Disclaimer: The Dark Crystal is owned by Jim Henson andKindala is John A Ardelli's (who wroteThe Crystal of Truth fan fic).
Authors notes: This poem was originally going to be a full one but I decided to split it up into four chapters. It's written in first person because it is about Kira's thoughts through her life from when she lost her mother, the day she gives birth until the day she dies. Then I write a sequal about her daughter.

Song of the spirit

I cannot remember much of my early life

Only that my mother loved me so

There was much happiness in our life.

I am Kira Kindala

A gelfling non the less

As radiant as the sun and truly blessed.

When I was still young and tender in age

My mother hid me in a tree from the Skeksis wrath

Her life was taken

Saving mine

But I couldn't bring myself to cry

It was all so sudden.

A few days later

I was found by a podling picking flowers

She picked me up and carried me back to the podling village.

I was questioned about what happened

I could not bare the pain

I broke down in tears

The curious little people comforted me

They spoke in a strange language

I felt warmth once more

Somehow the language was familiar to me.

The podling that found me

Carried me into her cottage

She feed me some food and tucked me in bed

She told me she would take care of me

Teach me their ways and the gelfling ways

Help me grow up properly.

Years went by quickly

I was the gelfling child of the swamps

An innocent girl with braids of bliss

And had a voice made in heaven.

I'd wake up each morning and go down in the village

Talk to the villagers while eating my breakfast

A podling gardener would passby and put of flower in my hair

I'd giggle, dance and play with them until midday came near.

At midday I'd be called inside to study the podling way of life

In the afternoon I'd be free to explore the swamps and the woods within

One day a strange creature crossed my path

It was fuzzy and small but had teeth so sharp

I tried to communicate but it didn't seem to listen

It was when I reached out and stroked it that the growling began.

I shook my head and ignored it making my own way ahead

But the most curious thing happened

It began to cry

Softly at first but then cried and cried.

In a way I felt sorry for it

It seemed to be all alone

Alone in the swamps with no family and no home

I spoke to it in the language of the living things

Hoping I had done all right

The podlings had taught me it but I had never tried it out until now.

With luck it understood me

We had a conversation I would never forget

The language flowed out of me

Like I was born to speak it I guess.

I stood up to leave

The creature followed me home

My mother let me keep it

She fell in love it as well.

My mother's friend found out it's gender

And told me secretly

So I named him Fizzgig

We became great friends

I looked out for him and he did same for me.

Several years past

I grew up wonderfully

Blonde hair had grown longer

My wings were fully grown within a few days.

I had learnt the podling ways

I was now at age

To be taught the gelfling ways

Everything from healing to the mating dances.

After morning lessons

I runaway into the swamps

I hideaway in my own secret place

And cry over my loss.

I sing a sad song about the loss of my true mother and my wings

I remember trying to fly many times but I kept falling and crashing into trees

I still cry for hours wishing that I was dead

Then I could be with her and leave the burden of being the only gelfling left.

I stayed out through nightfall watching the stars shine bright

My mind rested in thinking of ways to take my death

To be reunited with my parents in the light.

The stars twinkled down as if saying there's still hope on my side

I shook my head for I would make my life end tonight

I crept through the swamps until I saw the garthim in sight

I stood in their way blocking their path

It was then I saw a shooting star and I came back to my senses at last.

I dived behind a rock out the garthim's line of sight

I buried myself in the plantlife and watched the garthim disappear into the night

As the moon came out and shimmered on my hair

I prayed blessings to the stars for always being there.

I brushed by myself off and ran back to the village

The wish I had made on that shooting star

Was to find someone like me.