Dead Child Of Darkness

Jared-Sam / Jensen-Dean / Ghost- Selena Skinner / Creepy guy- Albert Smith

I do not own Jared or Jensen, although i wish i did!

but I do own Selena and Albert

Chapter 1: You must die Albert!

Sam was packing his things away when he heard Dean yell at him for being so slow. He rolled his eyes and grabbing his bag he headed for the door, but by the time he got to the door frame something felt wrong...really wrong. Sam stood still for awhile then he looked around and he suddenly felt very cold. He pulled his jacket more over his now cold chest and was going to start walking to where Dean was but then that's when he realized that you only felt that cold when a spirit is around, and at that Sam turned around only in time to see this young girl in front of him now. Sam was in shocked seeing her right there and then. She was about a foot smaller then him she wore a ripped up black dress that was down to her shins, her hair was pitch black and curly, her eyes were cold and dark and she had a big bad nasty cut on her neck.

"You must die now Albert!" she said

Sam went to go reply but it was to late she swung her arm up and Sam went flying into the wall causing a loud thump as he hit the floor. He groaned as he tried to get himself back up. Once he managed to get to his feet, the girl swung her arm again but this time Sam went into the little lamp at the side of the bed causing it to fall over and brake...but this time Sam didn't get up and he couldn't really move from the pain. The next thing he saw was her cruel smile and her leaning over him and started choking him.

"This will end right now Albert!"

All Sam could think about was who this guy was and why was she attacking him!

While Sam was trying to fight for air he manage to yell one word "Dean!"

Kylie- So what did you guys think so far?

Dean- Not good I hardly was in it!

Kylie- Don't worry Dean you would be puts on evil grin...anyway what did you think about it Sam?

Sam- It's great Kylie...Except why is a ghost calling me Albert?

Kylie- You will have to wait and see for yourself.

Sam- Alright...

Dean- You better not hurt him! Or else I will kill you!

Sam- Shut up Dean it's just a story!

Dean- Fine...but im keeping my word!

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