Don't be Flashin Steel When U Roll through Compton

(Yes this a naruto story)

Disclaimer- I don't own Naruto or any of the other anime im takin ideas from (excluding Chen Gui thats mine) this is strictly because I'm bored and had some ideas abt some what if's reading the manga.

Summary: ( Through a series of events Naruto is taken to an alternate universe past when Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru are still teen's being trained by Sandaime. Tsu/Naru)

technical shit: the 00000000000000000 separate events and places. like goin form tsunade sayin shit to iruka to naruto in the land of happy rainbows and shit like dat. thought is in italics, fighting styles is bold underlined, bold can be any thing of unusual importance,CAPS is for emphasis

I cant think of anything else, so for now this is the key for terms and characters.

Ok one really quick thing. I'm sayin this because I've seen a lot of complaining abt this, I LIKE DRAGON BALL Z AND YU YU HAKUSHO.

There will be concepts taken from these 2 shown in this fanfic. Naruto is not real, he's not being shamed by creating a demon super saiyan for him, if u wanna flame for that kind of thing then don't write your stories cause I'ma flame back. Also this my first fanfic ever so everyone will prolly be OOC.

And now despite the randomness of the title I begin chapter 1...

Chapter 1: (Departure)

"I hate that damn Sasuke bastard!" Naruto nearly screamed as he passed by the entrance to the Hokage memorial mountain.

Seriously, after bringing him back what did he expect, Sasuke to just stay there an say "Gee thanks Naruto you kicked my ass and brought me back home so I can see that this is where I'll really become stronger."

Narutos thoughts were interrupted when he caught a fleeting glimpse of the 4th Hokage's stone face glowing in the fading sunlight. Naruto sighed, " I wonder if I'll ever really make it up there"he said softly.

He had brought back the mighty, all wonderful Uchiha prodigy but he had to knock him out to get him.

When Sakura and the rest of the village saw them he was condemned an even slapped by Sakura for hurting her "Sasuke-kun". Then the damn traitor had simply waited till he was better an left again! An who was blamed for that? Nartuto!

The demon child couldn't take the competition so he convinced him to leave again. The village was convinced of it. And they planned to do something about it.

Naruto finally reached his excuse for an apartment an stepped in slamming the door. On his table he noticeda piece of paper.

He went over picked it up an his eyes lit up at the realization of its contents.

"Naruto I know your havin a hard time with him leavin so I figured I'd take you out for some ramen meet me at sunset around the mountain pass, I'll be waitn- Iruka."

"Oh shit, its almost sunset now!" Naruto hurried out of his house not bothering to lock up an headed for the mountain pass near the north gates.


"I see Matta, very well" Tsunade knew something was up. Over half the ANBU had asked for a leave that evening. She had seen no reason to refuse the request but she could tell something wasn't right.

"Shizune, tell me do you have a any surveillance on where the released ANBU are going?"

Tsunade shifted in her seat uncomfortably, the Uchiha leaving again hadn't caused the commotion it should. This only meant something was in the works, but what.

"Oh my" shizune said "It appears all the released anbu have been seen heading to the same place, along with several of the villagers."

"Where?" Tsunade inquired.

Shizune gulped."The north gates"...


Naruto jogged along the dimming streets of the hidden leaf village his thoughts drifting along. Ah, Iruka-sensei is the coolest, Ramen is the perfect thing for any situation.

Naruto continued in his thoughts until he reached the entrance to the pass.

"Iruka- sensei?" U here?

Naruto activated his fox grin. "I know you're here nosebleed.."

Naruto smirked as he saw movement, then realized it wasn't Chuunin movement.

"Shit" he said dropping into a defensive stance. "Who's there?" he called out reaching for kunai.

"Hm hm hm hm..." came the reply.

"It appears the frog Sannin has trained you even further."

A man stepped out from the shadows as 3 more jumped down from the ridge above all 4 were wearing the seal of the ANBU.

Naruto gulped, 4 ANBU elite shinobi on 1 genin.. Yeah definitely a bad day.

"Wow a 4 on 1 ambush huh, wow you must be really scared of me, guess I should be flattered huh" Naruto smirked as he activated his Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and 5 Naruto's appeared to back him up.

"No demon" said the 2nd anbu. "You misunderstand" he said smirking as 10 villagers came up behind him, 4 Chuunin to the left, and 8 Jounin from the right.

"This is not an ambush, it is an execution."

Naruto's eyes went wide as he saw Sakura standing there with the Chuunin. She had intent to kill. "Saku-ra-chan.."

Naruto blinked in surprise.

He looked on as 20 more villagers each wielding weapons, sticks, and even brooms appeared to surround him. 14 more ANBU showed up in front beside the original 4.

"But why?" Naruto asked. "I.. I know about the fox b-but.. I. .."

One of the Jounins charged.

Naruto dodged and flipped up trying to gain the high ground. "Screw you!" he shouted. "There's no way Tsunade-sama allowed this"

"Actually Naruto" a voice from behind said the villagers moved to reveal Tsunade standing in the Hokage attire. "I ordered it myself."

Iruka stepped up beside her "It appears I was wrong about you demon, but im rectifying that mistake here and now."

Naruto couldn't believe this, the whole village was turning against him. Even his closest friends and the only thing he could call a family were betraying him. "No.. Iruka-sensie ...nee-chan..." Naruto pleaded in a last ditch effort to understand.

Tsunade's lip curled in disgust. "Sister! You have to be joking, your not even worth it as a potential weapon anymore! You've driven out the only thing we had left of the Sharingan clan!"

"Iruka stepped ahead of her a bit closed his eyes an struck the final blow that would forever alter the destiny of Kohona, Denasta, the Makai, the 3 Legendarry Sannin, and the Massin. "You are a monster no one wants you, and no one will ever want you.

Today we as a village will finish what our great leader the 4th could not." "Today we truly defeat the demon fox."

Iruka opened his eyes an said the final word


At this the ANBU, Jounin, Chunnin, and as many villagers as possible rushed at him.

Naruto finally snapped. "Screw you all then!"

He ripped Tsunade's necklace from his neck and threw it at her as hard as he could before activating the blood seal for Gamabunta.


Tsunade was rushing with ANBU and as many escorts as she could get toward the north gate.

Damn what is going on.. shewondered then she felt it as well as saw Gamabunta.

There was no mistaking the huge frog that had appeared at the mountain pass just before the gate.

Naruto! she realized.

But to successfully summon Gamabunta he had to be in real danger an use his full chakra and the ANBU were headed toward the gate but not telling her.. No.. they wouldn't!

Her thoughts were quickly turning to fears. "Shizune we need to stop this now!"

She burst into full sprint increasing her speed to incredible levels, unfortunately...


Gamabunta appeared and looked down at the villagers an Jounin rapidly approaching "What the heck is the idea summoning me in into some party dammit!"

Naruto shouted move but it was too late an ANBU was already slamming the 3rd kunai into his back as Jounin climbed up the towering toad.

"What the.." Gamabunta finally realized there was danger, but from the villagers, wasn't this supposed to be his home village?

Naruto dodged a spear and got slammed with a fire jutsu point blank in the face. He screamed as his face was burnt, trying to roll into Gamabunta's back and use it to spring up but meeting a Jounin kick in the gut before a storm of throwing stars rained on him from above.

"Damn" he cursed as 3 lodged in his neck.

Naruto was no ordinary genin he had been trained by the legendary frog Sennin and he had the Kyuubi chakra given in portions, but the odds of the "fight" were ridiculous.

It wasn't a fight, it was a massacre.

By the time Gamabunta finally realized to move Naruto was half dead an being pounded relentlessly from 4 sides.

The frog jump gave him enough time to create 10 bunshins and he had all 10 do Rasengan. It would completely drain all his chakra even his red but it was all he had left.

All 10 powered up and as Gamabunta came crushing down on the unlucky villagers the idiots in the direct path in front were face to face with 10 Rasengans fired one after the other.

A huge blast erupted sending shockwaves across the town alerting the rest of the village to a serious fight going on. Out of the smoke 2 ANBU jumped an held him still as the illusions had dropped due to chakra drain.

He was thrown from Gamabunta onto the floor of the canyon against the rock wall.

Gamabunta is big, the fall from that distance nearly knocked him out.

Then through the settling smoke images of throwing knives could be seen. This time it was 100's Naruto dropped a single tears as he saw the smirking faces of the Hokage an Iruka. He dropped his head an accepted his fate, just as 100s and 100's of stars, knives, forks, spears, arrows, and anything else that could be thrown pinned him against the wall shishkabobbing him 100's of times as the wall around him was pierced as well.

Miraculously, he was still alive. For a few short seconds as he felt life leaving him he tried to look up struggling against the barbs in his neck.

Suddenly a glowing golden yellow light emerged from the air above him. It grew brighter an brighter illuminating the entire cavern, and then suddenly it was gone.

No flash nor boom just gone. And with it Naruto.