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Title: Dead Child Of Darkness

Chapter Title: Chapter 10: Back On The Road!

Warnings: Probably some spelling mistakes and some bad language.

A/N: OMG this is my last chapter :( unfortunately there wont be a sequel, but don't worry I will start another story soon I promise. Anyway's so I hope you guys like this last and final chapter to my story Dead Child Of Darkness. Also for the people who didn't no who Gari is I meant Gari Springer... lol yeah.

Then they looked at Selena who just finished killing Albert. She turned around and started walking towards the brothers. They could tell the way she looked at them that she was sorry. "Thank you, and im so sorry." then she disappeared.

Sam and Dean just left there motel, they were on there way to Las Vegas. Dean had bagged Sam to go there, but Sam refused unless Dean found something supernatural going around there. Once Dean had found something he was so happy. He couldn't wait to start his caballing skills and plus on the bright side he will have his brother's physic ability for help, but it's still gonna be a long drive to get there.

Sam's throat still hurt and it hurt him to breath a little bit, but it should heel in no time. Sam also had a very big headache, but it died down a little by now.

Dean's back hurt a little from hitting the wall so fast and hard, but shouldn't hurt him for more then 30 min.

"Haha Sam."


"You always get hurt and I always have to save my butt."

"What? Are you kidding me?"

"Are you kidding me?"



"Dean stop repeating everything im saying." Sam yelled at his brother

"Dean stop repeating everything im saying." Dean coping what Sam said


"Stop it."

"Sam Winchester is so cool, and he is so cute I love him so much, he is the best brother anyone can ever have.!"

"Sam Winchester is so..."

"Haha I new it would work." Sam said while laughing

"Shut up." Dean replied

"What ever dude Im going to bed." Sam said then yond

"Yeah, good your gonna need the rest for when we get to Vegas." Dean said with a slight grin on his face

Sam just rolled his eyes, then closed them leaning against the window.

"Im sorry."

Sam opened his eyes in shock.

"For what?"

"For your physic ability, im sorry it attracts so much paranormal stuff." Dean said

"It's ok, I'll be ok, because I have an awesome brother to keep an eye out for me." Sam replied

"Haha I new if I were to say that you would say something nice in return."

Sam was shocked what his brother just did.

"Fine... Deano ...we will see who helps you win the jack pot once we get to LA." Sam said while laughing

At that Deans eyes widen and his jaw dropped. "You have got to be kidding me!"

"Oh Im not." Sam said laughing at how funny Dean's face looks then pulled out Dean's camera phone and took a picture of Dean.

"Oh my God dude you need to breath haha I was just joking." Sam laughed out the words

"Thank God." Dean said then turning his gaze back to road with a smile on his face. Dean was thinking long and hard about how his Sammy was back, not the one that was so depressed about Jessica's death and not the one where Sam and his Dad would fight, but his little kid brother the one he loves more then anything else. He had his Sammy back and right now that's all that mattered to Dean. He also thanked God that he would never have to see Albert, Stacy, and Selena ever again.


Kylie: Aw yeah this is last chapter :( but I hoped you guys liked it!

Sam: Great job Kylie Im proud of you.

Dean: For some reason I am to.

Sam and Kylie are in total shock.

Kylie: what?

Dean: yeah but blah ok just forget I said anything.

Sam: whoa Dean being nice?

Dean: shut up!

Kylie: aw guys this is so sweet. Aw im truly gonna miss talking to you guys.

Sam: So will we.

Sam hugs Kylie

Kylie: Dean?

Dean: Yeah, yeah, yeah im gonna miss you to.

Dean hugs Kylie to.

Kylie: Well I guess I will talk to you guys later in my next story.

Sam: Oh yeah, by the way when will that be?

Kylie: Im not sure yet.

Dean: Alright, um...Kylie there's no easy way to give you this but um...

Sam: he made you apple pie.

Kylie: aw Dean you shouldn't have.

Sam: Well he tried and then like burnt down the house so I made it.

Dean: Hey! I helped.

Kylie: haha it's ok thanks you guys. And oh Dean I got you a new ACDC CD and Sam since you don't like that music that much I bought you a Ipoid.

Dean / Sam: Thanks Kylie.

Kylie: Everyone who reviewed helped pay for those stuff really, so you should be thanking them too.

Sam: Thanks everyone.

Dean: Yeah thanks.

Dean walks away for a little bit.

Sam: here, I got your cell number and you have mine and Dean's.

Kylie: Yep im sure I will defiantly call you.

Sam looked over Kylie's shoulder for a sec

Sam: DEAN! That's Kylie's apple pie not yours!

Dean: I couldn't help my self

Dean said through mouth fulls of pie and with wip cream all over his face

Sam / Kylie - HAHAHAHAHA