louder. She heard stirring inside and prepared herself.

The door opened slowly and there stood Tommy, just as handsome as she remembered. He looked at her for a moment, unable to hide his surprise from her. "Hey," Kat said after she had forced the word to leave her mouth.

"Hey…" Tommy said, almost in a drone-like voice, "Hey!" he repeated, this time more cheerful. He hugged her, "Hey, Kat, what're you doing here?" He pulled away and opened the door for her, "Come in."

She smiled at him and entered, "Thank you." She looked around, "I love your home. It's so cozy." Kat said, trying to make conversation.
"Thanks." He said, shutting the door. "So, uh…what brings you to Reefside."

She gave a small laugh, "It's silly, actually. I've been having, um…" she bit her lip, "well, I've been having dreams."
Tommy raised an eyebrow, "Dreams?"

"I told you it was silly. At first I thought they were nothing, just dreams. But I kept having them, and they got more intense as the nights progressed. Tommy…" she looked him in the eyes, "they've been calling me here."

"Kat, listen to what you're saying."

"I know, Tommy, I know. I must sound like a raving lunatic, but please just listen to me, okay?" He nodded. "You might want to sit down." Tommy obeyed and took a seat. "Okay, where do I begin?" She paced back and forth in front of him, "In my dream there is this figured covered in light and it's calling to me. So I go to it, and when I get close enough to see who it is, it's…" she stopped and looked at him, "It's the Pink Zeo Ranger." She began to pace again and continued her story, "So, the Pink Ranger, I don't know if it's me or what, reaches out her hand to me, so I take it." She stopped again and smiled, "Tommy, I could feel the power surging through me. I felt it, I really did."

Tommy ran his hand through his hair and sighed, "Kat, it's probably just… memories."

"It's not memories, Tommy. Please, I need you to listen to me." She looked at him, her eyes pleading with his.

"Okay," Tommy said, nodding.

She gave a small smile and continued slowly, "Well, anyway, at first I thought just as you did. That it was just wishes and memories. But as the nights went on and I kept getting this dream, I felt that something bad might be about to happen. That maybe I was being called?" She took a seat and buried her face in her hands, "And then the other night, another voice was in the dream, this time a deeper one, and it told me to come to Reefside and that it was important." She took a deep breath, "So I called Billy and I told him everything."


"He thought it meant something." She said simply, "And if Billy thinks that something as silly as a dream meant something, then I knew that it had to actually be something." They sat in silence for a while until Kat looked up, "Tommy?"

He looked back at her, "Yeah?"

"What do you think it all means?"

AN: I'm sorry I rewrote everything. I don't mean to confuse anyone. This probably seems really stupid, too. That Kat had a dream and that's why she came to Reefside. But trust me, it plays into what happens later (a lot better than the first draft did). Also, I took everything out with Tommy thinking about Kat because I thought it would be too cliché (and stupid) for him to think of her and then – POOF! – she turns up on his doorstep, y'know? LOL! Anyway, I hope you guys liked it. I hope it didn't turn out too stupid. :-/