WARNING: This story contains Adult content and themes.

To all of my fans, this little LEMON story is for you all, I decided to make a part two, just because I felt like it.


disclaimer: I don't own Danny phantom, Butch Hartman does...luckly I have the little doll from burger king! ;)

Junior year, casper high, Sam's room...

Sam's POV, Italics are her thoughts (you all know me by now, so...)

Danny and I raced to my room and when we got there, we started making out. I felt him Getting Hard, I told him to sit on my bed and wait for a second.

"Lay on my bed, but only with your Boxers on, I have something for us." I smiled deviously. he kissed me one more time and he started to undress. I looked through my closet in a small box with Condoms and fuzzy hand cuffs, I put the box on the side of the bed, and showed Danny the Handcuffs.

"Wow, Sam, really?" he asked looking at me wide-eyed. "yeah, so give me your hands," I instucted taking his hands and hand cuffing them to the bars on the head rest. I started to undress again, leaving Me in just underwear.

"mmm, Sam, you are so sexy." Danny moaned when I sat on his crotch feeling his hard warm dick.

I smirked.

"So, baby, what do you want to do?" I asked teasingly tracing my fingers over his Abs near a warm area. he groaned. "You, baby, I want to do you." he said bitting his lip feeling my hands run over his hard softly.

"How bad do you want me?" I asked again rubbing against it. he moved it. "So, so, so,so Badly sammie." He anwsered.

"Well, I'm not going to do anything untill you beg me to." I said rubbing softly his hard over his boxers.

"I'm not going to Beg..." he trailed off as I went under his boxers and ran my hand up and down his hard slowly, running my thumb over the head.

"Sammie, sam, rub it faster..." he pleaded. "that's pleading, I want to hear you beg." I smirked.

He groaned. "Please sammie, I'm begging you.." he laughed lightly. I giggled and ran my hands over his cheast.

"what will you do when I un-hancuff you?" I asked sitting right on top of his hard and rubbing against it.

"Let me show you." he replied with lust in his eyes. I leaned down and kissed him gently, running my tounge slowly around his, closing my eyes, satying there for a few mintues until I felt something move.

I then got up un-handcuffed him and the second he was free, he pounced on me and kissed me passionately, un-doing my bra, and slowly going down my neck. I closed my eyes, and moaned softly. this feeling was so incredible. His hands were roaming freely around my tummy and down to my very wet special area.

"You have no idea how badly I want you right now." Danny growled huskily. I smiled and groaned softly as he slowly crept his hand down to my panties. I bit my lip as my heart started to race. His fingers slowly ran across the sensitive nub that was begging for more. "Danny." I let out a sigh. He grinned as he leaned in to kiss me and took off my panties and teased me again.

I smiled as he moved his fingers slowly around my wetness.

Ok, I'm gonna stop there, you pretty much get the point to what's gonna happen next. review! and, yea, lol, Sam is a little kinky girl when it comes to sex in her room...just like a friend of mine, lol. review please and thank, no flames!