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Inspired by Cry Wolf, which belongs to Rogue Pictures. Supernatural belongs to the WB, which will soon be the CW.

Later that, the group went to the clearing in front of the cave and took various positions.

"Dean, you think this'll work?" Sam whispered.

"Of course it will," Dean assured, as he cocked a rifle. Sam blew out a breath and did the same as his brother.

"I hope so," he stated.

"Dude, have I ever let you down before?" his brother queried testily.

"Sorry. It's just that I can feel everybody. They're all scared and nervous," came the apology.

"Understandable," was the response. From their own positions, Zach and Becky shifted on their.

"Come on you creeps. What are you waiting for?" Zach whispered.

"Maybe they're tryin' to wait us out?" Becky suggested.

"Yeah, well, we're more stubborn," Zach grinned. Just then, there was a snap of a twig. Everyone tensed.

"They're here," Sam stated.

"You're sure?" Dean questioned.

"I can smell 'em," Sam answered. That was good enough for Dean. He and Sam straightened their stances. Sam growled softly. They were close. From their own positions, the rest of the pack stood alert. When these guys came, they'd be ready. One of the men came into view, and Sam let out another growl. This was the one. He could smell the blood from the small pistol that he held.

"Easy, Sam," Dean cautioned.

"That's the one, Dean. That's the one shot Dodger. I can smell the blood on his pistol," Sam growled.

"Sammy, calm down. That's an order," Dean instructed. Sam blew out a breath. He hated being given orders, but knew his brother was right. He had to be calm. He had to be clear-headed so they could take these things down. The hunters grouped together and came into the clearing.

"NOW!" At Dean's shout, Becky and Zach pulled at a rope that was lying on the ground. As one, the hunters fell to the ground and a large net came tumbling on top of them. The brothers and the pack all came forward.

"Let's ask them how they like it," Dodger stated darkly.

"Yeah, let's string 'em up," Zach agreed.

"Better yet, let's cut 'em into pieces," Sam growled. Dean stared at him.

"Dude," he stated in surprise.

"Sorry. I just get a little cranky when people mess with my pack," Sam said, glaring at the hunters.

"Makes me sense to me," Dean responded. The hunters struggled.

"Let us go! We got a job to do!" one shouted.

"You're killin' innocent people. I can't let you do that," Dean answered.

"They're freaks! They're monsters!" a second one shouted.

"We're werewolves. Not demons," Sam defended.

"And believe me, boys. There's a difference," Dean continued. Dodger and the others walked up to the hunters.

"We oughtta make you pay," she growled.

"Lucky for you, we're a nice pack," Gwen stated. "We're only gonna toss you guys outta here," she continued.

"And believe me, we've got good aim," Sam added. With that, they lifted up the net and got ready to throw. Dodger ran a nail down the back of one of the men's shirts. Then, she scratched him.

"That's for trying to kill Becky," she hissed. Then, they heaved the net and were satisfied to hear a small grunt. An hour later, Sam, Dean, and the pack stood outside the dorms.

"It seems like I always end up thanking you guys," Becky said to Dean.

"Hey, it's no problem," Dean told her.

"Maybe I should stay," Sam stated.

"Dude, what are you talkin' about?" Dean asked in concern. Sammy wasn't gonna leave him again...was he?

"Jess was the leader. I'm her mate. I have a responsibility to---" Sam began to say.

"Sam, it's okay. I've been taking care of the pack," Becky interrupted.

"Are you sure?" Sam questioned.

"Yes," Becky nodded. "Besides, you have stuff to do. Other responsibilities," she reminded.

"Okay," Sam accepted with a sigh.

"Well, you know, we don't have to leave right away," Dean declared.

"What?" Sam asked.

"I mean, we could always have a little fun," Dean continued, staring at Dodger lustfully.

"Hey, sounds like a plan to me," Dodger agreed, giving the same look to Dean. Sam stared at them, and then with a scoff, began to drag Dean towards the Impala.

"Come on," he stated. Dodger made a noise of disappointment.

"Dude, come on!" Dean protested.

"Dean, no," Sam said.

"But---" Dean objected.

"Dean, you would only end up hurting her, and then out of pack loyalty, I'd have to kill you," Sam interrupted, giving him a final push towards the car. Dean got behind the wheel. He threw one last longing look at Dodger, and then reluctantly drove off.

"I can't believe Sam did that," Dodger pouted when they were out of sight.

"Dodger, he only would've ended up hurting you. And then Sam would've had to kill him due to pack loyalty," Becky stated. Having had heard the conversation, Sam laughed.

"What?" Dean asked, staring at his brother in confusion. Sam could only laugh.

"Dude, what?" Sam just laughed harder.

"Dude, if you don't tell me right now, I'm gonna---"

"What? Put a leash on me?"

"Man, I hate you." Sam laughed even harder.