Title: Unhealthy Potatoes

Pairing: Implied LeeGaa (Though nothing happens)

Rating: G

Word Count: 590

Note: I was going to write a make out scene at least for this, but then I re-read it and stopping where I had left off just seemed to work so well so I left it as is. Written for my wonderful husband

Doubt was something that was ever present in his mind. It was always eating at his thoughts, whether in the form of a demon waiting for him to sleep or his own insecurities about his worth in the eyes of all who followed him. It was something that he always had too much time to brood over, and there had never been anyone willing to even speak to him enough to tell him otherwise. It was so natural to him now, to doubt himself constantly in his mind and yet kill all who spoke of opinions similar to his own.

That doubt is what made it so baffling that the man who was with him now was not cowering in a corner. Instead he was close, almost too close, embracing him and almost desperately pressing his head into the nape of his neck.

"It's so good to see you, Gaara!" Lee said, genuine smile evident through his words and how he spoke. That smile was always there, and though he made the same face to everyone not actively trying to kill him, Gaara always thought it horribly odd and… endearing to be looked upon with such a face.

It always took Gaara a moment to raise his arms and lightly press them against Lee's back. Lee's face was still pushing incessantly into Gaara's neck, as if it had been several long years since they had met last, rather than a single month. "It's good to see you, too," Gaara spoke slowly, the words sounding foreign though they came from his own mouth.

After a moment Lee pulled away, hands locked firmly on Gaara's shoulders, scowling down at him. "I heard you haven't been eating," he said, with all seriousness, though Gaara thought he might laugh. Lee was never good at being serious with him. "You haven't been getting depressed again, have you?" Gaara didn't answer at first, he looked away, face still nonchalant. (Because, really, when did it ever look any different?)

"No, it's just that…" he began.

"Gaara!" Lee burst in, as per usual, so Gaara didn't actually have to think of an excuse. "I'm sure I've told you time and again! Your Spirit of Youthful Passion is too precious to be wasted on wavering into the Feelings of Doubt!" He struck a pose that looked odd from Gaara's point of view before continuing. "Such strong Youthful Fervor is not meant to be consumed by the Fires of Uncertainty that pull you down until you are nothing but a sack of unhealthy potatoes! You must never forget that the people around you stand with you, and believe in your ability to lead them all into the Age of Passion and Youthful Spirits! To falter in this quest it sure to lead to Utter Doom for the Springtime of Youth in everyone!"

At first, Gaara's expression looked pained, and he could see it in Lee's eyes that he expected Gaara to fall to his knees and weep in joy and understanding. That's what he always expected. And that's what he always never got.

His shoulders shook at first, and his face was hidden in his hands. Gradually, his chuckles became audible and turned into full fledged laughter. Lee looked very confused and slightly disappointed. That only made Gaara double over and laugh harder.

It was times like these, when he was with this boy of a man, that the doubt in his mind seeped out and was replaced by certainty. That was all there was room for in Lee's presence.