It's been a very, very, very, very long time, but here is chapter 2. You'll learn the pairing in this chapter and I am almost 100 percent sure it hasn't been done outside of a PWP story, but I think it's a great one.



"Do you feel any different?" Raven took a sip of her still steaming herbal tea and waited patiently for Beast Boy's reply. She watched him tilt his head back and look up at the great expanse of ceiling above them.

"It feels like a pressure has gone out of me." He shifted his position slightly and then brought one of his hands to his stomach. "Right here," he said, pointing toward his belly button. "It doesn't feel so… I don't know. I just feel better."

Beast Boy had decided, after much internal struggle, that it would be better if he went to speak with the other Titans instead of hiding away in his room. The reason he had come out was to get everything in the open, not to hide it away. It wasn't fair that Cyborg was the only one he had truly come out to. And so, after several minutes of gathering up the courage, Beast Boy had followed Cyborg's path back to the common room. He had arrived just in time to find his metal friend describing the conversation he had had with Beast Boy only moments ago.

They all sat around him now, soothing his uneasy nerves with gently spoken words. All of them seemed to be brimming with questions, especially Starfire, who seemed even more excited about Beast Boy being gay than he was. He felt slightly uncomfortable under the scrutiny, but he fielded their questions nonetheless.

"GLORIOUS!" Starfire had been shaking for several minutes, her eyes so wide it was a wonder they did not pop out of her head, and no one was surprised when she finally burst. "We will have such a wonderful time shopping at the mall for clothes and makeup, Beast Boy! And of course we will be doing the dishing about who has gotten fat!"

"Um, Star," Beast Boy said, his hands fidgeting in his lap, a little smile on his face, "I didn't enjoy doing those things before I came out, and now that I have, going to the mall and 'dishing' are pretty much the last things I feel like doing." Starfire's face fell and Beast Boy suddenly felt a little bad about what he had told her.

"But the men on the 'Queer Eye' show love to talk about who has gotten fat," she said, rather sheepishly. Beast Boy and the others shared a laugh and Starfire blushed.

"Yeah," Beast Boy said, "I guess some gay guys are like that, but definitely not all." He looked up at the still blushing Tamaranean girl and gave her a big toothy grin. "I'm just me."

"I see," Starfire said, nodding slowly. "You will be the same Beast Boy, but now instead of being a lady's man, as you have said on many occasions, you are now a man's man. Is this correct?" Beast Boy's smile faltered slightly and his cheeks blushed red. Cyborg, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying himself greatly, laughing so hard he was rolling on the ground.

"I guess," Beast Boy said softly, shrugging.

"Yes," Starfire continued, "Robin has told me all about your newly found insatiable lust for men."

"Excuse me?" Beast Boy shot a glare Robin's way. "What's this about an insatiable lust for men?" Robin hid behind Starfire's chair and smiled nervously.

"Uh, just a joke," he said, laughing nervously. "Sorry." Beast Boy frowned for a moment and then let his face relax.

"It's okay, Robin," Beast Boy said, smirking. "I expect the jokes. In fact, I look forward to them."

"You want us to make fun of you?" Cyborg asked, finding himself confused yet again by Beast Boy's behavior.

"Well yeah," he said, "like I said before, I don't want anything to change. You guys make fun of me all the time, and I make fun of you. It's what we do." He smiled. "I like it, and we're all just joking, it's all in good fun." He shrugged. "Just make sure it doesn't get malicious."

There was a comfortable pause in which no one spoke. Soft smiles sat placidly on their faces. Starfire's eyes, half-lidded and heavy, stared out the large windows pointed out at the bay. She fidgeted slightly, perhaps still entertaining thoughts of an effeminate, flaming Beast Boy.

"Beast Boy," Robin said, breaking the gentle silence. The green Titan looked over to the masked hero next to him. "You have done a lot of truly wonderful and praiseworthy things in the years I have known you." He placed his hand on his friend's shoulder. "But right now I am more proud of you than I have ever been before."

Beast Boy couldn't look Robin in the eye. He was blushing, and he felt… wonderful. "Thank you, Robin," he muttered, "that means a lot." He paused a moment then said, "I think it has gotten just a little too sappy in here for my liking."

"Group hug!" Starfire exclaimed suddenly.

"C'mere ya'll!" Cyborg said, moving to wrap his arms around the bundle that Robin and Starfire had created around the changeling.

Beast Boy smiled out from his spot in the center, a slight pain winding its way through his ribs due to the incredible pressure pushing in around him. The strength of his friend's love was overwhelming it seemed. In his peripheral vision he could see Robin discretely sniffing Starfire's hair. Just pass that he spotted Raven reluctantly joining the group, pulled in by a metal, orange, and gloved hand. Beast Boy caught Raven's eye and he could see something glittering there, something… scheming.

"Guys," he said, "this is really touching and all, but it's getting hard to breathe, and I think one of you needs a shower. Probably Cyborg."

They split apart and went their separate ways. His outing, although still a topic of interest, was now old news. Beast Boy pushed himself back into the comfort of the couch. He stretched his arms and legs out with a gentle groan. His eyes slid shut and in that moment he felt his head and body floating on a wave of comfort and bliss.

"I think that it's time for a nap," he said, moving to stand. As he stood and opened his eyes, a shape in front of him caused the green titan to jump in surprise and fall back into the couch. "Raven!" He said, "don't sneak up on me like that!" Raven took a step back and Beast Boy pushed himself up off the couch once more. The two stood face to face. Beast Boy felt nervous in the sudden blanket of stillness around them. Raven was the first to speak.

"Um, Beast Boy?" she said, softly, not too sure how to address the subject she had on her mind. She decided to just jump right into it. "When Cyborg returned from your room, he told us about the conversation you had."

"Uh…" Beast Boy was momentarily at a loss for words. His thoughts turned back to what the two had talked about. The sex thing crossed his mind and he felt a knot starting to form in his chest. That was really something he did not want Raven to know about. "Yeah," he said, "I figured he would probably tell you guys some of what we had talked about." He paused. "I hope he left some of the more embarrassing details out."

"I don't think so," Raven said, smiling a crooked smile, "he described quite a few… colorful moments."

"Great," Beast Boy sighed, "now I'm even more embarrassed than I was before."

"Don't worry about it." Raven sat on the couch and patted the seat next to her, inviting Beast Boy to join her. "That's not even close to the most embarrassing secret I know about you." Beast Boy tilted his head and quirked an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?" He asked, not sure what Raven was getting at. He had never divulged anything to Raven, or anyone else for that matter, that might embarrass him. Raven took a breath and then let it out in a sigh.

"I expect you to keep this a secret, Beast Boy," she said, looking very, very serious. "I'll consider it payback for keeping your secrets for so long." Beast Boy felt the intensity in her words and nodded his agreement quickly, not even having to think about it. Raven sat quietly a moment, thinking over how best to say what she needed to say. Finally she spoke.

"The things you and the others know about me are limited at best." Raven spoke slowly and carefully. "You do not know the full extent of my powers." She said this in a way that let Beast Boy know he wasn't being insulted or cut down. It was simply a fact that he had no way of knowing something she had not revealed. "There are certain powers within my grasp that I hesitate to share with others because of how it might make them feel." Raven glanced up at Beast Boy and found his eyes unfocused and far away. "Are you following?" She asked. Beast Boy blinked and then nodded.

"Yes," he said. "But I'm a little confused." He tilted his head and looked up at Raven, his brow furrowed in thought. "I don't understand what it is you could possibly do that might anger one of us."

"And that's where we're headed, Beast Boy," Raven said, continuing her explanation. "You all know that I can sense your emotions, but how would you feel if I told you that my powers can go way beyond sensing how you feel?"

"What? Do you mean you can read our thoughts?" Beast Boy asked, hoping to God that that was not within Raven's grasp.

"Not quite," Raven said. Beast Boy visibly relaxed. "But sort of." Her uneasiness now was practically tangible. "As you know, it takes a lot of my energy just to keep my powers in check, that's why I meditate so often. When I go to sleep my mind finds it much harder to keep things balanced and sometimes I'll wake up to find everything in my room has moved or something has been destroyed. But sometimes my powers reach out and touch the minds of others, and their dreams become mine."

"So you're able to see other people's dreams?" Beast Boy asked. That really didn't seem so bad. Most of his dreams didn't make much sense to him, what could they possibly mean to someone else?

"Yes," Raven told him, "but it seems that if someone weren't necessarily dreaming, but experiencing a rather strong… fantasy, that my mind is able to pick up on that as well." Raven studied Beast Boy's face. She couldn't tell if he had not grasped what she was trying to tell him or if he was in shock. Raven was going to try and explain further but Beast Boy spoke first.

"You mean that when I'm in my room and…" He very quickly glanced down at his hand and then at his crotch. "…you know what I'm… fantasizing about?"

Raven had, on more than one occasion, woken with a flushed face, images of Beast Boy's steamy fantasies fresh in her mind. "Not just you," she said quickly, "everyone in the tower. And sometimes people in the city too."

Beast Boy could not bring himself to look Raven in the eye. His face felt hot and he knew he was blushing. Jesus, she had seen it all. She knew about every person he had though about while masturbating and what he had them do while in the world of his mind. "Ugh, I don't feel too good," he said, holding his stomach. Raven smiled.

"Wait a minute," Beast Boy said after a moment, "if you knew who I was thinking about while I was… doing that, then you must have noticed that all of the people came equipped with dicks. How come you didn't say anything?"

"It wasn't my place," Raven said, folding her hands in her lap, "I knew you would say something when you were ready, and look, you did."

"I did," Beast Boy repeated, nodding slowly. He was grateful that Raven hadn't said anything to anyone about his sexuality. He was also grateful that he had the kind of friends that could learn something like that about you and still love you no less than before. "Hey, Raven?" Beast Boy said, slyly.


"I was just wondering, out of everyone in the tower, who masturbates the most?" A wide grin was pasted across his face.

"I'm not telling," Raven said, crossing her arms. "I can't abuse the trust of the others."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Beast Boy said, waving his hand in the air, "with great power comes great responsibility and all that stuff, I know, I know." He scooted a little closer to her and lowered his voice slightly, as if there was someone around to hear. "Just tell me this, do I do it the most?"

Raven though about it for a moment. She wasn't sure if she should tell him or not, but it probably wouldn't hurt to let this little bit of information slide. "No," she said.

"Oh thank God," Beast Boy said. Jacking off didn't bother Beast Boy, hell, he loved it. Even having his friend know he did it barely mattered to him. Having his friend know he did it the most though, something about that didn't sit well with him. "One more thing," he said, "is it a guy?"

"Duh," Raven said, "that's obvious." Beast Boy sat quietly for a moment and Raven figured he was finished with the questions. She started to get up but Beast Boy stopped her.

"It's Robin, isn't it?" He asked. Raven opened her mouth to tell him that she wasn't going to reveal anything else, but he was already on his feet and running for the door. "I knew it!" He shouted, "He's wound so tight all day, I figured he worked it out with a little pocket pool!"

Raven watched him go. Beast boy was right, it was Robin. Thinking back, she probably shouldn't have told him anything beyond the fact that he wasn't doing it the most, but he probably would have figured it was Robin anyway, it sounded like he'd thought about it before. And Raven knew that if his fantasies were anything to go by, he had.


"I now call this meeting of Plan: Getting BB Laid to order," Cyborg said, smacking his hand on the table in front of him.

"Shut up, Cy." Robin gave him a glare, and the biggest of the Titans merely laughed. Raven had called a meeting not too long after her chat with Beast Boy. She persuaded Robin to send the green Titan to do the shopping for the week and get him to leave the Tower. As soon as he was gone the four remaining Titans gathered together in the seldom used conference room that had been in the Tower for as long as anyone could remember and out of use for just as long.

"I do not like the name of the plan," Starfire said before Raven even got a chance to speak. "Beast Boy lies around all the time. I think it should instead be called Plan: Get Beast Boy a Boyfriend Because Friend Raven Believes That Will Make Him Not So Annoying Because Then He Will Have Someone To Be With And Make Him Happy. The other Titan's looked at Starfire strangely for a moment before Cyborg voiced his opinion.

"No, Star," he said, "that's stupid, it's called Plan: Getting BB Laid. It's short and to the point."

"You're stupid!" Starfire shouted, jumping to her feet.

"I know you didn't just yell at me!" Cyborg shouted back, also rising.

"Enough!" Raven stood and slammed her fists on the table. "You're both being foolish. And we don't need a plan name; we're doing something nice for a friend not breaking into a bank." Starfire and Cyborg took their seats quickly and Raven continued. "I know Beast Boy told you that he didn't want a boyfriend yet, Cyborg, but I don't really think that's true. I think he's just afraid that he's not good enough to get one."

"Self-esteem has never really been a strong point of his," Robin said, tapping his fingers haphazardly on the table. "The only problem is that Titans aren't allowed to date civilians. If we're going to set Beast Boy up with anyone, we need to find someone that's a Titan or in The Justice League or some other superhero group."

"I don't know anyone," Raven said.

"Nor I," Starfire voiced.

"You guys are serious?" Cyborg said, looking around the table. "No one in particular comes to mind?" He looked at each of their faces and was almost sorry that they couldn't see the obvious. "AQUALAD!" He shouted.

"Aqualad is not gay," Starfire said. "Trust me." Robin looked over at her quickly.

"What does that mean?" He asked, anger in his voice.

"Oh, nothing," she said, standing. "So it is settled then. We will each see if we can find anyone and then set them up with Beast Boy." She was out the door before Robin could ask any more questions, but he was quick to go after her.

"I think I'll give Bee a call," Raven said, also exiting the room.

Cyborg was left by himself in complete disbelief. "Aqualad," he said, "I just know it."


"I can't believe this. It's so… unexpected." Bee's face was one of complete surprise.

"Believe it," Raven told her. "He just came out to us a few hours ago."

Raven had set up the meeting with the other Titan's because she refused to let Beast Boy be alone, she knew all too well what that was like. She also thought the whole "intimacy issue" thing was total crap. She figured Beast Boy was just afraid. She now sat in front of the Titan's super computer conversing with Bumblebee.

"Well I'm glad you called," she said, a scheming grin upon her face, "I'm always looking for new gossip."

"Actually," Raven said, nervously tapping the counter in front of her and glancing over her shoulder, "now that I've told you that, you have to promise not to spread it around, okay?" Bee's eyes went wide and she seemed not to be able to comprehend what Raven was saying.

"Girlfriend," she said, shaking her head, "there's nothing you can tell me that I won't repeat." She thought a moment, her hand scratching idly at her arm. "But you are my friend, so I guess I can try and keep it to myself. It'll be a challenge."

"Thank you," Raven said, "I think it would be better if he was the one to tell the others." She sat up straighter in her chair and got down to business. "Bee, there's actually another reason I called you." Bumblebee sat forward and waited for Raven to continue. "We need to find him a boyfriend." She sighed. "He's all moody and dark, not like himself at all, and I think he needs to get laid or something." Bee snorted.

"Um, yeah," she said, "I can see how getting the Beast Dude laid might make him a little happier."

"Exactly," Raven said, "and I called you because I know that you're the queen of gossip." Bee seemed pleased with the title Raven gave her. Raven paused a moment, letting Bee enjoy herself to try and butter her up. "So," she said, finally, "you know any guys you can hook Beast Boy up with?"

"Yes!" Bee stood up suddenly, clasping her hands together ecstatically. Her face suddenly fell and she was back in her seat. "I mean no." Her face was stone and she did not move even the slightest bit. Raven furrowed her brow.

"Do you or do you not know a gay male superhero?" Raven posed the question again, still a bit confused by Bee's first answer. The dark skinned girl's mouth opened but she did not speak right away.

"Well," Bee said, "Kind of." She looked to her left, then to her right, probably searching for any secret listeners. "I'm sworn to secrecy," she said, leaning forward in her chair.

"Come on, Bee," Raven said, "I know it's Aqualad. Everyone knows."

"Girl, Aqualad's not gay!" Bumblebee said suddenly, seeming almost offended by the statement. "Trust me."

Raven sighed. "Well, if he's not gay, who the hell is?"

"I can't tell you!" Bee exclaimed. She seemed exasperated. "I want to, Raven, I really do, but like I said, I've been sworn to secrecy." She slumped farther down in her chair and cast her eyes toward the ground.

Raven thought for a moment. How could she get this information out of Bumblebee without Bee having to break her promise? "How about you just give me a hint?" She suggested. "That way you didn't tell me outright." Bee's face brightened and her face scrunched up in concentration.

"Okay," she said after a bit, "He's in Titans East, it's a boy, obviously, it's not Aqualad, and he doesn't have a twin." Damn, Bee's clues were in depth. The Titans East leader had a smug look on her face as she folded her arms triumphantly.

Raven took in all the information as it came to her and nodded slowly. When the answer struck her after the last clue was given, her eyes widened in shock. "Speedy?" She yelled, not believing it. Bee's hand shot forward and she turned the volume down on her end of the video feed.

"Shhh!" She chastised, "He'll hear you!" Her eyes darted around her suspiciously and she got up to make sure the room's door was locked. The chances that Speedy had heard his name, and then associated it with Bee telling someone he was gay were extremely low, but Bee wanted no chances taken.

Raven was shaking with glee. This was perfect! Speedy was really good looking (at least he had been ever since he had rid himself of his bowl cut and let his hair grow out a little longer), he was nice (at least on the rare occasions Raven spoke with him), And she knew he had a sense of humor (which is a must when dating a Beast Boy). He seemed perfect. All that needed doing now was to set the two up. "Bee, I need to speak with Speedy."

Bumblebee looked worried. "I don't know," she said, "he might be really mad if he found out I told you."

"He won't find out," Raven assured her, "I'll tell him that I saw him checking out Aqualad and then I guessed or something."

"You promise?" Bee asked. Raven smiled sweetly.

"Of course."

Bee thought for a moment, her eyes passing over the switches and buttons in front of her. "I guess," she said finally, "I'll go get him." Bee stood up and exited the screen. Raven sat back and momentarily went over what she was going to tell Speedy. She was quite apt at convincing someone of something when she felt strongly about it, but she didn't just want to convince Speedy to date Beast Boy, she wanted Speedy to want to date Beast boy. She did not want this to be a one time thing, she wanted them to form a relationship and…. Well, do gay relationship things.

A soft cough from in front of her brought her attention back to the monitor. Speedy sat on the other side of the screen, a confused smile set on his face. He looked tired, and he tried in vain to stifle a yawn. He must have been taking a nap when Raven summoned him.

"Um, Bee said you needed to speak with me." Speedy pushed his fingers back through his hair and his eyes glanced to his left. He was probably looking at Bumblebee somewhere off screen.

Raven decided to get to the point without beating around the bush. "Bumblebee told me you were gay."

"What!" Speedy jumped out of his chair and started yelling. "How could you do that, Karen!" Oh, man, he was using her real name, he must be angry.

"You promised!" Bee shouted, jumping onto screen. "She promised!" Bee said, looking to Speedy and then back to Raven.

"Calm down." Raven's words were steady and firm. Neither Bee nor Speedy could deny the authority they held. Speedy sat back down but he crossed his arms and refused to look up at Raven. Bee folded her hands in front of her and waited for Raven to go on.

"Speedy," Raven said, waiting for the red head to look up at her. When he did she continued. "I want you to go on a date with Beast Boy. He just came out of the closet and someone like you would be perfect for him."

"Beast Boy's gay?" Speedy asked, an interested tone in his voice. "Well, he is kind of cute now that he's not a foot shorter than me." He thought a moment. "I don't know," he said, "I haven't really dated for awhile and not many people know that I'm out." He sounded kind of scared and Raven wondered what could possibly have put that fear in his voice.

"You know," Raven said, "Beast Boy's never dated a boy before, and he's only out to a few people as well. I think you two would go well together." Raven thought a moment before adding. "Besides, he's only gotten better looking since the last time you saw him."

"Really?" Speedy asked, interested again. He didn't want people to think he was shallow, but… on second thought, he didn't give a fuck about what people thought.

"Oh yeah," Raven said, nodding seriously. "He's a bit taller, still slender but with more defined muscles all up his stomach and chest and back and arms. His voice is deeper, still sort of scratchy and almost rough when he talks to you. And his hair is longer than it used to be, just over his ears. Some mornings he wakes up and just leaves it messy so it's all hanging in his eyes with just a little stubble on his chin and…" Raven stopped, she could see that Speedy was flushed. So was she. So was Bee.

"You know what," Raven said, thinking like the evil genius she was. "Words don't do him justice. You need a picture. Wait right here."

Raven quickly got up and left Speedy to think about what she had said. She hoped this might help him see things her way. She stepped into a shadow and came back out in Cyborg's room. On his desk she found his digital camera. Entering the Common Room she spotted Robin' legs sticking out from under the sink.

"Do you know where Beast Boy is?" She asked, looking around.

"I think he went to take a shower," Robin told her, "He dropped some cans of soda and they exploded all over him when he was bringing in the groceries. Hey, Raven, could you hand me the wrench on the counter? Raven?" Robin poked his head out from under the sink but Raven was nowhere to be seen.

"Should I do it?" The dark haired Titan asked herself aloud. She was standing in front of Beast Boy's bathroom door where she could hear the shower running. Was this worth it? Would Beast Boy kill her? She heard the shower stop and placed her and on the doorknob. She waited a moment more, hoping the steam would clear so as not to fog the camera lens. "This is for you, Beast Boy," she said softly, before turning the knob and pushing the door open.

"What the fuck!" Beast Boy shouted, turning toward the door and spotting Raven standing there, her eyes wide and her face red.

"This is for your own good," she said, raising something in her hands.

"Is that a camera?" Beast Boy shouted, covering his most intimate parts with a towel just as the flash went off. Beast Boy blinked against the bright light but the moment his vision cleared he saw that Raven was already gone.


"Here it is," Raven said, attaching the camera to the computer and uploading the picture. Speedy and Bee looked bored from waiting, but didn't think they'd look that way much longer. The picture opened in the corner of the screen and Raven saw Speedy's jaw drop. In it, Beast Boy's eyes were wide in shock, his mouth half open. His half dry hair was falling all over his head with the tips of his ears just breaking through the curtain of his locks. The muscles on his arms and legs and chest and stomach were shiny with water and a fine line of dark hair led down from his belly button to a patch of thick curls just visible above the towel he held in front of his crotch.

"You like?" Raven asked, slyly, both Speedy and Bee nodded at Raven's question, their mouths open with drool dripping out. "So you'll go out with him?" Again, both members of Titan's East nodded, but Speedy pushed Bee away.

"He's all mine," Speedy said, clicking a few buttons on the panel in front of him and attempting to download the picture.

"Sorry, Speedy," Raven said, closing the picture before it finished downloading. "If this gets out Beast Boy will kill me. If you play your cards right you might get to see him like that again."

"And we're sure he's gay?" Bee asked, pushing Speedy away from the computer just as she had done to him. "Completely? Not bisexual at all?"

Raven didn't answer, simply held up the digital camera and pressed delete.