Authors note: Hey this is my first Fullmetal Alchemist fic so I hope you like it. I'm a big fan of the series and I have seen all the episodes and most of the movie. However don't worry this is going to be an alternate universe fic though I am going to be keep as close to character as possible. Please review and tell me what you think!


Pain. Pain was the first thing I was aware of when I regained concesness. Not the dull pain of a scrap or a bruise from a fall either. No this pain was much greater then that. I felt like someone took a knife and pulled all my innards out. Disgusting I know but that's the agony I felt. Afer a few moments I was able to block out some of the pain and lift my head to see what injury I have caused to myself yet again. However when I looked down I saw the cause.

A scream echoed threw out the cement room. My ear drums popping from the toe curling scream that was none other then my own. I screamed to my lungs were empty. It was then that I could hear a faint muffle from the corner. Someone was here with me.

I opened my mouth to talk but noting came out only another scream. I could hear the person crying. Their cries slowly getting louder to finally they began to wail like a baby does. I needed help. I needed a doctor. I needed to live. Did this person not know this? Could they not see I was dying?

"What have I done?" They asked me.

They did this? How could someone do this so another I wanted to scream at them. I wanted to get angry but I found I could not summon such and emotion. It was then that I felt wet tears hit my shoulder. I could not see them with a fog filling the room in a heavy cloud.

"What have I done?" they asked yet again. Why are you asking me this? I am only but a child you are obviously a grown adult you are the one that has the answers so please help me. Please that's all I want. Please help.

"Why," the voice whispered. It was then I saw their face. His face. The same long blond hair, same gold eyes, yet now grief was washed over it.

"My child," Hohenheim said, "what have I done to you."

Yes father what have you done? Why am I laying hear in your study with all my innards on the mahogany floors permanently staining them with my blood. His blood.

"I am so sorry," he cried bowing his head.

Why daddy? Why did you do this to me? Did you do this to me? And more immortally how did this happen? How please tell me?

"I should not have brought you back my son. Oh my beautiful son... I am so sorry."

Brought back? Brought back! What is he talking about. I wanted to ask. I wanted to ask so much but my voice was gone.

"I should have not performed the human transmutation," he said putting his hand on my head, "I should not have tryed to bring you back from the dead."

And I screamed.