Hello! I got a review from wannabeacow92 asking about Voldy's role in this and whether or not his feelings were genuine or a trap. Well, that was such a good question I couldn't leave it unanswered, so I added a little epilogue for your enjoyment! Enjoy it, damn it!


Meanwhile, miles away in the village of Little Hangleton, a desolate house stood atop of a hill. Inside this house, the most evil wizard of modern time was lying in a grand bed next to Bellatrix Lestrange. Both were breathing heavily.

"Bellatrix, that was fantastic as ever," Voldemort said in his cold voice. "This past week has been most enlightening."

"I can say the same, my Lord," Bellatrix said, her heavily lidded eyes only half open. "I never knew the Dark Lord could be so great in bed."

"Nor did I know that finding a...release...would help me concentrate on my work," Voldemort said. "And, speaking of which, I must see Rookwood. He's supposed to be reporting in."

Voldemort climbed from the bed and draped a black bathrobe around himself. Slipping into black, bat-shaped slippers, he walked from the room, the slippers squeaking with every step he took.

Bellatrix climbed from the bed as well. She and she alone had taken the Dark Lord's virginity. The thought was both exciting, and very, very sad. She went to the bathroom to take a shower.