By LastScorpion

Disclaimers and Author's Notes: So there I was, watching Smallville with my kids. "This is dumber than Pokemon!" I said. The kids thought for a moment, then asked, "Is it dumber than My Little Pony?" The rights to the characters from Smallville are owned by DC Comics and/or the WB and/or Millar & Gough. The rights to the My Little Pony characters are owned by Hasbro and/or DIC. I think that all of H. P. Lovecraft's stuff might be public domain at this point. A million thanks to Ligia Elena for beta-reading! All remaining errors and offenses against common decency are mine and mine alone!

Dead C'thulhu lies dreaming,
But now he's waking up!
Better leave the planet in a Big Space Ship!
Shippy dip! Ship-shippy dip!
Shippy dip! Ship-shippy dip!

The Sea-Ponies merrily caroled their ominous warning of doom, standing up on their tails in the sparkling blue ocean just off Pony Land's beautiful Paradise Beach. Then they rose up into the cloudless cerulean sky, along with a lot of singing dolphins, and disappeared.

"Who's C'thulhu? And how can he be dead and dreaming and waking up?" Applesauce asked.

"I don't know," Stormy replied. "And what's a space ship? And how did they do that?"

"We better go ask Megan!" all the ponies decided, and they tritty-trotted off to the rainbow bridge.

It turned out that Megan was at school and couldn't help them. Even her little brother and sister were at school! So the ponies had to think of something else. They wandered the quiet Kansas countryside for a while, and then Skydancer noticed something.

"Look, everybody!" the pega-pony shouted from her vantage point, twenty feet in the air. "There's a castle over there!"

"A castle? Where?" the others all cried.

With Skydancer directing their gallop, it wasn't long before they were close enough for everyone to see.

"Maybe a wizard lives there! Surely it will be somebody who can help us!" the ponies told each other. "Let's go!"

The ponies raced each other towards Luthor Manor. Much to their surprise, they found that the bars of the fence surrounding the castle were so widely spaced that even the plumpest pony could easily squeeze through. They had expected to have a hard time getting through the front door (the uni-ponies were prepared to magic it open with their horns), but instead it fell open the instant Applesauce leaned against it -- it wasn't even latched!

Inside, there seemed to be nobody around. The little ponies explored the empty castle until they finally found someone. All alone in a big room with stained glass windows sat a young bald man, typing at a computer. He looked up at the sound of hooves. His eyes got wide, and his face became even paler than it had been before.

"Can you help us, please?" Cupcake asked politely. "Dead C'thulhu is waking up, and we need a space ship."

Lex closed his eyes. "Not again," he groaned.